August 28, 2011

Cellular Device Dump

aka: A new place to stash all the random iPhone photos taken throughout the week.
*Disclaimer A: For some reason I deem it necessary to take pictures of absolutely everything.
I mean, who doesn't want high quality cell phone photos to document your every waking moment?!
Disclaimer B: If you follow me on Twitter, you've probably already seen these. Sawwy!

In no particular order...

Swimmin' suit I've been eyeballing all summer
Reg price: $130
Sale price: $27
Diaper party last night for Rachel & Chawlie (Charlie)

Dear God-please let me look like this when I'm EIGHT months pregnant.
Baby bottle beer chugging contest
Beau did not prosper.
I'm ok with my husband sucking at sucking.
Berryhill: the only place you can order soft serve and a margarita at the bar
If you didn't want to move to TX before, maybe this will help your decision...
From the mister :)
Texas? In August? This is unheard of...#2012
Momma bear's fence after a wind/rain storm
(& yes, she put it back up all by herself!)
Stoled this idea of Pinterest & did it to one of our wedding pics.
Is that saying not the sweetest?!
You take photos of your drinks too, right?
Cousin's lil nugget-McKinley
Hers had painted piggies too...melt my heart! :)
Annnnd the latest photo editing app addiction..."Pixlromatic"

LOVE all the effects!!

Happy Sunday Funday loverbears!!
I'm off to lunch with those Houston blogger girls again :)


  1. I just took a picture of my snapple "real fact" literally 5 seconds ago because it informed me barbie's real name is "barbara millicent roberts" and before that it was a picture of my toe nail polish - looks like we are one in the same!

    xx Emily @

  2. Cute pics! Beer chugging out of baby bottles made me LOL :)

  3. your friend looks amazing at 8 months! wa-hoo. the shower looks like a lot of fun.

  4. I love the swim suit!! Where did you get it??

    You will totally be all belly. I can already see it!!

    And I wanna go to the next blogger meetup with you!! I misses you!!

    Dinner and movie this week?? I think yes! Call em!


  5. GREAT deal on that swimsuit girl!!! Chugging baby bottles? Hilarious!!!

  6. I totally saw that phrase on there too and can't wait to use it!! Super cute!

    Oh, I went to a baby shower today and she looked just like your friend! I know I WILL NOT be that fortunate. I gain weight like no other.... ugh. Just not fair! I can only pray that I will be all belly!

  7. Love your blog! :) I became a follower! Erin

  8. OMG I love the baby bottle beer chugging! That's hilarious!

  9. Ummm I love your coffee mug!!! Purty! :) I love taking pix with the iPhone. I personally think this device should come pre-packaged with all iPhones (and yes I might have seen this in Skymall, haha):

  10. Your friend looks AMAZING pregnant. Ugh, yes, I hope I look like that too!

    loved your pictures!
    AND, I am also (shamelessly) plugging a giveaway on my blog. But it is for a really cool vintage t-shirt (winner gets to choose their design from the website) so I don't feel too guilty about it ;) The Mitten State Vintage T-Shirt Giveaway!

    The Mitten State Vintage T-Shirt Giveaway!

  11. I love that bathing suit! Where is it from?

  12. love that swim suit! Did you get it at Dillards?
    Next time you do a phone dump do it on Monday and link up with us :)

  13. Oooh I am so in love with that pinterest wedding photo/quote idea! I neeeed to steal that :) Gosh, you two are adorrrrable!

  14. I want that suit girl!!! What a steal! Mad props to you. I may download that pic application too...I just downloaded "pic collage" and "be funky" <--both are good too.

    OK, as I was literally looking up the names of those 2 apps I just downloaded I realized I had Pixlromatic that you speak of already... #dumbass!

  15. Ohhhh, I love your pixel-ed romantic pictures! They look SO awesome!! And yes, she is super duper precious at 8 months!! Jealous!


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