July 2, 2012

Keep Calm & Blog On

What do you get when you cross a t-shirt obsessed blogger 
with in-laws who own a silkscreening business?

That's right...t-shirts for EVERY occasion.

You get married...t-shirts.
You have a baby...t-shirts.
You take a poo...t-shirts.

Really-who doesn't love a good tee?! I know I do. ;)

I had originally designed these "Keep Calm & Blog On" t-shirts for  Jess, Katie & Erica as a little gift when we all met in Ohio. 
Colors pictured: Royal, Lime, Daisy

Little did I know that when I Instagrammed a pic, I would get an overwhelming request to sell them on my blog. Emails, messages, texts, you name it. 

Lo and behold, I've bamboozled my in-laws to work with me to get these tee's on your little blogging bodies. Let's spread this blogging community even more than we already have, shall we?! How fun would it be if you ran into someone wearing this shirt around town?! 

That's right, party people.
Any color. 
Any size. 
However many you'd like.
$20 each. (And yes, that includes shipping.)

With more than 55 colors to choose from, the possibilities really are endless. 

A few of my faves:

If you're interested, please either leave a comment with your email address, letting me know you're interested or shoot me an email directly at stephandbeau@gmail.com so we can hash out all the deets. (At that point, I'll be able to send you a direct link to all the different colors so you can choose exactly which one you prefer.)

Payment will be accepted via PayPal.
Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping.

Keep calm & blog on, my friends!


  1. me me me me me me!! ever since i saw yours i have been searching for one!!! haha!

  2. Sending this to my hubby right now! I have a birthday in exactly a month! This would be the perfect gift :)

  3. I'm interested in one! My email is aelbert1980 (at) hotmail(dot) com

  4. Heckkkkk yes I'm interested! :)

  5. I am interested fo sho!


  6. This would be awesome! I'm in! megodell13@gmail.com

  7. Hey wild child! ;) Love that you are selling these!! I love mine!! Hope you and Beaucephous are doing well! xoxo Happy and very safe 4th!!

  8. Um, yes please!! I loooove these!

  9. I want one! nikkibradley918@gmail.com so cute!

  10. sign me up!!! I can be reached at jennadkeenan@gmail.com

  11. i love these and you!! :-)

    i want another one in another color. Therefore I am interested!! ive been into sephora and francescas wearing that shirt and both times have gotten compliments!! BOO YA! you hit the jackpot sweetiepieeeee

    LOVE azeala! I think I need it :-)


  12. Omg! I love these! I so want one... I loved the idea & thought! Eek!

  13. Ah!!! I want one! :) Those are so cute!


  14. Sign.Me.Up.Please

    & thank you!

  15. ... I'm behind. I want one. What do I need to do?

  16. Oh i want! Are you able to send to Australia? My email is that_girl18@hotmail.com

  17. I want one like Jess'...Kentucky Blue baby! :P

  18. These are so cute! Definitely want one! sunshinestatetheblog@gmail.com

  19. i love you. this is awesome.

  20. Love it! mintchocolatechick(at)gmail(dot)com


  21. I can't wait to order a shirt!!!

  22. so cute!! my sister and i are traveling to europe in august and really want to make tshirts but i never know where to get them done so they're like professional...any recommendations? or did you just make them yourself?

  23. I'd love one! Invoice me on PayPal :)


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