June 28, 2012

Let's talk makeup

I was a Bare Minerals girl for years. YEARS. And before that, I wore Makeup Forever. Both of them were pretty reasonable, or so I thought, until I figured out that I was FLYING through the products and having to buy new foundation/powder just about every other month and it really started to add up. (Don't judge...I gotz shizz to cover on this face of mine...) 

And then I stumbled upon THE Bargain Blonde and her obsession with ELF makeup. Though she's a fellow Texan, I'll have to admit I doubted all this ELF talk for the longest time. Then there was this one day where I drew the line...I was not walking into Ulta to drop another $100 on makeup that doesn't even last a month. I walked my happy butt into Tarjay, picked out a few ELF products and was on my way. You know, foundation, powder, eyeliner and mascara. I was nervous about the colors so I only got a few things to start out with.

That was a couple months ago.

This is today:

Lez just say our friend The Bargain Blonde tells no lies.

Yep. Just about everything I use is an ELF product with the exception of  the liquid foundation. It's only $6 and it covers well but my skin is very...and I mean VERY oily and even though it says "Oil Free", my face, with a combination of natural oils, Texas heat and Houston humidity looked like a damn slip and slide by 11am. Those of you with dry skin may be able to pull it off but I can't do it on a daily basis. I prefer the MAC Studio Fix liquid foundation. It covers so well and is able to withstand sweat and water. (Dream come true, right?!) I didn't return the ELF foundation because I figured I can use it when I'm just out and about with nowhere important to go or no one important to see.

Without further adieu...

My go-to top 10 ELF products:

1. Daily brush cleaner: SO important. Clean your brushes ladies! I was spending $13 on MAC's brush cleaner...this one is bigger, does the exact same thing and is only $6. (Online only)

2. High Def Powder: though I think this may cause my skin to break out from time to time, I love the glowing finish it gives to my makeup and it makes my face look as smooth as a baby's butt! I'm still not 100% sure if this is the culprit or if it's just a fluke but you also have to remember I have acne-prone skin that's SUPER sensitive so it shall remain a mystery. I'll try it out a few more times and if Planet Earth decides to take up real estate on my face, I'll be sure to let ya know... $6 (In stores and online)

3. Studio Pressed Powder: LOVE. That's all. Works fantastic. Covers great. Color is perfect. The only bad thing is that it's only sold online and is such a popular item that it gets backordered fairly often. At $3 a piece, I typically order 2-3 at a time... (Online only)

4. Golden Bronzer: Has a tiny bit of shimmer to it and gives my skin that sun kissed look we all love to have year-round. My skin has red undertones so to refrain from looking like Bozo the clown, I only use bronzer on my cheeks instead of blush. $3 (In stores and online)

5. Mineral Foundation: Bare Minerals girls...this is IDENTICAL to the BM foundation...identical. And only $3. I use it as a concealer on my eyelids and around my eyes before applying any eye makeup. On days where I want to wear lighter makeup, I use it all over my face for pretty decent coverage. (Online only)

6. Mascara: Call me a mascara whore but I have a problem with only using one at a time. Yes-I use 3 different tubes every single day. They all do such different things for my lashes so I can never commit to just one. Price range $1-$3.  (In stores and online)

7. Eyeliner: I'm a little indifferent about this one. I can't quite figure it out. It stays on well but it's not as dark as I prefer my eyeliner to be and it dulls quickly resulting in sharpening it almost every day. The good thing about it is that it's only $1 and comes with a sharpener so when I originally bought it, I figured if I hate it, at least I get a new sharpener out of the deal. It's just okay...it's a like not love kinda thing so I just keep it in my desk at work and use it at work or as a backup if I run out of my go-to eyeliner. $1 (In stores and online)

8. Baked Blush: I know I said I don't typically use blush but I just got this one in yesterday. I ordered it  because it's light and shimmery and can be used as a highlighter. I've tried the liquid highlighters and they make me look like a cheap stripper so I prefer the powders. I tried it out this morning for the first time and LOVED it! The best part...only $3. Oh ya! (Online only)

9. Baked Bronzer: Fantastic. Just got this one in yesterday too. I think it goes on the same as the golden bronzer but I wanted to try something new. Well worth my $3. (Online only)

10. Pressed Powder: I prefer the studio pressed powder but since they only sell it online and they sometimes run out of stock, I always keep this little cheapy in my makeup bag. I keep one in my desk drawer, too, so I can touch up my face throughout the day. Only $1. (In store and online)

Take it from me...sign up for their emails and order on the days where they offer free shipping. (Don't you know I refuse to pay full price for anything?!) Their shipping takes about 5-7 business days so make sure you order it in a timely manner. ;)

Happy shopping my little elfettes! ;)



  1. I've heard amazing things about Elf and I must say...you and Bargain Blonde always look FAB! Have you tried Smashbox? That's my obsession, I don't think I'll ever be able to buy other make up.

  2. Try their liquid eyeliner...it's significantly darker and stays on throughout the day. I have three-a brown (coffee, I think?), charcoal, and a black. The only one I don't like is the coffee. It's not as dark as I would like. Have you tried their eyelid primer? LOOOVE it. I also use their Face Mist make up set bottle-works GREAT! Not sure if you've signed up for their email list yet-but if you do you always get emails for free stuff. :)


    P.S. Sorry if this shows up twice-blogger is hating me right now.

  3. Having an ELF giveaway on my blog right now...just sayin!!


  4. It makes my heart happy that you love elf as much as me! I actually do love the foundation and I'm oily, but it's not NEARLY as humid here!!! Lovely review and love that you are a fellow elfette!!

  5. and p.s. Thanks for all the shout outs!!!

  6. The Bargain Blonde got me hooked on ELF products too. I'm a MAC make-up lover and can't part with my studio fix foundation either...but all the other ELF products are awesome!! I have been using the cream eyeliner from ELF and it's perfect. It stays on all day and you can make it as dark as you want it to be. Love it!!

  7. I love the few ELF products I have. I need to try out some of these.

  8. elf has been hit and miss for me. i LOVE their blushes, black brushes, and their mascaras. the other stuff hasn't worked out well for me. i do like their bronzer though! i have the daily brush cleaner too, but i don't like it. i think it's good though for a light cleaning or to sanitize inbetween washes.

  9. I love the elf cream eye liner. It seriously stays put and doesn't fade. I also use the clear brow gel, the translucent pressed powder, and a few of the brushes. Also the golden bronzer makes an amazing highlighter!

  10. I love e.l.f. but I've only used their eye and lip products. I've been too scared to use the face stuff yet cause my skin is so sensitive but I may have to try that bronzer and blush. I have that shampoo and they sell it at my tarjay for $3....so next time you need a bottle just let me know and I'll send it to you :)

  11. First of all, loved the description of your face-that is mine EXACTLY! I was an awesome bride 4 years ago and got each of my bridesmaids an e.l.f. gift bag full of makeup! Yes, it's been around that long! I guess I was just ahead of the curve and didn't know it ;)

    I think I really might try out your makeup regime, cause I'm always looking for something better and haven't been impressed with the clinique stuff I've been using. And Lord knows that shiz ain't cheap!

  12. I have a few elf things but not a ton, probably because I've never shopped online for it (I suspect I'd end up with A LOT!). I tried their mascara recently but didn't care for it though I do like their liquid eyeliner....I'm just not very good at applying it, ha! I love buying their brushes though! So cheap! My fave foundation is Make UP Forever. My skin sounds like yours...sensitive but acne prone and oily. Bleck.

  13. I have some of ELF's makeup brushes, but was always skeptical about the makeup because I can't understand how a $3 product can match up to my $30 product. I'll definitely have to check out some of those bad boys!

    You always look fab, so ELF must have some amazing products :)

  14. Hmm I might have to give ELF a try! I will be coming back to this post when Im online purchasing!

  15. You may have talked a fellow BareMinerals girl into trying Elf products. If they're just as good and a fraction of the cost, I'm in!

  16. I got hooked on elf bc of The Bargain Blobde too! Haha Ill never part with my MAC foundation either! I love the HD powder, I feel like it makes my foundation last longer, also love the elf primer! I want to order the mineral eye shadows, I've heard those are awesome!!

  17. I've picked up a few of their goodies, and they weren't too shabby at all! Even the tinted moisturizer was pretty good, (i usually use stila/or laura mercier). I love their packaging too, simple and sleek. xoxo

  18. Thanks so much for the makeup review! I too have been looking for cheaper makeup and I will definitely be trying out some ELF products now too!


  19. I've been wanting to try ELF products for the longest time, but I didn't know what! I MUST try the mineral foundation. I use the BM mineral foundation for summer, but it's just too damn expensive!

  20. Thank you for posting this list and the review! I've been looking at Elf forever but never knew how good it really was/what I wanted to get/etc, etc. I just may have to try it now :)

  21. I really haven't found a lot ELF that I like but a lot of that is because it's stuff I've bought at tar-jay and not online... I'm scared to order online because I haven't had good luck.

    That being said, I ADORE their gel eyeliner. It's just as good as my MAC or Bobbi Brown. I think it's extremely pigmented and lasts forever. Maybe give that a whirl!

  22. BAKED BLUSH YES!!!! I absolutely love ELF and need to credit the BB for this haha

    i have to agree about the eyeliner...i fell in love with it because it came with teh sharpener, but its kind of smudgey on me!!

    need to go check out the site ASAP for more goodies

    AHH I seriously miss you and beau so much it HURTSSS!!! I wanna see all you guys again SO SOON!


  23. so glad you mentioned elf because we all think we need to spend how much money on basically the same product when ELF has fabulous things to choose from at such a great price :)

  24. I am glad that you did a review on ELF. I bought some of their products but not the mineral line (as I had NO idea as to what I was doing haha) Sounds like we have the same type of skin - I am always oily - all year round. It's divine, right? haha But I too love the Studio Fix from MAC, it's the only thing that I've found that works even better than what I had originally used for years. It's a steep price but to me, worth every penny - I don't mess with foundation! BUT I too love ELF...and I like their cheapy 2 dollar mascara. I find it to be better than MACS 400 dollar one! haha xoxo. Agree with you child!

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