December 29, 2010

So what?!?!

Yup-it's been one-a-those days!

SO what if it's really a Sam Houston State University necklace?!?!

It just so happens to be my "married" initials and I'm sportin' it! (Not to mention-daddy graduated from Sam so ha! It has two special meanings!)

Beau claims it's "bad luck" to wear it before the wedding.


Who needs luck when you've got love, right?! (ok so that was suuuuper cheesy. So what?!?!)

SO what I'm on page 60 of my book for work that has to be read by tomorrow? Oh-and I have to write a report on by 5pm??

SO what I'm leaving to go out of town tomorrow and not a damn thing is packed OR washed?!?

SO what I haven't washed my hair since Monday and it's been coated with baby powder for multiple days in a row??! Just one of the benefits of having blonde hair-right?! (to my defense you'll be happy to know that I HAVE, however, bathed're welcome!)

SO what I haven't been to the gym more than twice in a week for a while now seeing that I have to be in a wedding dress in 108 days?!?

And on that note...SO what that I know exactly how many days left 'til my wedding on any given day?!

SO what all I ate for lunch today was Greek yogurt and beef jerky?!?

SO what I'm paying for a car that hasn't been drivable since March and there's not a single thing I can do about it?!?

SO what I've watched "The Holiday" every night for the past 3 weeks and have never stayed awake past the first ten minutes?!??

SO what I had a really bad attitude at work today after being repulsed by the woman breastfeeding in our store?!?

So WhAt??!!

HaPpY hUmP dAy giRliEs!! Who else is overly excited about the 3 day weekend?!!!!




  1. girlfriend---i'm blonde and work the baby powder trick whenever needed...and nobody ever knows!

  2. Your hair looks pretty darn good to me for not having washed it since Monday! I could dump the whole bottle of baby powder on mine and it wouldn't look presentable. LOL

  3. I hear ya girlie!! It's ok to have those kind of least you get to blog about it! :)

  4. The necklace is adorable, no matter what it "really" stands for!!

  5. I saw the SH and immediately thought of Sam Houston State, I'm an alumni so I guess I would be able to recognize it


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