July 18, 2012

Homebuying Hump Day: Dining

Decorating the dining room may be one of the things I'm THE most excited about! I've never really had a "decent" dining room so you already know I am chomping at the bit to find the perfect table, chairs, centerpieces, napkins, place settings, etc. Sigghhh...so many options! I'm really trying to channel my inner Pottery Barn here so bare with me...

This first one...I am head over heels in love with. From the burlap curtains to the soft country feel... Now if I can just plan on having fresh hydrangeas as a centerpiece everyday I'll be doin' good...

I found this exact table the other night and wanted to strap it to the top of my car and bring it home with me. (You think I'm kidding?) Beau is a little indecisive about it but if he gets to put dead animals on my walls, it's only fair that I get to choose the dining room table, right? ;) 

Currently swooning over those chairs and the burlap cloth
but can we talk about the lantern chandelier?!

Again...the chairs. The dark wood. THE CHANDELIER! AHHHHHH....

Not really loving anything in this particular dining room EXCEPT those cedar beams, the stone fireplace and the coral walls. Holy gorgeousness. (Psst..even Beau liked the paint color!)

God LOVE Pottery Barn for this piece of amazingness. Amiright or amiright? 
Burlap lamp shades...YES PLEASE!

Oh Z Gallerie...I love you too. Our friends have this over their dining room table and it looks incredible. And the best part? If you ever lose power, you just light all the candles and voila! You have light! It's all about practicality people...

I've always loved these chargers from Willow House but the plates I am loving even more. Though I am slightly obsessing over the coral walls above, I'm envisioning a red/light blue color scheme. Thoughts?

 Besides furniture hunting, there's really nothin' major going on housewise. We have to complete 4 design center appointments before they even break ground and our second one is this Friday afternoon. I mean, do I really need to know the type of sink faucet I want before you start digging? REALLY??

Yes. I am the most impatient person you will ever meet. EVER.
And that's a promise. 


  1. These are all fantastic inspiration pieces! I especially love the table in the first photo.

  2. first and third pics are my fave. and be glad your builder isnt a bonehead procrastinator!

  3. Good LORD that's a lot of appointments before they'll even start digging! I'd be like let's get this show on the road too! LOL, I love all your choices. We don't have a formal dining room and I cannot WAIT to move and have one. I looove those bigggg tables!

  4. it took some major convincing the hubs that we NEEDED the dining table we got but I love our table, even if it took a year to pay off = )

  5. I am so impatient I understand, like that should have been started like BEFORE you even signed for the house.. HELLO!

    Seriously that dinning room set you want, is so AMAZING like dreamy amazing. If I was near you I'd totally figure out a way to get it for you then maybe like sleep on it. I LOVE IT! It's so perfect OMG, you know minus my 2 kids who seem to get crayons and markers on EVERYTHING

  6. God, I can't wait to see the finished product when you move in!! And red and light blue...will be GORGEOUS!!

  7. So I love them all haha! I really love the lantern!! Your house is going to be AMAZING! :)


  8. YES!! You do! I didn't think I cared about the sink faucet either, until veeeeeery last minute we pleaded with our builder to let us switch our sink faucets for much more upgraded ones. And thank the Lord that we did b/c the original ones that we chose would have royally sucked to live with. It's amazing how much everything actually matters... and stressful!

    I'm so impressed with your eye and the things you love! So fancy. Soooo expensive. Will you send your money tree my way? Pa-leeeease!!! :)

  9. I love your inspiration pictures - I'm obsessed with the first two tables!

  10. I love everything you're coming up with! :)

  11. I am dying over all the burlap and the rustic tables! I can't wait to see what you pick!

  12. That first picture is just amazing, just perfect! The table, the flowers, the CHAIRS! I want it all!

  13. I just re-did our dining room and I am obsessed with it! We got a farmhouse table and its amazing! I suggest it whole heartily!

    <3 the blog girl!!! Thanks so much!


  14. if he gets to put dead animals on my walls, it's only fair that I get to choose the dining room table, right?

    AMEN SISTA! haha or what if beau killed a giant animal like an elephant and then u make that into your table? ;-)

    LOVE your style girl. very sim to mine and i LOVE IT!! love an old country look with wood! maybe i was made to live in TX!

    i cannot wait to see the finale...literally DYING over seeing this finished house. IN PERSON!!!!


  15. I was SO excited to decorate my dining room too, since we had never had one before. We found most of our furniture at world market and Z gallerie. Whats funny is Shayln and I have the same dining room table and chairs :)

  16. Beautiful rooms! & yes, I agree that it's silly to have 4 appointments before they break ground! Schedule them all back to back! HAHA!

  17. I'm pooping my pants over those table pics.

    Holy.......I'm in love.

    Tell me where you actually spotted that second one?

    I may be driving my Kansas ass to Texas pronto to pick that one up.

  18. These photos are gorgeous!! I can't wait to see how your dining room turns out! I am obsessed with that kitchen table! So rustic and beautiful:)

  19. Gorgeous dining room picks!

    I agree, it's ridiculous that you have to pick out everything at the design center before they break ground. We didn't go to the design center until after they broke ground for our house. But, maybe your builder needs to have everything ordered before they start. Maybe it takes that long for the materials to come in? But either way.. you'll be in your new beautiful home before you know it, I promise! I felt like ours was going to take forever, and we've now been here for almost 13 months! Craziness!

  20. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!!! I can't wait to see the finished product! :)

  21. I've been on the look for a farmhouse table and chairs! I love all 3 of yours! Can you share the name of them? Thanks...I found an awesome one made by HOOKER (Sanctuary) you may want to investigate!

  22. I love the table that Beau wasn't too sold on. I think he will come around! and the chandelier from pottery barn I am in love with but $400 just seems a little pricey for me. I can't wait till you move in and do a full recap of everything.

  23. goodness, those tables are freaking gorgeous!!

  24. I'm currently house shopping as well and plan on having one built so I can TOTALLY relate! That and Pinterest has become my new best friend! :)


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