November 25, 2013

How To: The Perfect Burlap Bow

This weekend, it was in the negatives and might as well have been snowing cats and dogs so I'm pretty sure I spent 80% of Saturday and Sunday in my pajamas and in front of a warm fire.

Ok half of that first sentence is a lie. It doesn't get into the negatives nor does it ever snow here in Texas but at 30-something degrees, I was convinced one of the two were bound to happen. I was also convinced this weekend that I'm just a big ol' wuss when it comes to winter weather and am already counting down the days 'til summer. There. I said it.

All that to be said, Saturday morning was spent getting ready for Thanksgiving (my first year to EVER host a holiday dinner!!), assembling more new bar stoools, decorating, as well as hanging stuff on my nekkid walls. And by "stuff" I mean, the printed photos I just framed from our recent photoshoot. I swear, I'm posting all the pics tomorrow from 'said' photoshoot but in the meantime, you're in for a little lesson today. That's I'm teaching you, my friend, how to...

Tie the perfect burlap bow!

You know...because tying the perfect burlap bow IS a necessity in life, I tell ya and this little tutorial I found and followed on Pinterest is life changing.

Ok so first things first, you'll want to cut a big piece of burlap ribbon. This was the 2.5 inch wired burlap ribbon stuff from Hobby Lobby (where else?). For the frames I was adhering them to, I cut off about a 3 foot piece. When it comes to making bows of any kind, more is always better. Don't you ever forget that now, k?

Lay your burlap out flat and locate the middle section.

Then you'll want to cross the burlap somewhere in the middle, as shown below.

Now, you'll pinch the burlap smack dap in the middle with your fingers to give it it's bow-like shape. If you notice one "ear" is bigger on one side than the other, now's the perfect time to adjust it.

Here's what the front should look like:

Now, a very important step in keeping your bow held must tie it off with something. You can use floral wire or if you don't feel like messing with wire cutters like me, just a thin piece of ribbon will do the trick. Tie it in a knot around the middle section-that's all ya need. It doesn't really matter what you use here because it's going to be covered anyway.

Now, you'll want to take another piece of burlap (I used a different color and a thinner type) to cover up the middle section of your bow.

Simply cut out your piece of burlap, wrap it around the middle section of your bow, and hot glue that baby in place.

Bada bing. Bada boom.

You just tied the perfect burlap bow and no actual "tying" was even involved! I swear, it's magical.

 And here's my final masterpiece, if you will!

The navy blue frames are originally from Hobby Lobby in size 8x10 and I absolutely love the way they look in our house! There are a few different colors/sizes in these frames and yes, you need them in your life.

And there you have it, my friends. Now go! And hot glue burlap bows onto everything you own!


  1. making bows like this is the best, i feel like I mad a million for my wedding

  2. Precious, absolutely precious! Thanks for the great tip! And your photos are stunning, of course :)

  3. How easy and cute. I love this as a gift idea! Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. Thanks! Perfect timing on this! Let the crafting begin :)

  5. so glad you posted this, when I saw your picture of the frames on Insta I was like, "ah, how did she make those precious bows!?"

  6. Thank you so much for sharing! I've been needing an easy how to!

  7. I needed this for my Thanksgiving table scape. You win. Four for you, Stephy Coco.

  8. Thank you so much for the tutorial, our theme in our kitchen for Christmas is going to be rustic wilderness and I was wanting to put burlap bows on that tree so this will be perfect!! I have been eyeing those frames in hobby lobby for a while now and you just gave me a reason to go get them!!!

  9. Just made a couple of these babies this weekend!

  10. That is the most adorable bow ever. Thanks for the tutorial!

  11. love it..such a great tip and what a cute picture in that frame ;)

  12. Love the burlap bows on those frames! Can't wait to see the rest of your pics, they look super cute!

  13. very cute and I would have never guessed there was no actual tying involved. Nice trick!

  14. oh my goodness love!!! I am definitely trying this out!

  15. sorry i cant see the bow.....all i see is the hot ass couple!!! :D :D

    love this step this is so cute. I am SO SO SO bad at making bows i might just pull this off!!


  16. Amazing tutorial! Inspired me alot! Sharing some of my burlap bow creations


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