June 11, 2012

Ba ba ba...ba Barbara Ann

First things first, I finally gave in a got my own domain (I don't know WHY I didn't do this sooner) so even though you will be redirected to my blog no matter what, if you have my URL saved anywhere, would you pretty pretty please switch the URL to www.snhblog.com?! I'd love ya FOREVER!! If you're not seeing me on your blog roll, you'll have to change me there, too. Sorry for the hassle but a URL that consisted of like 30 something characters was a little out of hand.
So what have we learned in class today, kids? ...No more www.thehowardsbeautifulmess.blogspot.com ...
http://www.snhblog.com/ is WHERE IT'S AT!
Ok-now on to the more important topic at hand today...

I love me a good surprise.
But more than that, I love being the one plotting the surprise.

Last Friday, if you popped in, was my father-in-law's birthday and little did he know...we had somethin' up our sleeves when he got home from work that afternoon...

It may have POURED on us at the concert but we danced and sang our little hearts out...well-at least from what I can remember... And though I spent the entire day Saturday nursing a hangover from H-E-double hockey sticks and regretting the 1am Taco Bell run I slightly recalled...I had an absolute blast! I did, however, stay FARRRRR away from anything containing alchol for the rest of the weekend. This little liver o' mine needs a break, to say the least...

Hope you rugrats had a FAB weekend too!
Here's to yet another Monday...


  1. true story, i used to think they were singing my name... "bar bar bar bar bar bryyynnn."

  2. Looks like you had a fun weekend! We missed you at the blogger meetup!

  3. Looks like you had a blast! And Ric singing made me crack up!!

  4. Aw, looks like it was SO much fun :)

  5. What a fun birthday surprise! I love the video of him guessing.

  6. how fun he looks like he had the best birthday of his LIFE! :) so sweet yall did that for him! pics are awesome!! xo

  7. Looks like Ric had an amazing birthday weekend, I'd say! This is so sweet. I think I saw BBFT's brother in there but I can't be for sure? I saw the gorgeous sister, too! Steph hungover? NEVERRRRRRRRRRR.

  8. He was excited once he got in the car! ha! So cute! Glad it turned out good!

  9. That video is ADORABLE!!! I love how bossy you and BBFT are when Ric get's home. :) So glad you pulled it off and had a great time!

  10. He is hilarious!!! that looks like so much fun!

  11. Aw, Great Surprise!! Looks like you guys had a great time!! :)

  12. I drink and am hungover for a week! lol Sounds like a fun weekend!! :)

  13. So fun! Your FIL looks like he was enjoying himself. LOVE the video!

  14. ugh i need to get a domain name too! where did you get yours from? was it a hassle to update everything?

    that's an awesome surprise, bet it was such a blast!!

  15. omg i cannot deal with this cuuuuteness!!!!! :-)

    i love this stephy thats so awesome that you all surprised him EEE!!!

    and damn girllll you gulp those drinks! ;-) hahah work it!



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