May 31, 2012

Blogger Vacay: The Outtakes

So yesterday's recap on my blogger vacay in Ohio was sweet, sentimental and full of all the best pics I could have possibly gotten.

Today-I bring you the real stuff.
The outtakes.
The things you didn't see in yesterday's post.

You didn't actually think that out of 700+ photos I took,
I didn't get some really God-awful ones, did you?

First of all-let me just say I had my airplane outfit picked out for days. Beau and I both wanted those Ohioans to know that the Texands had arrived so we both strapped on our cowboy boots and headed north. Lez just say we were definitely the only ones in the entire state with a pair of legit cowboy boots. It's just how we roll...  ;)

Nothin' like a airport bar nail salon...I mean, you're sitting there just waiting around, you might as well paint your fingee nails and give them sufficient time to dry. I'm all about efficiency people...I'll take the hot pink polish with a tall vodka/sodie on the side. Thanks.

And then came the epic Facetime sesh w/ Kristen. I don't even know if Kristen even realized we were on the phone. As you can see, she was more interested in watching herself make ridiculous faces in the screen rather than chatting with us. Last FT we'll ever do with her...  ;)

I'm pretty sure breakfast in bed was supposed to be a Krysh family moment but I totally intruded. Poor Billy got stuck eating on the floor while Katie, Rocky and I lounged in their big fluffy bed whilst sipping warm Mickey D's coffee and stuffing our faces with eggs and bacon. Whooooops!
Sidenote: Rocky is like a raccoon. He always wants whatever you have. Yes...even coffee.

Then there was the time Erica wore my ring and sent the pic to her boyfriend.
Pretty sure there was no response to that text.
Oh Kurt, get with the program. Errcuhh needs a rock already!! ;)

What? You don't take us seriously in our bath towels and redneck wine glasses? We were having a serious convo, ok? We needed to know if the girls thought camping the next day was a good idea. (Pretty sure I vetoed that idea real quick when I mentioned the idea of sleeping in 90 degree weather. VOM.COM. I do not do well with heat.)

Never fails...neither one of us are EVER ready for a pic. Ever.


This one doesn't even need an explanation...

...aaaand then there were shots.
Birthday cake shots to be exact. (What? It was her birthday!) 
And Katie is really bad at taking them...

Exhibit A: I have never officially seen anyone hold their nose and take a shot. Ever.


...aaaaand C:

Ya. He's gonna keeeeel me for this one but this is the absolute epitome of my husband.
I don't know how many times we had to tell him to get his fingers out of his nose.
Do y'all SEEEEEE what I deal with on a daily basis?? ;)

Billy goin' in for the kiss. Please look at the face...hahaha. So seductive.

Rocky licking the air vent.
Apparently when you're hotter than AIDS, this is the solution.
Not gonna lie, I like Rocky's thinking...

This could not describe Katie and I more perfectly. She's most likely bossing people around (because she's sassy like that) and I'm clearly giving Beau the biggest stank eye ever for taking a pic when not a single person is ready.

Aaaaand again. Erica...always ready for the so much.

There's no telling how many other ridiculous pics we captured on everyone else's cameras.
On second thought, I don't think I even want to see those...

If you want to see an even more obnoxious amount of pics, feel free to visit the other girls!
Katie's recaps can be found here & here.
Erica's recaps can be found here and here.


  1. I'm jealous of all of yall's lives.

    Too fun!

  2. hahah I love these! esp the one of Rocky licking the air vent!

  3. Oh my goodness. I love these photos. The one of Rocky drinking coffee and the photo that needs no explanation are HILARIOUS!!

  4. Hahaha the random candid ones are always the best ones! I rather enjoy the peeing fountain one.

  5. I. Want. Your. Cowboy boots!!!

    Way to be efficient! I like the nail painting while waiting idea. Makes sense to me.

    Fun photos!

  6. OH SWEET LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm losing it. You had me at bath towels and red neck wine glasses. I can't believe a pic of us in towels is up on the WWW. yikes. If I didn't love you so much I'd smack you. "Siri: please send SJHK the punch-face emoticon."

    I may post this entire post next week on my blog just for fun. LOVE this Stephanie Howard Krysh! <3

    ps why is BBFT always picking for gold?!

  7. PS-The shot smelled really bad, okay?!?! and the one of Billy I CANNOT STOP LAUGHING! HAHAH

  8. I have to say, I take a shot just like Katie! Rocky seriously looks like a little raccoon in that one picture!

  9. Beau looks like he's pooping!

  10. I love the outtakes! hahah! So jealous of your fun bloggie weekend. Glad you gurls had the most fun time!

  11. I love these outtakes!! Hahaha y'all are so hilarious together and I LOVE it!! I love how Katie holds her nose for shots....sounds like something I would do.

  12. love all these posts about the weekend! You always look so cute in pics!! :)

  13. Looks like you guys had an absolute blast!

  14. Love the pics!!! What a pretty ring you have!

  15. Looks like so much fun! :) I live in Ohio too! Wish I could have joined!


  16. LOVE the outtakes! And that ya'll had breakfast in sweet! haha

  17. hahah the pic beau snapped of you painting yo nails is PRICELESS! LOVE IT!

    krysh family moment breakfast hahah oh stephy you are PART of the fam :-) Gotta love billy and his big old heart!

    and um yeah kurt replied "niiiice..." to the text...psshh seriously GET WITH IT KURT ROD! lol

    ok the holding nose with the shot...KATIE i just love you lololol you are adorable

    and that pic of me all sassy with the peace signs. I'm channeling my inner gangster but you look cute per usual!

    LOVE this stephy! i need to look through my bloopers...eeeeeeep!

    miss u and beau SO MUCH already it HURTS!!


  18. Looks like so much fun! I know you aren't a fashion blogger but I need to know where your gorgeous lace dress came from!?? It's perfect especially with the boots! :)

  19. i love these pictures! especially the one with the furbaby drinking out the top of the cup.

  20. These are the best kind of pictures :)

    And I am LOVING your white dress... so cute!

  21. i love all of the photos! birthday cake shots are the best, i totally had a few on memorial day :)

  22. HAHA I love outtake pics!! So fun!

  23. Absolutely loved your updates!!! Y'all are all adorable & I am jealous of the fun it looks like y'all had!

  24. Your pictures crack me up! Super cute suit too!


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