July 13, 2012

If you really knew me...

Hi there lovers!! <3 I don't know about you but I am so so happy to be reunited with my good friend,  Friday. She really needs to come around more often, dontcha think?! (Who decided that we only get one Friday a week, anyways?)

I saw this on Michelle's blog and thought it was perfect so I had to jack it and do it for myself. ;)

If you really knew me:

*you'd know I LOVE me a good set of cowgirl boots

*you'd know my biggest fear is needles (and guns and death, obviously...)

*you'd know I'm highly addicted to lip balm of any kind & I don't go anywhere without it. And I mean anywhere.

*you'd know that I take way too many pictures of absolutely nothing

*you'd know that I used to want to be a dentist

*you'd know that I'm the worst movie watcher ever in the history of movie watchers

*you'd know that I can fall asleep anywhere, at any time, in any way, shape or form (which would explain why I'm the worst movie watcher in the world...)

*you'd know that I've re-taken wedding photos twice now

*you'd know that I have huge feet for my 5 foot 5 body...size 9.5 to be exact. Sometimes a 10 on a good day...

*you'd know that my first job was at a sno-cone stand

*you'd know that even though I played softball my entire life, I refuse to step foot on another field

*you'd know that I have two tattoos

*you'd know that I once peed on myself at work (true story)

*you'd know that my dream vacations are Bora Bora and New Zealand

If I really knew you, what would I know?

Or better yet, if you really DO know me, what do YOU know!? ;)
(You would also know that, thanks to genes and hormones, I have the worst skin known to mankind and had to airbrush the crap out of this pic. Ha.) 
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  1. Love that you've retaken your wedding pics twice. I had no idea people did this, but with the way I take photos, it's good to know. Happy Friday!

  2. Too funny! I think I might offer up some competition for the worst movie watcher title, ha! We have to watch movies with the lights on or I fall asleep. My husband and friends love this, I'm sure you can imagine.

  3. I TOTALLY fall asleeep during movies, ESPECIALLY when we watch them at home on the couch. and I want to go to Bora Bora SOO freaking bad. Also my dream vacay :) and I have bad genes too and dont have the best skin. I envy ppl that do. anywaysss have a lovely weekend girlll! :)


  4. I am the worst movie watcher, too! I am not easily entertained. And I'm right there with you with the humongous feet!

  5. tattoos? wha? where?

    You'd know that I think we could totally be bffs. you are so funneeee. And I'm a total good girl, kind of, but have 4 tats too.

  6. Would it be weird to retake wedding photos three years later haha? Ours were not so swell and I've always wanted to do that, but just never have!

  7. Love this! Boots are my weakness! I can't even begin to explain.
    Oh and I'm right there with ya on needles...I refuse. I'll stay sick before getting a shot.

  8. You should know that I LOVE your first job was at a sno-cone stand. My first job was at a concession stand- cotton candy, popcorn, ice cream, sno-cones, you name it... I'm a pro! ;)

  9. I would like to add...

    If you really knew Steph you would know that:

    1. Beau complains about her inability to watch movies more than the average male. HE WANTS A DAMN MOVIE PARTNER, OK?

    2. The line "I'm SOOOOO hot" should be written on her grave stone.

    3. She sits on vents to air out her vaj jay.

    4. "WHERE IS MY EYELINER?!" means its 10am and she means business.

  10. 5. She hates driving.

    6. She does NOT care if you don't want your picture taken, she will take it and you will like it. or fake it.

    7. She says "y'all" more than a normal person says the word "ok"

    8. She sleeps on TOP of covers on the bed.

    ok that may be all for now

  11. hahah peeing on yourself at work. I have a weird/similarish story...at my first job, my office was SO far away from the bathroom and sometimes I would close the door and pee in the trashcan hahah

  12. I love posts like this. Great to know a little more about you :)

  13. Any chance to re-take wedding photos is always a plus! I loved seeing the ones you shared! Peeing on yourself....amazeballs! I am afraid to admit that I have done this more than once. #Shameless

  14. I'm a terrible movie-watcher too. lol. My boyfriend hates it. I always fall asleep!

    And cowboy boots...they are an essential. Even if you live in the city. I love them.

    Have a fab weekend!

  15. Sooo since I've read this.. does it mean we're besties now?! Sista from anotha mista?! I like this post idea so much I'm gonna steal it! YUP, you just got JACKED! :)

  16. katies comments i am dying. I love you girls

    also...why am i inappropriate and laughing at you saying "i had to jack it and do it for myself" hahahha

    i totes knew the lip balm thing..well actually i figured it out in ohio when i caught you rubbing it all over your bod. OKAY NO but you did love the lil pink ball i gave you :D

    i have to tell you about a similar work pee story that happened monday..too embarressing for this comment lol

    happy friday baby G!

  17. I'm happy to say that I knew most of this about you :) Distance doesn't make me forget!

  18. Um, hi are we the same person!? I am DEATHLY afraid of needles as well... for reals. They have to tranquilize me and strap me down to get it anywhere near me. Yes, I have issues. :)

  19. Ugh I am also terrible at watching movies and tv for that matter. I fall asleep instantly. Husband just looooves this.

  20. Oh my gosh! I'm SO glad to hear that I'm not the only one who has peed on myself at work! Totally going to read that story now, but somehow, I have a feeling mine might be more embarassing. I will love you forever if your's out-embarasses me though. Happy Friday!

  21. Loved reading this!! I love that you re-did your wedding photos twice! Good for you:) I did a second photo shoot after my wedding too! You have to get the pics you want!! Happy Friday

  22. bora bora is def a dream vacation of mine! It just looks to beautiful to be real!

    and I have to say that the fact that you airbrush your pics, or that picture, makes me like you even more. bc you always seem to have flawless skin in your pics!

  23. Hahahaah Katie is cracking me up with her added comments ;) Silly! You do not look like you have the worst skin or that you've been "airbrushed to crap"...in any pic I've ever seen! You are pretty pretty! I can relate to your big foot woes. I'm 5'3 and wear a size 9...sometimes I can fit this big ski into an 8.5, but not often!!!

  24. Loooove this idea, and may take it as well!!

    I am jealous you've re-taken your wedding pictures and wish I could do the same!!!

  25. Great getting to know you....but I do think I beat you in the movie watching category lol

  26. This is so fun! I can't watch movies either, it always takes me a few times to get through a whole movie. :S

  27. Love this cute post! This picture of you is great, hair/highlights look amazing. Green is a good color for you. Love the pink nails. Love it all.

  28. What a fun post! I want to go to New Zealand too! Let's take a trip :)

  29. i love it! some of this i already knew from your blog, but i learned some new stuff!

  30. I honestly might rival you in being the worst movie watcher ever. I hate watching movies and my fiance just watches them on his computer because he knows how much I hate it and how bad I am at it...

  31. I just love you♥ You get cuter & more lovable with every post!

    Xo, Jess

  32. Wedding retakes twice - you are one lucky gal!! That must have been so much fun :-)

    And cowgirl boots are a complete necessity. Everyone gives me crap about wearing mine all the time, everywhere...but they are my favorite pair of shoes!!

  33. Too cute!! I cant believe how big of a shoe you wear lol!!

  34. Ahhh I love this!! I just happened to stumble across your blog tonight and ended up getting caught in it and reading way too many posts!! So cute!! I might have to "borrow" this post idea from you! Oh--AND Bora Bora (Hello Kardashians!) is MY dream vacay and we're going there on our honeymoon in 5 months!!

  35. <3 this post!!! I'm right there on height && feet lol Keep up the good works!!!

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