October 8, 2012

Weekend Happnins'

Oh hey! Happy Monday...said no one. EVER.
Ok fine. I'm kinda happy on this Monday morning...it's a brisk 55 degrees out today with a high of 72 and you know what that means for us Houstonians! Jackets, scarves, mittens, boots, heaters, the whole enchilada. We're big ol' babies when it comes to cold weather here but me, the most HOT-natured person you will EVER meet, is LU-HUV-ING it!!
Moving right along...
A glance at my weekend:
Friday afternoon we took a little trip out our lot and to my surprise, they had already framed the entire downstairs!! I had NO idea this was even going down until we pulled up!
Welcome to our humble abode!
{Front entry way} 

So naturally, I took a gazillion pictures and then made our mark on our territory:

Whoop whoop! Yay for progress!! This week they should have it completely framed and possibly even sheetrocked...here's hoping a little Taco Bell gets their little behinds in GEAR! ;)
Saturday we sweated our balls of at the UH game where we then FROZE are aces off come 8pm. Texas weather is SO dramatic. 85 during the day...55 at night. OH-but we won...AGAIN. Looks like my Cougars have been back to their normal two-a-days and are finally functioning better than that of a peewee squad.
Yesterday I attended a Houston Blogger brunch at The Tasting Room where I FINALLY got to meet a couple of bloggers I've been DY-ING to get to know!!

Bloggin' Beauties :)
(Photos via Darby )
Whitney, Selena, Moi, Darby (Reppin' the DZ babayy!!)
 {Apparently I missed the scarf memo}
There's just something so refreshing about meeting new people, and especially new bloggers, because, well...lez just say us bloggers are some interesting folks. There's never a dull moment when you get a bunch of creative extroverts in one single room and there's booze involved. We had a  GREAT time! I've really got to make more of an effort when it comes to these monthly meetups...
P to the S: Today marks day EIGHT of no sugar, dairy, bread, yeast AND fruit. Day EIGHT people and I already feel INCREDIBLE! My clothes are fitting SO much better (I was feeling a little "fluffy" there for a minute) and my skin...oh my word...my skin has never looked better. Fingers crossed it stays this way...
Come back tomorrow...we'll be talking about (gasp) Christmas shopping, a few of my newest favorite items & there may or may not be a giveaway involved... ;)


  1. So, what are you eating? I need major help!!!

  2. Your front door is so quaint and charming, I'm coming to visit.

    Also, I am wayyyy too jealous of this cold weather... quit rubbing it in my face!

  3. This CRACKED me up! When we have a high of 72, I know that's a day I don't need a jacket. I think today we have a high of maybe 60. It was 40 on the way to work, and I finally just brought out my gloves. ;-) Oh, how I'd kill for your weather!
    It's AMAZING how fast the framing comes together once the foundation is down. Once they finish the frame and the exterior walls, it seems to crawl, though.
    I WISH I'd thought to carve our initials in the frame - what a great idea!

  4. You are too funny and just absolutely gorgey!
    PS How in the h e double hocky sticks do you go without all of those things????????????????? and just curious... what exactly do you eat if you are eliminating all of those things from your diet???
    The puffy girl who doesn't want to be puffy anymore!

  5. You look great! I may have to take a page out of your diet book!

  6. 1. I love that top you wore to the bloggers meetup. Where did you find it????

    2. I love your house. And that you marked it.

    3. I'm like 5 weeks on no dairy, yeast, sugar, bread and fruit and it makes me feel great!

  7. Love seeing the progress of your house. It is amazing the progress that can be made in a week!! That diet sounds pretty hard to stick to - what do you eat?!

  8. I love that dress you wore to the UH game. You look great!

  9. love seein the progress!

    so you eat veggies and chicken?
    you are strong girl.

  10. Yay! The framework. Your home looks lovely. ;]

  11. Love your dress! And you are doing awesome on the self control there!

  12. I knew it must have been somewhat cold in TX when I saw that blogger pic with all the scarves...tee-hee :P Making some serious progress on the new abode! LOVE IT! :)

  13. aaagh i can't believe your home is coming together so quickly! how exciting!

  14. Aw, it looks like you had a great weekend! I wish we had blog meet ups here in Florida, or maybe we do and I just don't know! I want to try the no dairy, yeast, bread thing that you're doing. I'll have to research it. Is there a specific name for the diet?

    xo, Heather

  15. Please share some of your sample meals. I have tried the yeast free diet and I swear...dairy is the death of me.

  16. Seriously, so glad that you came! I didn't know you were building a house!!! That is so excited; I can't wait to see the finished product!!!

  17. I love how you carved initials in the wood :) too cute! you look great but if you cannot eat all those things then what can you eat? are not hungry? & I love the photo of you ladies!

  18. How STINKING cute is your white lace dress! Had to laugh at your dramatic weather comment- I hear ya girl :/

  19. Where can I find info on this miracle eating?! I NEEEEED this! Thanks!

  20. That is so exciting. How wonderful to watch your house go up everyday!

  21. 1. I had to read the word "sheetrocked" about five times before I figured out what the hell you were talking about. Yikes.
    2. I am SOOO glad that you came yesterday! I knew you were awesome, but yesterday proved me wrong. You were even more awesome than I imagined!!
    3. I'm freezing my ass off today and tomorrow it's going to be like 90 degrees again. I'm PISSED. :(

  22. Holy crap no sugar, dairy, bread, yeast AND fruit? What are you eating?? I need to know...I've gained a few lbs lately.

    Yay for the down stairs being framed! Exciting!

  23. I'm so loving this cooler weather too!

    It was wonderful to meet you this weekend, Stephanie! You are too sweet! Hope to see you again soon.

  24. Are you back to the lifestyle that you blogged about before? I was thinking about trying it!

    I need to try to find a blogger meet up in MI! How did you find yours? I would love to plan one but don't know if I could get everyone together!!

  25. Wow your house seems to be coming together soooo fast! Can't wait to see more as it progresses :) xx

  26. Omigosh! The house is really coming along! I am SO excited to see it all finished!

  27. House looks awesome girl, yay!! And I love the way you made your mark :) Love your game day outfit too!

  28. Seriously, I want to move to Texas JUST for the blogger meets ups. All the coolest bloggers are in Texas! Or at least the largest percapita. Haha


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