June 6, 2012

I'd like you to meet my new best friend...

Ahhhh. There she is...
And yes-she's a machine.
(No-not that kind of machina ya sicko.)

Anywho-you all know by now I'm a health nut. I love fruit and {most} veggies and although I usually eat at least 3 fruits and 3 vegetables a day, I really do find it hard to get the "required" amount in every single day.

I've always had a small interest in juicing but never persued anything because
A) I don't know jack about this so-called "juicing" thing and
B) I always heard that the best juicers were expensive

I knew I should have registered for one when we got married because yo estoy el-cheapo but alas, I needed more important things like pool floats, beach towels, a fancy blender and a soap dispenser. Priorities, people.


How on earth it gets every last drop out of a spinach leaf is beyond me.

My favorite concoction so far consisted of strawberries, spinach, carrots, peaches & some leftover cucumber and watermelon that was about to go bad. YUM-MO.

You can honestly throw anything into this baby and I'm convinced you can't go wrong. This one was so fresh and made for the perfect breakfast that morning. Anything with strawberries is a win in my book...

I don't know what I was more intrigued by: the fact that you couldn't even taste the spinach & carrots or the amazing bubbly rainbow I had just created in my glass.

I had a few girls wanting to know how I liked the Breville and, clearly, I love it. Before I used it, I read all the reviews on their website and the worst thing anyone had to say was that it was kind of hard to clean. Um duh. When your beating the heck outta some fruit it's pretty obvious that you're going to have some kind of a mess to clean up. It wasn't that bad though and it's a "contained" mess that requires minimal scrubbing of the net thing inside the juicer. I've definitely made bigger messes in my kitchen...like the 4 times my Soda Stream exploded or the time I attempted to hand-mix a bowl of sugar and cocoa powder. (Don't try either of these...)

And because you just spent 5 minutes of your life reading about my new infatuation with a machine,  I figured I should reward you with a few iPhone pics from this week so far:

1. Welcoming a brand new baby boy into this world, Lil Eli!
2. Our new washer/dryer  set that we'll be storing in our garage until the house is built.
3. Cheering for that handsome boy Sean on our new TV #thebachelorette
4. Helping the in-laws find a new house. I think this one will do. ;)

I'm outty 5,000. Peace.


  1. Yum- I think I need one of these in my life! Just need to figure out where to put in my teeny kitchen! Drooling over your washer & dryer- does that make me old?!

  2. I want a juicer.. a new crock pot too! Lol. I want that washer & dryer UGH!!

  3. Sean is my absolute favorite. What a doll. I don't usually go for blondes but he's a keeper.
    Loving the stairwell pic.

  4. We have a juicer and my hubs actually loves it more than I do :) Love the new washer & dryer, we just purchased a new set too! Isn't it so exciting to get some new toys...and who would have thought those new toys would be appliances lol.

  5. I need a juicer, but have also heard how expensive they are! I love that picture with the staircase! Congratulations on the new house! Can't wait to hear about the process and see pictures. So exciting!!

  6. this was kind of like a PSA to me: EAT JUICER STUFF

    aka i never think to make stuff like this only because it freaks me out....mushy mushyness. But this looks SO GOOD i want to buy one so i can try

    plus the term Juice Fountain sounds really cool. A fountain of juices ;-) HEHEHEH!!!

    i love that staircase so much but even more i love the laying at the bottom pose!!


  7. Can anyone tell me the difference between a juicer and a blender? I've always wondered. LOVE the Bachelorett, haven't seen the latest episode but I think I'm team Arie :)

  8. Yay for juicers! This girls gonna have to get herself one, like yesterday! And go Sean- he's one of my faves thus far :) Happy Wednesday!

  9. Pretty sure Sean is my favorite too. He could use a pink more spunk though. Hopefully he can hold out.

    And those stairs, oh those stairs. How beautiful!

  10. hm. sooo.. i want a juicer now.
    one thing that concerns me is you don't realize how many calories you put in, when you are juicing? but i guess if you measure it all out..it'd be okay!

    and i need to come to tx. like now

  11. YUM!!! What a great new bestie you have! And that staircase is perfection!

  12. Love that last picture of you with the staircase!!

  13. I love machines haha! I really should check into this. Im trying so hard to eat better and to eat everything I am supposed to. Love the iphone pictures! The one of you and the stairs is really neat!

  14. I love green smoothies so maybe I need this. Um that spiral staircase is gorgeous. I haven't started packing yet and I still need to mystic and go to target and do laundry and pack. I'm an idiot. Adios

  15. i want to try this juicing thing too! we have a juicer from our wedding, but it's somewhere lost in storage until we find a place.

    those stairs are gorgeous!!

  16. Looks delish!! I've heard of green monster smoothies where you add spinach, but don't taste it.

    I bought spinach to try it, but I need fruit lol.


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