October 2, 2012

Boots With{out} The Furr

Long story short...the fam took a little road trip to Laredo, passed through several border patrol stations and stopped at a surprisingly nice little hotel about less than a mile away from the Mexican border. 

Yes...I said "nice"...
Pool, bar, a/c...win/win/win
...and obviously it was safely protected with barbed wire & armed security guards...

In said hotel, we would meet the sweetest gentlemen named "Carlos" who doesn't know a lick of English but I tell you one thing...homeboy can MAKE a pair of custom cowgirl boots like nobody's business.

Tracing my feetsies!

His boots don't come in general sizes. You can't "order" a size 6 or 7 or 8 (or 9.5, in my case)...they're literally made to fit your foot in every way possible. And to answer someone else's question from over the weekend, no...you can't "order" them online...like I said, he doesn't even speak English!

(Sidenote: can I tell you how nervous I was trying to tell him what I wanted...me only speaking English and him only speaking Espanol?!??!)

They're also made into any shape, height, color, skin, design, etc you could ever imagine so after 6 (yes...SIX) hours of designing mine the night before, it was game time!

This was in April.
See?! Doesn't he look so sweet?!

Fast forward 5 months later...

I was so anxious seeing them for the first time and the first day I got them, I literally felt like I birthed some type of baby...all this excitement, all this time had passed and I had no idea what they would end up looking like...except it'd be about 4 months premature, there was no weight gain, stretch marks or morning sickness involved and, oh ya, I'd have no responsibility over the life of  another human being. (Phew!)

...such a good comparison, right?

Pink, black and white...obviously!

While Beau would absolutely LOVE for me to tell you they're made of elephant foreskin, that would be a lie and, well, I don't like liars around here. (Nor do I like the word "foreskin"...)

However, they are made of elephant....
just hopefully some body part other than his you-know-what

None other than my initials & a heart on the front...

& paisleys on the back!

Love love love love love!!
Oh hey! Remember that time I wrote an entire blog post about a pair of boots?! ;)


  1. How adorable!!! I love the story behind your boots, too. I just love how uniquely "you" they are!!

  2. These boots are great!!! Living in the Midwest I can't pull off cowboy boots but if I could, I would totally want a pair like this.

  3. Probably the coolest shoe story evarrrrr. Your little spanish man is so talented and sweet. Loveeee these boots with the heart!

  4. That is SO cool! They turned out amazing!!! I can't believe there's no zebra on those bad boys. :)

  5. They are beautiful!!

  6. I serrrrriously have been obsessing over your little boot story ever since I saw the picture of you and Carlos on instagram! I want Carlos to make me those monogrammed boots. just need to head over to Texas! Minor detail.

  7. Oh my gosh those boots are adorable! But if Carlos doesn't speak english... how did you get in touch with him? haha

  8. I seriously MUST HAVE some custom boots made... like MUST..

  9. I had been wondering what ever came of the boots you had made! Now I know! But now, I need you contact so I can go get boots made! haha

  10. Those are ADORABLE! :)

    Love them!


  11. Those are freaking awesome! Love!!!

  12. the design you're holding with is different from the final product. what happened? isn't the heart supposed to be in the back.

  13. Once again you show the differences between the northern-ish states vs southern! lol!

    as you know, I love these boots for you and they are just so gorgeous for you mah dear!!! Carlos looks like he wishes you would've brought him some t. bell.

  14. WOW!! SO gorgeous!!! (Can boots be gorgeous?!) haha How were you able to communicate to him what you wanted w/o him speaking english? (AND how did you find out about this amazing boot designer/maker?!!)

  15. These boots are TOOOO cute! And a great story to match. Love the monogram on them too. So fun!

  16. I remember your first post about when yall went down there to meet with Carlos! They turned out absolutely gorgeous!! I was just looking at some new boots on Sunday...I think this is a sign that I need to go ahead and pull the "checkout" trigger.


    these are insanely amazing they came out PERFECT!!!

    theyre so you :-)

    i want my own pair of cowboy boots SO BAD


  18. ....basically you bought your boots like a heart from the black market!! hahaha. My favorite part of this entire post was when you said that Carlos does not speak a "lick" of englase ;) a girl after my own vocabulary. Fierce boots, wouldn't expect anything less from you.

  19. These are so you! They're just missing little turtles and Roman lamps? haha!! :) I need some so bad!

  20. Those boots are sooo cute! They turned out amazing! love them

  21. My brother currently lives in Laredo, and it is most definitely one scary place. Your boots are amazing though!

  22. Wow, I feel like everyone posts about the same crap all the time. This is the best post ever! What an awesome story and an even more awesome souvenir!

    Oh, did I mention your design style is on point!

    Have a great week!

    -Holly @ Everyday's a Holly-Day

  23. Awe these are so freakin cute!!!!

  24. awww they're perfect! so super cute and totally worth the long wait

  25. Those are so stinkin' cute!! I love the color combo, heck I love the design! I bet you just love them!!

  26. I loved this post so much I included it in my bi-weekly series, Lots of Link Love! Those boots are DARLING!

    I hope you'll check it out, and share with your readers!



  27. Okay, so I know this is totally random.. but I remembered that you had custom boots so I just searched your blog for this post! I'm dying to get some custom boots made. How do I get in touch with this Carlos guy?! & how much were your boots? Thanks girly :)


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