December 28, 2010

Simple DIY Coaster simple that even I could do it!

I find myself to be pretty crafty & creative but when it comes to DIY stuff, psssshhh. I always wind up wasting a ton of money on all the ingredients and end up throwing the whole thing away.

Not. This. Time!

What you'll need:

StazOn Stamp Ink
StazOn Stamp Cleaner
(both found at Hobby Lobby)
Stamps (your choice!)
FYI: I found out the designs with simple, thin lines work best-like the cross.
The stamps that were all kinds of detailed (like a paisley) kinda bled on the tiles.
Mini felt pads
4x4 tiles
(Home Depot)
I got a pack of 9 for like four bucks!

Make sure you wipe off each tile with a washcloth.
I did NOT wet mine when I wiped it off & it worked fine!
The stamp cleaner can be used if you mess up but keep it close by so you can erase any errors immediately!

Stamp away and this is watcha get:

Beautiful, semi-handmade coasters!

You can also do the same thing on larger tiles and make trivets for your kitchen!

I think I mayyyybe spent $15 and they make GREAT gifts!

OH! And there is NO way I can take credit for these little cuties!! All props go to Tanya at Trey & Lucy--go see her...NOW!


  1. Very cute. Thanks for the idea.. would make a nice bridal shower gift for a friend!

  2. oh my gosh..that's such a cute idea!!! thanks for sharing!

  3. These are precious!! Love them!

  4. Oh my cute! It is perfect because I have been looking for new coasters for a decent price. Now I can just make my own for an excellent price! Love it! :)

  5. That is a great cute idea, and it looks so easy to do. I will have to try it. Love it!

  6. Oh wow!! Those are amazing!!!! I have to try that! I think I'd like to try to make a monogram one with those tribal like letters!

    Thank you so much for the GF info!! I am so excited to see how I feel after a while...especially my skin!!! :)


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