June 27, 2012

Decisions, decisions...

I don't know how or why but apparently Wednesday's on this here blog are devoted to house stuff so I sure hope that's okay with you! If not-get the heck out! (Kidding.)

Big things are happening in the home-building department! BIG! And by "things", I mean decisions. 

I thought there were big decisions to be made when we were planning a wedding but boy was I wrong...a wedding only lasts for a day whereas a house lasts for, well, YEARS so these decisions are far different and much more important than picking out what color table linens you prefer. (But don't get me wrong...table linens ARE important...)

Let's talk bricks.

This weekend we had to decide what color we wanted and by no means was this an easy task. (Wait-any task with my husband is never an easy one...) We drove around for 4+ hours looking at brick colors on houses which may or may not have ended up in me knocking on a strangers door to get the precise brand and color of the bricks on his house. Yes-desperate times call for desperate measures...

We went back and forth between two totally different colors and by late in the afternoon we were officially OVER picking out bricks (emphasis on "OVER") and made a final decision...

What? You can't tell if "Cuero Springs" brick will look good with "White Chopped" by seeing them on a 12x12 panel? Ya-us either. Those brick panels really are the stupidest idea ever...really...

So this is what the two stones will actually look like together...
Obviously this is not our castle of a house but it is our brick...and can we talk about those garage doors?

Needless to say, it was a long. LONG afternoon of brick hunting and our caffeine fix was much needed.
What would I do without McDonald's iced coffee? 
I don't EVEN want to know...

And because I have no clever ending to this post, I just need you all to know that this time next week I'll be waking up next to this guy (sorry Beau). Yes-that would be Rocky...Katie's ADORABLE furchild...and yes-he's coming to TEXAS!

...and will be heading to the Frio River with four of my favorite couples in this entire world:

Can. Not. Wait.


  1. oooh, I LOVE that two-stoned look! the cuero springs and white chopped something-or-other look awesome together. nice decision-making.

    oh and that furchild. gah.

  2. gah I cannot imagine building and having to pick out everything, I am SO indecisive!!!!! I love what you chose though :-)

  3. I would have SO much fun picking out house stuff. I can't wait to build our own from the ground up one day! :) For now I will definitely be loving your Wednesday posts and living vicariously through you! ;)

  4. Love the brick color and YES those garage doors are a nice (and when I say nice I mean - you should get them) option!

  5. love the look of the bricks!! and you are gonna have sooo much fun this next week with all those lovely ladies!!! jelly!

  6. Looove the stone choices y'all made! I can't imagine how hard that would be though!

  7. Haha by the end of the weekend either we will be doing cross fit or ashley will be blogging.


  8. great choices! we have austin stone on our house and it definitely "makes" the house!!

    Ohhh the FRIO?!?! Fun!! I haven't done that in years. Can't wait to see the pictures. :)

  9. i love the brick!! and DEF the castle!

  10. Love love love those bricks!!!

    And can I say I'm kind of jealous at how cool y'all are. Have fun!

  11. EEK! Beautiful choice. I can't wait to see the house when its finished! Have fun this weekend. I've been wanting to go to the river. About how far is it from Katy?


  12. Oh and did you end of finding a crate for Rocky? If not, let me know I have one yall can borrow.

  13. Aw! My little furchild made his debut. He is such a stinker! So glad he gets to experience TX with us too :) but you forgot to mention you will be waking up to THIS beautiful face as well. Most likely hungover face.

    ^and how sweet to the comment above about a crate for Rocky?! <3 xoxo

  14. LOVE the brick you chose! I want to build a house so bad, but I get real nervous about making those kinds of decisions!

    ps. Can we do a Frio Rive part 2 next summer with the Fawver's? PLEEEEEASE?!

  15. Wow, that house is gorgeous! I have no doubt that y'all's will be too!

  16. Your house is going to be perfect. I am so happy for y'all!!! OH and I am pretty sure I just gizzed in muh pants a little because I am so exciteddddddddddddddddddddddddddd. I think I am going to cry when I meet Rocky. Is that weird? Probably so but he's just too precious!!!! AHHHH. Okay I love you bye bye.

  17. OMGGGGGG I just said gizzed and I totally meant that as pee...and yeah...insert RED face here LMAO. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG

  18. Oh that's a great choice, it's going to go great together!

    So jelly of the Frio trip, yall are gonna have SO much fun! :-)

  19. Love the choice you guys made! I wish we were buiding a house. Your home is going to be gorgeous! Hope you have a blast on your trip! Cant wait to see pictures!

  20. I love those two bricks!! Great choice :)

  21. Love the brick choice! Your house will be beautiful!

  22. Girl totally feel you on the house stuff haha I primarily sell new construction and the HARDEST thing about building a new house for EVERYONE is picking their exterior brick, stone, roof etc! You did an AWESOME job it will look fabulous!! :)

  23. Omg that sounds like a hard decision...I mean really its something you will have to look at every single day! Sounds like you will have a great weekend!!

  24. I wish we could build here but since land is at a premium here unless we win the lotto that won't be happening! Best of luck on the build....one thing I would take into consideration, the lighter the stone the more the upkeep. (powerwashing etc.) Also I loooovvee Mcdonalds Iced coffee...infact its the only thing I get there besides a chocolate milkshake! Wish they did iced coffee over here in Ireland haha!

  25. i can't imagine how stressful it would be to pick out everything for a brand new home. the brick you picked out is GORGEOUS!!! can't wait to see the final project and i love these home post wednesday!

  26. Personally, I love the home posts! Keep em coming! :)

    I love the brick colors you chose... so pretty!

    Also - have a blast next weekend at the river!!!

  27. I just stumbled upon your blog from All in My Twenties. I completely understand the brick and stone thing. My husband and I decided to build a house from ground up and I think I was ten times more stressed making those decisions then picking my wedding dress. I have been freaking out about the brick and stone for a month, but now that it is up I love it! By the way are you building with Buffington Homes?

  28. Shays comment.

    this is why i love this girl

    and i love all you guys too and cant wait to hear so much about this lil trippy trip! going to be a BLAST!!! and rockys gonna go home with a PERM! fuzz head what what! so cuute :-)

    lets talk house. I'd like a brick accent wall in my room. Prefarably with the other walls painted with a Lil Wayne and Rick Ross mural. Is that too much to ask of my Texas room :-)

    im in love with the choices you guys got! annnnnnd love that you knocked on peoples doors hahaha that is something i would do! EEE so excited for these house posts!!


  29. I adore your hair!! So freakin' cute! I just stumbled upon your blog and ABSOLUTELY love it! Cannot wait to become a faithful reader :-D

  30. We are trying to pick out brick for our new house right now and your blog post totally describes how we feel about it too. Only we've spent several weekends driving around trying to decide and we just need to get it done. I was wondering if you happen to know what the brick is in the photo where you are knocking on the door? Thanks.


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