August 18, 2011

Vlog + winner winner chicken dinner!!

Who woulda thunk?!

Looks like my homegirl, Katie, at Keep Calm & Carry On is about to be sassified compliments of Meg O.!!

Congrats lovebug!! So excited to see how your new design turns out!!

*PS-it's cool that I refer to Meg O as "Meggo Preggo"...she calls herself that.
(Psst, Meg...that's okay, right?!)

*PSS-don't you love the white shirt/black bra look...
...classay laday, right??

Love you ALL! Thanks for playing with me! :)
& for forgiving my husband for actin' a damn fool y'all see what I have to put up with on a daily basis...

Until next time...mmmwah!


  1. Umm your husband is awesome haha I literally laughed at him;
    And you are just so darn pretty!!!

  2. That lampshade just made my night.

  3. LOL your husband looks awesome!! Y'all are hilarious. And it's totally OK that you call me Meggo Preggo! Just have Katie email me so we can get her design going!

  4. oh my gosh...your husband cracks me up! can he be in every vlog?

  5. I cannot begin to tell you how a. Hilarious you 2 are and b. How excited I am that I won!!!! :) I'm posting this on my iPhone so I hope this comment goes through. Love ya to pieces!!! Thanks so much :) tell the Hubs I think the lampshade compliments him well.

  6. you guys are too cute! yay katie!!

  7. hahaha aww yall two are so freaking cute!

  8. you and your husband are SO cute. You may have just skyrocketed to one of my favorite blogs!

    I wanted to tell you I am hosting a giveaway today over at my blog for ashley at the shine project (its a cute custom necklace!) You should check it out and enter! The Shine Project Giveaway

    and p.s. I am totally adding you to my blogroll!

  9. Whoo hoo! Love me some Texas bloggers! :)

  10. Your husband is hysterical! I swear, mine would have done the same thing if I asked him to be on my blog. So funny!!

  11. y'all are soooo funny!!!!! John REFUSES to be on the blog. I'm gonna have to show him this! :)

  12. OMG I LOVE THIS!!!!! Beau cracks me up!! And you little muffin are a lover!!


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