October 24, 2012

Currently I Am...

Stealing: this cutesy idea from Katie. Thanks doll!

Reading: "No Bull Selling" by Hank Trisler and "Hypothyroidism Type 2" by Dr. Mark Starr. #bejealouspeople. You only wish you got to read cool books like these for your job too. ;)

Thinking about: How badly I need a haircut. Some exciting news coming to this here blog (patience, my little grasshoppas!) How I should probably start working out more often. How I would KILL for a cupcake right now. My husband's big meeting he has today and how I know he's going to flat out ROCK it! (Loves you babe!)

Loving: my new iPhone case from Simply Monogrammed. Who doesn't love having a different iPhone case to match every outfit possible? (Maybe that's just me?!) The ladies at Simply Monogrammed are THE sweetest, were very quick and very responsive and their cases are downright reasonable (less than 20 dollhairs if my memory serves me correctly)! I particularly LOVE this one, besides the fact that it's coral + navy and has my initials on it, but because it's so thin and sleek. I can shove it in my pocket without pulling out a big ball of lint and other emabarassing stuffs that might be hiding in my pockey.

Looking Forward To: Happy hour with my lovebugs, Kristen & Ashley tonight. The fall weather we have coming this weekend (high in the 60's! What?! What?!) Going to the UH game this weekend with my baby brudder. :) And going to see the progress of our house at lunch time!

Wondering: When the hell my house is going to be done? How the heck we're supposed to furnish this entire thing in time to have a housewarming party? Why and HOW this girl is so damn funny all the dang time? How on earth I got so lucky to marry The Beau? When I should start Christmas shopping? When should I start packing? Who's going to win the election? #Romney (ADD much? Yes.)

Eating: Pumpkin spice smoothies...every single morning, every single day. God LOVE this delicious recipe! (minus the yogurt...no dairy for this girl.)

Disliking: This new zit erupting on my chin. (Ugh. Does it EVER end?!)

Happy About: Sweet love notes Beau has been leaving me in the mornings. Talking all things wedding with two of my best girlfriends (finally! I've been DYING to plan another wedding!) Beautiful sunsets over the lake at our new neighborhood! #nofilter

Excited about: Our very first "Saw It. Pinned it. Did it." link up is tomorrow!! (Shameless plug...don't forget to link-up and show off your goods!)
What are you currently stealing, reading, thinking about, loving, looking forward to, wondering, eating, disliking, happy or excited about?!


  1. I lurve that iphone case! Need in my life pronto!!!! PS that pumpkin spice smoothie sounds AMAHZIN'...

  2. Decorating your house will be SO SO much fun and I cannot wait to see what you do with the place! I have a feeling it will look like Pinterest threw up in every room with your own personal Howard touch!! ;) Excited for you pretty girl! And GO BEAU!!!

  3. Did you know I'm a beautician? (not really... you know what I mean.)

  4. I think that phone case needs to land on my Christmas list asap!

    I also have a humgo zit on my chin and it will NOT leave. What the hay is going on?!

  5. I might have to steal this idea since I'm such a shitty blogger these days.

  6. i love that iphone case! that sunset is beautiful!

  7. Oooooh, I love your iPhone case! Super cute

  8. my iphone gets here on friday and my new case the week after that! i'm so pumped!

    i'm excited to see the linkups for tm!

  9. I think I love your unexpected shout outs more than anything in blog world. And maybe even real world.

  10. I love your Halloween cards :D so cute! xoxo


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