October 31, 2011

Blackmail Collateral

What you won't find in this post is a recap of the weekend using Halloween as an excuse to wear a skantastic costume. (Sawwy!)

But don't get your panties in a ruffle just yet...

Because what you will find in this post is a recap of the past 5 years using Halloween as an excuse to wear a skantastic costume. (You're welcome.)


2005: Construction Worker
Beau was a hunter...shocker.

Holy bellybutton ring. 
Pretty sure I could have caught a small catfish with that thing.

2008: Sailor
(even though I look like a complete chunk, this might be one of my faves)

...any excuse to wear a tu-tu

2007: Thing 2 & Sheriff Cowgirl

That fake tan of mine...
...reminds me of something that rhymes with "Schmersey Schmore".

2009: Beau was a smurf & I rocked Tom Cruise from Risky Business. 
What? You don't see the resemblance?

2009 (round 2): Hippies

Freshly rolled toilet paper joints.

2009 (round 3): I was a Beau Hunter (get it..."Bow Hunter") & Beau was my deer. 
(Are we rednecks or what?)

2010: Beau was Case Keenum, the UH quarterback who was out with a 
torn ACL, and I was a kittay. (Reeeeeall original, I know.)

Aaand there you have it. 

Here's to hoping I never piss any of you off enough to use these against me. ;) 
(Don't you EVEN think about it!)


Happy Halloweenie, gils!!

October 27, 2011

We're breaking up for today.

Well, well, well...what are YOU doing here???!! 

You didn't actually think I was going to blog today, did you?!

Ok - I did. 

But you won't find it here...

...because today I'm taking a break from my usual
and gettin' real deep over at Stiletto's & A Fishing Pole!

Tell me she isn't GOR-GEOUS!!!!
And that hair....siiiigh.

So pack a tissue (or two), a hot cup-a-jo .
and head on over! (I'll beat-cha there!)

Kisses for ma misses! 

October 25, 2011

Guilty of...

...not dressing up for Halloween this year. :*(

 *yours truly circa 1990

...leaving Beau sweet little love notes around the house.

...paintin' the nails instead of watching Beau rock his mad softball skills.
bad wife
...being super jeals about this one...
 and this one...
going to visit this one...
...participating in wayyyy to much online shopping.
(refer to the shopping splurge from yesterday's post & add these to the list...)
stockings via etsy

iphone case via zazzle

 ...surrounding myself with friends who pass out at football games.
Classy, I tell ya.

...secretly wishing I had something to wear these with.
  Kidding, people. 
...being off this Friday. 
Hells yeahs.

October 24, 2011

It all started with a tweet...

(Damn you Meg!!)

Did you just hear angels sing? Because I most definitely did.

My credit card...not so much.

Because less than 10 minutes later, I received this confirmation from Sephora...


And Beau-before you say anything...this could have been WAYYY worse. I could have very easily tossed that Tory Burch bag in my cart from the other website I had open so consider yourself lucky, mister. ;)

...le sigh...

Oh wait-where was I??

Oh yea! At least I saved $60 from Sephora, right?! 
(Women..gotta love our way of thinking!)

To my defense...these are all things I use on a daily basis anyways so hey, go me. PLUS-I did buy TWO Christmas gifts as well. 

I  also had new bottle of perfume in my cart as well but decided I could wait 'til Christmas. Pffft.


The only thing I did splurge on was the Makeup Forever Kabuki Brush...the holy grail of kabuki brushes.

Not kidding.

I've had one for years and used the crap out of it so it's fair to say a new one was in order...hence why I went forth with my purchase. Is it just me or do y'all think $40 for a simple makeup brush is way overpriced? Either way-I consider it to be and is also why I consider this little baby to be a "splurge".

I really did have every intention to NOT buy myself a new one...I even put it on my Christmas list but whether or not Santa would have found his way into Sephora to find this little gem is questionable so I had to take matters up in my own hands.(Yes-this is me still justifying my purchase...)

I've used this brush for like the past like 8 years. (Not really...gross.) But for like the past 4 at least (I clean it, people.) and still...to this day...the little hairs don't break off and stick all over your face after you use it. (Hate it when that happens! Ahem...Bare Minerals...) Anywho-I have not the first clue as to what this little piece of heaven is made out of but the damn thing is so soft you would think you were putting your foundation on with a cloud. A big, white, puffy Cumulus cloud. (Look at me...bein' all scientific.)

Ok-I'll stop rambling about a stupid makeup brush and get to the point.

I don't know what I'm more excited about...
Getting this package of goodness in the mail this week 
(because we all know how much I love getting ANYTHING in the mail)


sharing the link with you all so you, too, can receive a little visit from the Sephora fairy!

Don't forget! You can ONLY use the code once so make sure you get everything your little girlish heart wants! (Or, you could always sign in with a different email address and get a new code sent to you...damn I'm smart...but you didn't hear that from me.)

Oh-and if anyone from Sephora's marketing department is reading this, feel free to toss me a check or a few samples in the mail. Kthnxbye.

Happy shopping & happy Monday, girls!

Ta ta!

October 20, 2011

Raise Your Hand

If you're not on Pinterest by now, we can't be friends.
If you are, you'll understand this post more than you probably want to and (shameless plug) you should be following me...

I try to limit myself to the amount of time spent on Pinterest. I really do.

It's like crack. Times 10.

Scratch that. Times 5,486.

But you already know this...

I have reached the point by now and am fully aware that my addiction with pinning & repinning random photos via the WWW is out-of-freaking-control, but I also commend Pinterest for my discovering of many, many other things about myself.

1. I have absolutely no fashion sense. Like, none.  
I'd like some. But I'm not brave enough to pull of ANY of the crap
I have pinned to my "fashion board".

Hence the name "Non-Fashion Fashion Board"...

I'd eat my shit in these:

Wouldn't even know where to find these...

  And you will never, let me repeat it...NEVER see me carry a purse that small.

2. My dream about one day being a photographer is growing rather quickly...
even though the only camera to my name is an underwater point and shoot...

3. Although I've always wanted little boys (one day...), I can't help but want to steal these little baby girls and keep them all for myself...



& bows...

We're in trouble...

4. If it's personalized...I'll take 3.
If anyone wants to purchase these for me I wouldn't totally hate it.

5. This is NOT news to y'all but I'm still obsessed with weddings...

From the proposal...

To the dress...

To the cakes...

...and the flowers.
Obsessed...is an understatement.
Thank GOD most of my girlfriends aren't married yet...

And last...

6. I've turned into a big fat DIY-er...

Dry Erase Board

Sock Bun Curls
  Wine Cork Hangy Thing
  Wedding Invitation in an Ornanment
(Fave so far!)
Duct Tape Label Water Bottles

& yes.

I realize ALL of these are as simple as they come and I'm not quite sure if you could even legitimately call these projects "DIY" but hey, it's 100% more DIY than I've done before.  You will not, however, see me refinishing furniture or making a scarf out of a t-shirt (although I wish I had the patience to do both).
P to the S-Raise your hand if you agree that if it weren't for Pinterest, Blogger OR Twitter...your credit card bill would not be haunting you like it currently is??


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