October 4, 2012

Workin' On Muh Fitness

So this is where I blog about how I cancelled my gym membership (like an idiot) and need your help to avoid being some fat homebody who sits on her arse every single night and eats more than her husband. (OH wait. I already do eat more than my husband.)

Anyways...someone's gotta keep up with these guns.
Kidding, y'all!
 Ok so really...I cancelled my membership for good reason...there was no point in my re-upping my contract for a year when we're moving in 3 months. Not to mention, Bally's has been bought out by some rinky-dink company that works under the name of "Blast Fitness" and is run by a bunch of schmucks. No. Really.

Though I would love to be a member of Lifetime (AKA: The Ritz Carlton of gyms), their memberships come with a hefty price tag that I'm not willing to pay. Same with CrossFit.
I'm the kind of person who has to work out...if not, I get double-chins, love handles and, well, just turn into a hot mess all around. Working out is also my #1 go-to when I'm stressed, which is 99.9% of the time, so, clearly...I have no option but to workout...
To save myself some sanity, I bought the Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred and holy hell.
Y'all...she KICKS my butt.

The DVD is a little different than I thought but nonetheless leaves me in agonizing pain by the 2nd circuit. The workouts are only 20 minutes long and include cardio, strength training and abs. By the end of the 20 minutes you can typically find me cursing out my TV and wanting to jump through the screen to punch Ms. Michaels square between the eyes but then again I can barely lift my arms by the time she's done with me so I guess you could say she lucks out.

She's a real jerk, that woman. ;)
In addition to the 30 Day Shread, I've been doing a LOT of the Tone It Up videos. These girls...they just never fail me! Maybe I like em because they're so cute and in shape and they inspire me to want to be tiny enough to prance around in a bikini all day everyday or maybe it's because they legitamitely provide a really good workout that leaves me sore for 3+ days.
 Either way, my favorite videos so far are the Ab Circuit and the Sandcastle Workout.
The chicks are serious when it comes to toning up!

While these are both great, I need variety in my life so before I give in and sign up with another gym , I need your help!!
What workout videos have you tried that just leave you downright panting, hating life but love every minute of it once it's all said and done??!! (And I don't want to hear about P90X...we already have that and 90 minutes is WAY too long for this girl. I'll give up before the DVD is even inserted.)
Aaaand GO!


  1. I've been debating about joining a gym... I'm leaning more towards the YMCA. Their rates are very reasonable and have a lot of classes! I just can't seem to motivate myself at home. Although, look up Amanda Russell on YouTube. Holy cow, her 6 minute ab workout is intense!

  2. GOOD GAWDDD anything, and I mean anything, Billy Blanks. That homeboy does NOT mess around... which reminds me that I probably need to dust it off and actually put it in the dvd player and press play... and well instead of just sitting there staring at the screen I should probably think about ACTUALLY doing it.

  3. Agree about Ms Jillian! I made my hubby do it with me once and he was cursing her 15 minutes in. She's a killer! I'm in the same boat. We just moved and there's NO gym by us... and this double chin needs to go away, asap. When I want to mix it up, I do Barry's Bootcamp. It's only 21 minutes, everything is in intervals. It kicks my butt.

  4. I won't tell you that I'm doing p90x2 and have lost some lbs because you told me not to :) BUT it's a little less than an hour and Tony kicks your butt.

    The other thing I love doing is searching for ab or arm (or whatever) workout videos on YouTube and doing those. I like the variety and finding ones that work.
    Push ups have also been whipping my arms into shape.

  5. I absolutely LOVE the tone it up girls! Their workouts are amazing. I've been doing their work outs on and off for a few years now.

  6. Get it sister!! I'm about to start insanity! I'll burn you some copies! Can't wait to see you 3 days in a row this weekend!! Holla!!

  7. Check out the fitnessista.com or blogilates.com for fun workout videos and tips.

  8. I just chowed down on a chocolate chip cookie while I read this and didn't even realize the irony of it until I saw those two chicks in their bikinis.

    I should probably take some notes from you.

  9. Insanity! Holy heck is kicks me arse! The first set are all less than 40 minutes and second set 60 in or less and well yeah they kick me butt! Love them!!!!

  10. JOIN LIFETIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE CAN WORK OUT TOGETHER! It's not too expensive for everything it offers. If you want free passes to try it once yall more, let me know!

    As for the pain, maybe you aren't providing your body enough protein after a workout like that? I'm no expert but I know when I work out really hard, drinking protein right after helps.

    You should also follow Honeywerehealthy.blogspot.com. She is a Houston fitness blogger and has great recipes and tips.


  11. So you really love the Tone it Up girls? I am not renewing my gym membership in December because I am hoping to move! Same boat!

  12. Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown is pretty good too. Too bad I have misplaced my copy of that and the 30 day shred....
    I also just bought some equipment (weights, bands, bosu and exercise ball) and do different weight routines while watching shows that I have taped. It makes time go by much more quickly!

  13. Insanity! I only do the month 1 videos.. 2nd month too long lol

  14. Dancing with the Stars work outs are INTENSE! and you dont realize all your working out until the next morning when you cant get your behind out of bed!

  15. P90X & Insanity! I did both & had great results! Lost 10 inches!

  16. I have been wanting to try Jillian Michaels for a while. But I am just a tad scared of her.
    I have been taking Zumba for about 6 weeks now, and I am about a uncorrdinated as they come. It is great exercise and super fun! I am sure they have videos (maybe I should have started there so I do not look so dumb in class.) Oh well.


  17. Both of the above I do religiously but Cassey from Blogilates.com is my new fav! I just did her carido, abs, and pilates videos and she is GOOD!!! She is ranked #2 behind Jillian. I DID HER GANGHAM STYLE CARDIO VIDEO LAST NIGHT...OH YES I DID!! "HEEEEEEEY SEXY LADDDDDDDYYYYYYYY"

    if you don't know what I'm referring to we cant be friends

  18. Jillian's yoga meltdown & ripped in 30 are legit!!

    Of all the fads I've tried- bootcamps, crossfit- etc, the only stuff that really works is the 30 day shred & her videos.

    You've inspired me to break out the videos!

  19. I am not sure if you are into making an idiot of yourself in the comfort of your living room but the Zumba dvd set it awesome. It works like a charm for me and it's actually fun!! I also do a lot of the Kenpo & Ab ripper dvds from P90X.

  20. three words for you:

    Brazilian Butt Workout

    at the end of this, Beau will be able to balance his beer on your ass like a SHELF! Top Shelf BABY

    SERIOUS LIFTAGE and tone-age!! and its like only 15 mins a day so I usually do it at home after my normal workout so i dont look like im either A) giving birth or B) having hardcore strange sex while at the gym

    ps your a hottie pa-tottie and can totes prance around in a bikini as is!


  21. Oh man. I've been without a gym for 9 months now since the gyms in Paris are ridiculously expensive. Its really insane! I've kept in shape by running further (about 25-30 miles per week) and picking up some hand weights to have in my apartment. Other than that I do a lot of walking around the city and use the go-to's like lunges and squats. Goodluck!

  22. Is there a 24 Hr Fitness close to you? You can do month to month with them and it's cheap (like less than $30 a month). I know it's not Lifetime but weights are weights and they work the same at either place. I don't use videos b/c we only have 1 TV in the house and don't really have room to do a workout in front of it. My M.O. is running (treadmill and outside) and the gym. Not much help!

  23. Do you have an iPhone?? The Nike Training app is just killer. I loooooove it.

  24. I love all JMichaels' DVDs. I got yoga and thought it would be ok. Um, how does yoga kick my arse? I still have a gym membership but if I didn't, we have several local park and rec department type things/community centers/churches/etc that do Zumba for like $3 a session or something like that. And it's not all old people like I thought it would be, my bad, lol. Those are good to mix it up a little when you are tired of the DVDs.

  25. You can do crossfit style workouts at home even without the equipment! This blogger is a crossfitter and just posted a few workouts you can do when you are low on time!


  26. I joined CrossFit and it is insane! It was spendy but well worth the money. Before CrossFit, running gave me the best workout, but now, my running days are easy compared to the CrossFit workout. Usually, they will give you a free two week trial if you're interested :)

  27. I also cancelled my gym membership and only have about a week left there so I've been looking for other options. I have heard about the Tone It Up girls and now that you shared that video, I may have found a new workout routine! Excited to hear what you end up doing. Sorry, I'm not much help haha. Kind of in the same boat as you :)

  28. Insanity is the most intense thing I've tried, and the results are fast and visible. But, I'm not gonna lie, this workout is not for wimps. It takes some serious dedication and I HIGH tolerance for sweat!

    Good luck on your search!

  29. I loved Lifetime when I lived in a city that had one. Have you heard of Bodyrock workouts? Their website is bodyrock.tv and they have a facebook page. SOme of their workouts are as short as 12 minutes. The ladies are inspiring and super toned!

    Saying hi from slpsmile.blogspot.com

  30. LOVE that you refer to Lifetime Fitness as the Ritz of gyms- so true. LOVE that place and if the budget allowed- I'd be a member for sure butttt that's not happening anytime soon so LA Fitness it is for me!

  31. i love that jillian michaels video, it's amazing! i've been wanting to try the tone it up girls stuff, but haven't gotten around to it yet.

  32. My husband and I have been doing kettlebells and they are amazing! It's a full body workout and you burn 20 calories per minute or 1200 calories an hour. When you work yourself up to an hour the cardio is equivelant to a 6 min mile. The only other workout that comes close is cross country skiing uphill! It's legit and it has changed my body in ways I didn't think possible. You can't bully the workout and it's all about technique, and you can do it in the comfort of your own home! Here is the link to the DVD set we use...

    Good luck w/ your workouts :)!

  33. YES!!! Gyms are not my favorite. TONE IT UP, however, is. It has changed my life. My sister lost more than 50 pounds with TIU's help. And a little Jillian Michaels, too... although she is a little bit scary. K & K are a little bit sweeter haha Thanks for the post! It's inspiring to someone who also eats more than her husband :) I love the TIU printable workouts. It makes me feel very accomplished when I memorize one!

  34. Sorry, but I have to say P90x. The only workout that is truly 90 minutes is Yoga. I just like that each day is different. I do a toned down regimen of only four days a week. The stretch routine they have is amazing too! An hour of stretching makes you feel like you have just had a massage!

  35. I have the Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 and I really like it, too! I would recommend that one when you get tired of the Shred. It is very similar!

  36. If you have considered crossfit, you should definitely check out www.bodyrock.tv

    They have amazing at-home workouts that kick your ass in 12 minutes. They just started a new challenge on Monday, but all their videos before that are 12 minute, at home work outs. I LOVE them!


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