June 20, 2012

Pinspiration for the Home: Part Two

Oh Pinterest, where would I be without you today?

Let's see...I'd probably be at the gym working off that XL piece of cheesy corn bread I consumed AFTER I had already finished my entire lunch. Maybe I'd be up cooking dinner for the huz like a good wife and possibly even cleaning the house and doing laundry. But then again that would make me far more productive than I choose to be these days so let the pinning commence!

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Back to business...

My first round of Pinspiration for the Home was focused on the overall look and feel of our new house: cedar, limestone, bronze...downright rustic and home-y. (Let's not forget the collection of dead animals we'll also have hanging from the walls...)

When furnishing a new home, it's only fair that you start with your kitchen and your bedroom. (I say this like I actually know how to furnish a house...let's be honest...I know nothing) While you can only do so much with a kitchen, one of my absolute favorite things to decorate is our room and I feel like your furniture, bedding and decor really sets the tone. I've always been a dark furniture kind of girl but here lately I'm really trying to channel my inner Paula Deen/Pottery Barn with our bedroom in this house: worn, light color tones & chic.

Enter my newest obsession: putting together the perfect bedroom.

I think I squealed when I came across this beauty!
That headboard is absolutely heavenly. {via}

Ralph Lauren Villa Martine Bedding Collection. SWOOOON!
 It's even lined with twine. Seriously-get in my bedroom! {Via}

Loving this beauty from JCPenney. Whoda thunk?! {Via}

I never thought I'd see myself with a bedroom in these colors but it's so light and fresh
and who the heck doesn't love coral? {Via}

Looks like Martha was doing some good when she was in the pin because
this, my friends, is GORGEOUS. {Via}

And what is there to not love about this?
Please note the ceiling, the headboard and the burlap pillows. Amazing.

Burlap lamp shades...duh. {Via}

THE perfect curtain...

And obviously we won't be having a desk in our bedroom but I stumbled upon this Paula Deen beauty and had to include it in today's post. (Did you know she actually has an incredible furniture line?!)
Now if I could just plant a few money trees, I could go out and actually purchase all these things. Anyone know how to go about doing that? ;)


  1. Decorating a home is so much fun! :) Can't wait to see what you decide on! I love that tan and coral... so pretty!

  2. Looove love love! :) We are STILL furnishing out house that we bought over a year ago... lol, it's a process, but definitely a fun one!!!

  3. I LOVE the coral! So purty! Good lucky girly! I'm sure whatever ya'll choose will look great :)

  4. LOVE your ideas! :) Have fun decorating - are you going to keep any of your current pieces? Or sell and buy all new stuff?

  5. Love love love the doors headboard! Love the paulda deen desk. We have another desk from her collection.
    PS if you want burlap pillows...sewing party! I can teach you to make them if you don't know how to sew. DO NOT SPEND THE MONEY TO BUY THEM PREMADE!!! Pillows are super easy to make!


  6. I love the white bed with the burlap pillows. SO gorgeous!

  7. Love the white head board! I actually posted the coral bedding today as well! I love it! I also love the burlap lamp/curtains! I love anything burlap, kust pinned a burlap flower wreath!

  8. You should just fly me in and out of TX during this whole decorating thing so your twinny (ahem, me) can make decisions with you. Jk. I have NO DOUBT that you will make it beautiful in no time :) I do like Ralph Lauren collection the best out of all those though and it totally screams SHJK.

    Back to blowing my nose.

  9. pinterest is the best! so many ideas and inspiration

  10. The very first room is to die!! I cannot wait for all of the posts to come about your new house and it all coming together... I'm *hopefully* about to be in the exact same little boat!! WOO HOOO

  11. I recently stumbled upon your blog and am in love!! My husband and I recently bought and have started remodeling our first home so I love reading your home decor posts! And I feel ya on the pinterest obsession!! Thanks for sharing! Feel free to stop by and visit me!

    Delightfully Dunn

  12. I LOVE this! all of it! I know you are just enjoying every second of this! well i'm sure it's stressful here and there. I cannot wait to be in your position one day and decorating and designing my dream house.

  13. Ohh love love everything in that 6th picture! And the burlap lampshades. Ok and the curtains too.

  14. Loooove that headboard! Gorgeous. Love the one with the coral! I want it . . . Along with the the one with the burlap! Ah :)

  15. I'm all about the burlap accents. That chandelier- gorgeous!

  16. Dying for the wooden headboard! And the burlap lamp shades? Gorgeous! You've got great taste girl!

  17. Love them all! Especially the coral one & the 4th one from the bottom! I die for that one!!! Just throw a little coral in that one & it would be PERFECT!!!

  18. We stayed at a B&B that had the JCP comforter set. I thought it was really pretty, and it was extremely high quality! Now, I'm thinking I may need it for our bedroom.

  19. I so want to redo my room here in the apt now!!! and I am loving the coral combo, but I don't think my Mr. would enjoy coming home to that :)

    Have a great weekend, Girlie!

  20. We just purchased a paula deen entertainment center and coffee table and side table and I LOVE them. Thinking of adding the bar to our dining room as well. I love all her pieces. And of course we got them in the antique white.

  21. We just purchased a paula deen entertainment center and coffee table and side table and I LOVE them. Thinking of adding the bar to our dining room as well. I love all her pieces. And of course we got them in the antique white.


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