July 27, 2012

Dear Zappo's, Katie & Duck Dynasty

Dear Friday:
Thanks for being here again. You know, I really do think I'm falling in love with you. Now if every Friday were a  pay day...it'd be love at first sight. Who do I need to talk to about that? ;)

Dear Zappo's Headquarters:
I'll be seeing you in a few months and I. CAN. NOT. WAIT. Mark my word, I WILL be by for a visit of your facilities by December 31st, 2012. I prefer the conference room to be at a brisk 70 degrees and I take my coffee with cream and sugar.

Dear Beau:
Thanks for getting up with me this morning. I kinda like seeing your sweet, sunshiny face (awake) before I leave for work. Morning dates are kinda my thang. ;) (I just realized that sounded extremely sexual. I hope those of you reading this don't think of it that way!)

Dear Target:
You should get a letter every day for rocking my world. I bought FOUR of the exact same dresses, in all different colors for under $100 and it has made me so content. You'd think I'd hit the jackpot or something. It's the simple things in life...

Dear Lunch Break:
We didn't get to visit much this week thanks to a heavy work load but I'm appreciative of that. Opportunity has presented itself and I'm along for the ride! Maybe next week? Panera bread @ noon?

Dear Katie:
Friday morning, drive-thru coffee dates need to happen more often. Deal? 
(Oh ya. And so do trips to Ohio...) I miss you. Wah.

Dear Homebuilder:
I have every bit of faith that you will build us a good home but if we could get the frickin' show on the road I would be 1000x happier right now. I mean, can't you just dig ONE hole just to say we finally broke ground?! Just one! Is that too much to ask!? Oh-and if you could NOT charge $8,000 for flippin' interior doors that'd be great too. THANKS.

Dear Duck Dynasty:
You are my newest guilty pleasure and I just can't get enough of you. Foreals. Screw all this "Real Housewives" BS. Uncle Si, you never let me down. Can I be a part of your family already? I promise to make you sweet tea in mason jars and learn how to fry chicken and hunt for snakes and wear camo 24/7. Pinky swear!

See? I fit right in!

Dear readers:
Thank you for rocking my world lately. I have received some of THE sweetest, most heartfelt emails and I truly mean it when I say they completely and utterly make my day. {HUGS!}
Peace out girl scout! Happy Friday!


  1. What a cute Friday post. Have a great weekend!

  2. Girl, I feel your pain about the house! My Friday Letters are to our builder... they said 60 days to get the permit, and we are on day 90!! I hope they get the show on the road, for both you and me!! Happy weekend!

  3. You girlies are so cute! Love the morning coffee meet up. Oh and yes, I agree, I think you should proabably come to OH in the Fall and attend an OSU game. Would love to see your face again! And where is Zappos headquarters? I was just talking about this was my BF the other day. Heard they were an awesome company to work for. Anyways, have an awesome weekend friend! xoxo

  4. Happy Friday! Love that you photoshopped yourself in on the Duck Dynasty...The show is ridiculously addicting! :) Have a great weekend!

  5. We had our house built too...I think I stalked the site daily :)
    Also, please post pics of the Target dresses! I'm always on the hunt for new dresses :).

  6. I'm obsessed with Duck Dynasty and Uncle Si. Best one-liners, ever!

    Happy Friday, love!

  7. OMG Duck Dynasty is awesome! Idk how they found that family, but it is GREAT tv! :)

  8. I just ate @ Panera for the first time last weekend!!! its soooo good!!!

  9. Seriously though, Duck Dynasty is gold. It makes me happy, happy, happy! ;)

  10. i love mcdonalds cafe drinks, almost makes up for not having a starbucks within a two hour radius around here!

  11. Zappos = heaven! Totally jealous you'll be visiting their HQ, how cool!!!

    You and B totally got freaky this morning- you can't even lie about it!

    Also- Glad I'm not the only one who buys multiple items in diff colors, love doing that!!

  12. oh hayyy boo. I really enjoyed our date this morning<3 you are bootiiiful! maybe a little facetime sesh tonight too? yes yes? DYING over the anon comments right now

  13. I feel so much less redneck for enjoying Duck Dynasty now that you've blogged about it! Ha! My dad is the one who told us about the show and it is hilarious. Also, I apparently need to go to Target, and I know I need to go to McDonalds now :D

  14. Lawdamercy! What dress at Target is so awesome that you bought 4 of the same one? You can't leave your loyal readers hanging like that!

  15. you and katies mcdonald's date is just too cute! And I know if I were in your shoes with building a home that I would be way worse about being patient! It'll just be so worth it once you live there!

  16. Duck Dynasty is so good! I still love me some Housewives but I cannot wait until the new season of DD!

  17. That Show is Ridic! My PIC got me hooked on that show. BTW, what bomb diggity dress did you buy 4 of at tarjay?!

  18. I've heard of Duck Dynasty from so many people, I think I might have to break down and watch!

    I would love to know how many times Target has been mentioned in Friday Letters linkup, I know I've written them quite a few myself!

  19. dying over that last photo!!!

  20. Can I admit to you how much I love your blog. You seem to be a girl that I'd be bffs with in an instant.

    Have you posted pics of those Target dresses? I need to see them.

    Zappos? As in shoes and handbags galore? I need to be there.

  21. Target will be my first stop today!! Let's see if I can find these fab dresses you speak of!! Hope you have a great weekend!!

  22. Love your Friday letters! Target is seriously rocking my world lately too (who am I kidding - they always rock my world). Loving your twinsies photo with Katie. Too cute! Happy weekend:)

  23. Can we please have four photos of your Target dress please? Thanks. Chicago just got its first Target downtown. I'm very excited. It's like 800 stories high or something. And I just realized how pathetic that sounds, that with all of the great shopping in Chicago I'm excited that Target went in... Like you said, it's the small things...

  24. i agree with buying 4 dresses of the same style hwy because fashion rule number 1, if it looks great on you buy it in every single color. which dresses did you get?

  25. I don't think I can leave Target without at least a couple purchases! Love your blog, girl!


    P.S. I just mentioned your blog in my recent post called "Pass it on, Versatile Blogger!" I'd love for you to pass on the Versatile Blogger award in one of your posts, if you get the chance!

  26. haha! Duck Dynasty is one of my guilty pleasures too! Oh my goodness, Si! Hey!

    And yea, Target is beyond awesome. I lost my mind in there this weekend.

  27. Why are you so adorable? That last picture totally cracked me up!!!

  28. Love Love Love reading your posts. I have a HUGE Duck Dynasty fan myself & I think you would fit right in there with the Robertson's! =)


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