June 19, 2012

When less is more...

I'm all about having the biggest handbag on the block. The thought of not having everything, including the kitchen sink, in my possession at any given point in time has always scared the ever lovin' daylights out of me. I mean, hairspray, bobby pins, a full-sized brush and an entire bag full of makeup I haven't worn in over 6 months is totally necessary right? ...my point exactly.

I swear-the older I get, the smarter I get and 'tis true..sometimes less is more.

All hail the clutch!

Seriously...why am I so late to this party?

Alas, I have joined the club. I have also considered strangling myself with the strap for being that girl who brings her everyday, large and in charge purse to a formal wedding...reception and all. Hey-you never know when someone's gonna to need a pen and paper...ok...

Anywho-I'll be darned! Those girls at Marley Lilly have done it again! 
They really know the way to a girl's heart...

Enter the cross body clutch...

So girly, so compact, so personalized....so perfect.
Amiright or amiright?

The fact that I could fit everything I needed for the entire day on Sunday
and not have a slight panic attack was a miracle within itself. 
{The essentials: wallet, keys, phone, lip balm, iPhone & sunnies}

This little puppy comes in over 10 different flavors...all UNDER forty smackaroos. Talk about perfect birthday/shower gifts for your girlfriends...(ahem...or Christmas gift since my birthday isn't until NEXT April...)

And just in case you're wondering, the geniuses behind ML have even created a simple gift registry function within their site so you can select any/all the items you're lusting over and save them all in ONE place for your friends and family to go purchase. Genuis right??

A few items you'll find on my registry... 

Beau-I've been a really, really good wife lately. If I came home to any/all of these,
I promise to cook dinner for a solid week. {Fingers crossed...}

Seriously Marley, or Lilly, or whoever designs all this adorableness...stop being so darn cute! Sister's bank account is about to take a small hit on your site. ;)


  1. I hope you have better luck than I did! I bought the phone case and it started peeling and cracked on the corners within a month. I also bought the cross body clutch and it lasted a day and a half before the stitches were about to break.
    They did send me an email after they saw my blog post explaining why the mishaps, and maybe it is a coincidence that they two items I bought were the two items they had trouble with.
    There stuff is cute though!

  2. **oops! I mean their not there. silly me!

  3. Adorable clutch! I'm totally the girl who brings their jumbo size pursed to a formal wedding-- oops! It's a running joke in hubby's fam that anytime I need something in my purse I'm basically elbows deep looking for it! LOL

  4. When I saw this on your instagram Si thought it was SO cute! Who doesn't need something with their monogram on it!?! I love that floppy hat too! :)

  5. I love your wallet...is it MK? I admit I am one of those girls who carries her big bag everywhere...just call me the bag lady! I have makeup, pen and paper, snacks etc! Love that clutch, Marley Lilly is great!! xo

  6. I couldn't agree more. I always carry a HUGE purse and here lately have def. been leaving it behind for my clutch. That one is adorable!

  7. That clutch is adorable!!! I love it! Perfect for a night out. I also love the other ML stuff you shared. So cute, girl!

  8. i must have that NOW ;) soooo gorgeous girl!

  9. Looove it! I saw this the other day on their site & fell in love! I want it, I need, I'm probably buying it soon! :)

  10. biggest handbag on the block LOL i just laughed outloud. then started singing jenny on the block my j-lopez

    i LOVE this cutesy little purse!!! i think i need it in my life. What do you think Kurt would say if I got it and had my initials be EML (erica marie lortz...kurts last name). Maybe i should. Prepping for the future??!! hahah

    but the real question. does it fit the egg?

    and better question...does it fit ME so i can come with youe everywhere!?!?

  11. it's gorgeous! I want one STAT!

  12. That pink clutch is amazing! So so cute! I'm with you though, on normal "every day" days, I need my Mary Poppins bag. Advil? got it. Pepto? here ya go. 23.5 pens? never would want to run out.

  13. I love purses that I can carry everything I need to the grocery store but also take out with me at night. This bag is ADORABLE and the perfect size!! Plus I can't forget a cross body bag at the bar (guilty!)

  14. I LOVE these! I have been known to carry a HUGE purse, like accused of having a beach tote at all times, but lately have been loving the wallets that attach to my keys, or smaller purses. Its nice to have options :)

  15. Love it, such a cute little purse! It's definitely time for me to unpack my suitcase.. I mean purse and downsize! It seriously hurts my shoulder/back when I have it on for too long!

  16. I'm loving that cross body clutch. I have been a total sucker for all cross body bags lately. They are perfect for summer trips!

  17. i want one stat! such a great price too!


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