June 7, 2012

Pinspiration for the Home

So here's the deal...I may not have had Pinterest when I was planning my wedding but (excuse my French) I'll be damned if I don't have it when I'm building my house. Holy hay...my "home" board has gotten out of flippin' control.

(Sidenote: Brides married circa April 2011 and earlier...is it just me or does it downright piss you off that Pinterest wasn't around when we were planning our weddings??! Good. Glad I'm not the only one.)

First things first...you should all know that mine & Beau's taste is SO different. We're from Texas, y'all. Give us anything rusted or wooden or old and it's as good as gold. (If Beau were writing this post he would probably mention something about his knack for decorating with dead animals. His most favorite animal of all is the next one he wants hanging on our wall...)
Modern decor...well...is something neither of us has ever preferred. Like..at all. Not that modern style isn't pretty...it's just not our style. We're more earth-tone kinda folks. To each his own, right?

Anywho-I've been dreaming up some some of the structural things we'd like to incorporate into our new home. Don't worry-you'll be hearing ALL about the decor and paint and comforters and pillows and fun stuff soon enough but first things first...the actual design/structure of the house.

(Sidenote #2: I promise this blog is not going to turn into a 100% home decor/DIY blog. Maybe 99%...but not 100% so bare with me here...) ;)
Two words here: cedar. beams.
Holy beautiful. We LURRRVE us some cedar beams on the ceilings so if any of you (ahem...Katie, Erica, Shalyn) come to visit, don't be shocked to see this kinda thing in our house.

Stone fireplace=happening. There was no argument with this one...we'll have a stone fireplace from floor to ceiling if our lives depend on it. You can't tell me that isn't gorgeous?? I can already picture our little stockings hanging from the mantle at Christmas time. Ahhhhh...

So much fantasticness going on here. High ceilings. Cedar beams. Stone hood. Dark cabinets. Light countertops. Rod iron chandelier. Inset stove. Incredible island. Oversized sink.
Oh dear God. I could go on for days...

Hellllllllllo fluffy white bed!! I've always been a busy, colorful comforter kinda girl but I'm really loving solids these days. Like....l-o-v-i-n-g. Don't EVEN get me started on those chandeliers and the wood ceilings...

Obviously the backsplash is incredible but I'm mainly loving the sink. The oil rubbed bronze faucet with the deep sink. Am I in heaven??  Lighting under the cabinets....gah. So perfect! 
(The color cabinets & granite...not so much...)

One word: tables.
Coffee table, end table, wine barrels/boxes. Amazing, right?!

Granted our bathroom will look absolutely nothing like this but I am swooning over A) the slate tile B) the multiple shower heads and C) the invisible shower frame. The only thing this bathroom is possibly missing is the fact that it won't be in my home. Darn. 

Our bathroom will (obviously) look nothing like this one either but can we dream for a minute? Round bathtub, stone fireplace, wine chiller, cedar baseboards...le sigh.... Ok-I really pinned this pic because of the framed mirror above the counter. I am ALL about this right now.

Yes-I realize this is nothing like the other pics but I wanted to show off the vanity space. Beau and I had an understanding from the beginning that we would not buy a house that didn't have knee space for me to sit in and put on my makeup. Was. Not. Happening. (You should all know that I have this thing. I must be sitting to apply makeup. If I'm not sitting on top of the bathroom coutner, you can typically find me in our closet...yes I said CLOSET...applying my makeup. Poor Beau-I always find dashes of glitter ((AKA: eyeshadow or bronzer)) on his clothes these days...Whooooops.) Our bathroom will look DAYS different than this one but I wanted to point out A) the vanity B) the cabinets with the drawer underneath (talk about a good use of space!) C) the oil rubbed bronze faucets/fixtures and  D) the framed mirrors. Gorgeous.

We've got a long way to go before this puppy is built so sorry...no wait...I'm not sorry if you follow me on Pinterest and all you see is home decor. I promise to do the same things with babies when the time comes! ;)


  1. Oh we share the same taste in houses!! I love the character of the old homes, wood beams, stone, country flair!

    Cant wait to see this house finished!!

  2. Ughh, I agree about Pinterest! We got married at the beginning of May 2011 and I did not join Pinterest until the end of May!

    Love all these home pins!! Decorating a new house is so exciting :)

  3. I LOVE all of your inspiration photos! They are SO you and so beautiful! I can't wait to see your house!!!

  4. If your house ends up looking even similar to this, I'm coming to live with you, kay? I LOVE these pictures. It's so totally my style!!

    P.S. As a bride married in July of 2011 I didn't have Pinterest either and yes, I am PISSED.

  5. You & I have very similar tastes in homes! Love love love the exposed beam look and stone fireplace. Our friends built a gorgeous stone fireplace in their house with rocks they picked up from local riverbeds!

  6. ohhhh gosh.. right before we bought our house/right after my home board exploded, I crafted my ass off, painted, designed and then SPLAT. you just run outta juice. Looking forward to seeing your progress though and maybe all this design talk will inspire me to hop on some of those remaining projects! ;-)

    Also, I DIE and I think I pinned the same photo- of the vaulted ceiling bedroom. The FLOORS, and bed, and chandeliers. gah. my dream house.

  7. I can't wait to see everything that you come up with I love your style! Wanna bring texas to Maryland and build my house for me one day!

  8. Oh that bathroom is AH-Maze-ing!

  9. I might just come move in! Gorgeous!

  10. I'm excited to see what you guys come up with! I am jealous! It will be beautiful! :)

  11. Ahh!! How was I not following you on Pinterest yet?! I definitely am now, don't worry! ;) I love all your home inspiration, you SERIOUSLY make me want to move now... and uhh, we've only had our houe a year. Maybe I just need to get with it on the upgrades! Haha

  12. Ditto to the comment about moving in with you if your house will look like this! :)
    We are moving soon, although not building a home of our very own. Some day.. For not I will live vicariously through you!

  13. My sister is getting married next year and it COMPLETELY pisses me off that I didn't have pinterest when I got married! I got married in June 2009. I was literally saying that to her yesterday! Too funny.

  14. I agree with you 100%. We're Texas folks too. And we like rustic. And my husband also likes to decorate with dead animals (although, currently the only deer hanging in our apartment is mine). He'd also decorate with beer bottles if I'd let him. Ha. But I loooove cedar beams and everything you've pinned. In fact, I think I have these same pins pinned! :) Can't wait to see pictures of the final product!

  15. OK so I love it all, but LOVEE that backspash by the sink .. to die!

    Hope you are doing well lady!!

  16. I am loooving those pictures. I love y'alls style.

  17. I love looking at house inspiration!! :)

  18. Wow I love all those home pins, that's so exciting you guys are building a house! And I couldn't agree more, I so wish that Pinterest would have been around when I was planning my wedding! Yesterday was actually our anniversary and I talked about that in my post yesterday, it's hard to look at all the weddings on Pinterest now and not feel a little jealous or wish that I would have done a few details differently...at the same time I think I legit would have gone crazy wedding planning had Pinterest been around so it's probably a good thing! :)

  19. okay so all of your pins are gorgeous...I think I would be overwhelmed/so excited to be building a house with pinterest as a tool! And I got married Feb 2011 and sometimes I think man I wish pinterest was around then but then again I would prob feel like I wasn't doing enough crafts with mason jars, burlap, chalkboard paint! hahaha

  20. I got married 2 years ago, and let me tell you how upset I am that there wasn't Pinterest back then or before we built our house last year! But, I have been loving pinning home decor inspirations on there since we're no where close to furnishing all the rooms in our house. Going from an apartment to a 5 bedroom house can be intimidating, exciting.. but fun!

    Love your pins! I especially love the kitchen backsplash and the fireplace in the master bath. Can't wait to see more of your inspiration and your actual house! :)

  21. I swear we have the exact same taste! If your home is even a fraction of these pictures, it'll be the best in the state of Texas!

  22. wow what lovely pins!! makes me feel all at warm and toasty inside and totally wish this was my home

  23. so excited for you! i love all of the pictures and your taste and believe i have almost all of this pinned myself too. and i'm so SUPER pissed pinterest wasn't around for our wedding planning days, but also that youtube wasn't around when i was on cheer either.

  24. Well, let me just say Pinterest wasn't around when I got married or when we bought our house. At least you have the house thing going for ya!! And my hub's favorite decor are the dead animal heads too! BUT, you have to nip that in the BUD immediately! I have him limited to the study! He can decorate to his heart's content in that room! ;) Have fun with all the house design and planning!

  25. coffee table, end table, wine barrels/boxes ... I die.

  26. I have never met anyone else that sits on top of the bathroom counter to put their makeup on until I read this post! I've been doing that since high school and I have to get SUPER close to the mirror to do my mascara. Have you ever fallen? I did, one time, it was embarrassing, I cried, and I'm still sitting on counters! haha

  27. I LOVE your pins!!! I'm with you on the framed mirrors and sitting while getting ready!!

    AND I SO wish Pinterest was around while wedding planning too!!! SO many good/cute ideas!!!! It is what I use now when I party plan! :)

  28. We have alot of loves in common!! We have the middle seat two sink vanity in our bathroom except its not that pretty considering the countertop is teal, but anywho love that kitchen above with the inset stove. & I am also furious about pinterest! That stunk!

  29. yes, yes, and yes! Love all y'alls ideas! Love the natural elements and earthy colors. Great choices! Your home will be beautiful!


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