September 30, 2011

Love at First Keg Stand

Guess who broke into little this girl's blogger account last night??!!

'Tis me!

& I'm over at All In My Twenties doing a guest post while Kristen is on vacay. 
Should I mention she's in BRAZIL??!! Because she is...

Everybody at once..."jealous!!!!"

Anywho-jump on over there and hear all about how Kristen and I quickly became love birds over a romantic keg stand at a frat house.

I promise to not disappoint. (C'mon.I would never fail you!)


  1. I would love to meet you in person because you had a wonderful blog personality! I'm headed to see your post NOW! :)

  2. Hell yes I already love the title and I love a good keg stand..

  3. ADORED your post over on Kristen's blog, and am a new follower here! Your blog is ADORABLE and I am a newlywed, too! (2-26-11!)


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