June 15, 2012

Five on Fri

'Ello potty peopel! (That's me with a British accent)
Happy friggin' Friday! (That's me in my normal accent)

I've got a few friends, err-strangers, you need to know about.
Five of them to be exact. (Hence the post title "Five on Fri")

Don't get me wrong, I have my select few that I read on a daily basis, possibly several times throughout the day, but you already know who you are... so today, I'm sharing my 5 other blogs I stalk on the reg. These people probably don't even know I exist, which they SHOULD, but I think YOU need to know who THEY are. K? K!

Now remember, I'm no fashion blogger, nor am I a foodie of any kind. I just like downright funny bloggers. I blog because it's an escape for this little frazzled brain of mine so every once in a while, I need something to laugh at, at someone else's expense, of course.

First we have Taylor at The Daily Tay. Holy ba-geez-us..chick is hilar. I don't even know where she came from but what I DO know is that she needs to be one of my best friends, like yesterday, so she can make me laugh so hard I burn off all the calories I consume in one day (including but not limited to the days wine and cupcakes are involved.) I promise-sister does NOT disappoint. She recently referred to her hair as a "blonde squirrel toupee" or something like that...if that explains anything.

Next, I present to you the cutest little love muffin you ever did see...that would be Sabrina at Sabrina Says. She is downright adorable, funny and probably one of the only fashion bloggers I read. (Nothing against fashion bloggers by any means...it's just not my typical cup of tea!) Sabrina is GORGEOUS and is an incredibly talented photographer, too. Reading her blog makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
Love her.

This next girl you may already know...her blog has something to do with the color "Yellow" and she's a Juliana Rancic obsessee. Ok fine...it's Erin at Living in Yellow. Duh. Erin's blog is kind of like mine...all over the place...except she's obviously much better at it. One word to describe Erin: hy.ster.i.cal (Or does that count as 4 words?)

My girl Holly over at Running in Stilettos is a fellow Ohioan and you know I'm partial to those "midwesterns"...Maybe I love her because she reminds me of myself, maybe it's because, well, she's sarcastic and witty and had me at hello. OR! Maybe it's because she recently got back in her wedding dress and took wedding portraits and, well, you know me and getting back into that dress...Either way-she'll steal your little heart too. Pinky swear. 

I saved the funniest of funny kids for last. Friends-you have to meet Caroline at Shades of Gray. EVERY STINKIN' TIME I read her blog, I literally have tears running down my face. From videos of her husband snoring to her passion for being a crazy cat lady...she's a girl after my own heart. Those Kentucky girls...there's just somethin' about 'em...I feel like I can't even do her blog any justice without reading it in the deepest of Southern Drawls every time. Oh-and if you venture over to her blog tell her she needs to start blogging 8 days a week so we can all have more to laugh at...

Now go. Run. And find these girls' blogs stat...and then find them on Twitter and Instagram so you can follow them at all hours of the day...

Happy weekending! xoxo


  1. ooooh, I love finding some new blogs!! :) Thanks for sharing.

  2. YAY! Glad to have found a few new blogs to check out! [I already know a couple of these ladies :)] Love this!

  3. Well even though I'm mentioned NOWHERE I'm happy that all these lovely ladies are featured! Esp my ohio love Holly and Erin our other bff. ok ok bye

  4. love these, thanks for sharing! they've all gained a new follower!

  5. ok it's ok. I forgive you for not including me in this post.

  6. steeeeeeeeeeeeph. you are the sweetest. please act like I am hugging the crap out of you right now. except not literally crap beacuse that would be so weird and disgusting. anyhow, one day I will meet you and hug you in real life. K? thanks love!

  7. You are tooooo much. I am just so behind in twitter/blog world with how all of this works. Here I was honored just to have a twitter shout out- little did i know you had a whole write up on your blog!!! You my friend have just made my weekend. Besties for life.


  8. I LOVE Erin & I COMPLETELY understand her obsession with Giuliana Rancic! haha I need to check out these other bloggers! :)

  9. Oh I LOVE sabrina says (and im not a huge fashion blog person either), so im defs gonna check out your other recommendations :)

  10. Thanks for the tip - I am now following Shades of Grey! I love funny gals!

  11. yay i love finding new bloggies to read!

  12. YAY for a bloggy post, I love finding new bloggy friends! (Well almost as much as finding new bloggy shops)

    Have a great weekend!


  13. I love funny blogs too, so I can't wait to check these out. Thanks.


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