February 28, 2012

Unseen Footage

Thanks so much for all your input on the shoe dilemma from yesterday's post. The overall consensus is to wear nude heels with the teal/navy little number below and lemme tell ya...you girls are gonna make Beau a happy man because sister already has nude heels and therefore, I won't need to buy yet another pair of shoes. SCORE! (I swear he is going to KILL me yet because of all the shopping I've been doing lately. Love you Beau!)

Moving on...

While you are all well aware (and probably annoyed) of pictures from mine and Katie's "blacation" to Naples, I couldn't help but point out the fact that Katie is never, and I mean never, prepared to have her picture taken.

She may choose to blame it on my paparazzi-like ways but I beg to differ...

It'd be different if there were only one of two of these shots from the trip but there aren't...there are more like one from each day...

Soooo here we go...

Billybean lookin' good but oh wait, what the hay is Katie doing?

Again, here I am cheesin' it up and Katie's busy yapping her trap...

 Not sure what's going on here but that lobster looks pretty 
prepared for his photoshoot but oh, once again, Katie isn't.

 Aaaand here we are again. Here I am striking "the pose" and Katie's doing God knows what.

Ok-so neither one of us are ready here but the fact of the matter is, yet again, Katie is ill-prepared...

And since I've thrown Katie under the bus enough between today and in last week's video debut, I'll go ahead and throw out this pic for good measure. I, too, am a little guilty of this...

So I'm not sure.

Perhaps it's the photographer's mistake but I'm gonna go ahead and say that Katie, in general,
just talks too darn much. But I love her anyways.



  1. This sounds like Jake. He's NEVER ready for photos. :)

  2. HAHAHA! These pictures are the best! You girls are the CUTEST.... I want to come join in with the bloggy friend fun :)

  3. WELL this was a damn surprise if I've ever seen one before.

    Everyone must know STEPH here snaps pictures like a damn FREAKSHOW and it's close to IMPOSSIBLE to keep up!! I'm sorry I have valuable/funny information to share! Geesh.

    GOOD to know you still love me anyways... I was getting concerned.

  4. ...PS: Atleast my nails look good.

  5. Haha ya'lls friendship is just too darn cute!

  6. hahah this is the cutest thing EVER!! even not ready for pics you both look fabulous!

    i have to ask...are your nails painted the same color!? they both look so good!


  7. Those dresses at the top are too cute!! It looks like your trip was a fun one! Have a great week!

  8. Hahaha so funny!

    I get made fun of for the OPPOSITE problem - always posing if there's a camera within 40 feet. Hand on hip, turn to the side.

    I went by "SP" for a year at my volunteer position. "Sorority Pose."

  9. It's pretty annoying how cute your two are, even when you're not ready for a pic! :)

    My fave is the one with the lobster!

  10. I love the realness of these photos how its like a natural picture being taken & not being posed for. So adorable...

  11. Hi-larious! you two are so cute!! i'm a talker too so i have to sympathize with katie on this one....oh and a blinker....it's bad all around.

  12. You know what's crazy? I saw that teal/navy dress and I was like, "Man, that print looks identical to the green/navy top I wore this past weekend." Then, I saw where you bought it. I got my top at NY & Co. Yep, they're pretty much the same :)


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