August 6, 2012

Beach Necessities

While I realize this post may make a lot of people bitter, I really just can't help myself. Honestly, it makes me a little bitter just writing this while I sit behind a desk in a suit and're not alone, people.

 One whole month from today I'll be on an airplane with my love, my in-laws and some of our very best friends heading to Kauai to witness a perfect couple tie the knot. One. Flipping. Month.

Which is ironic because on the exact same day we're leaving this year marks exactly one year since we left for Oahu last year. Now if we can just hit up Maui next year and the big island the next, we'll be doing good. #yeahright #inmydreams #wecantaffordvacationandahouseinthesameyear

Oh sorry. Got a little hash tag crazy there for a minute...back to the topic at hand.

This may or may not be our view for a solid week.

Y'all. I can't stand it. Mentally...I'm already packed and I know you are all just dying to know what exactly I'll be packing. (Come know you are...)

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Oh and if anyone is interested in buying me something for my trip, I'm totally lusting over these gems:

Just a few necessities, right?
Now if I can manage to get my suitcase UNDER 50 pounds, it'll be an ever-lovin' miracle!

Happy Monday, friends!


  1. We're going to Kauai for Christmas this year, so I can't wait to read your reviews & see what sort of fun things you do.

  2. That 50 pound limit is such a pain in the arse!!!

  3. No hatin from me...take your vacations while you can! :) I might refer back to this post in a few months when we head back to can help me pack my bag :) On the bright side, you don't have to pack the Smirnoff ahead of time and go over your 50 lb limit...just buy it in the duty free store :P

  4. Love that you included the vodka in your beach bag! And maybe it's just me but staying under 50 lbs. is tough! That's why my fiance usually ends up with half of my stuff in his suitcase lol

  5. Sounds like an awesome trip! I hate the 50 pound luggage limit because I am always having to take stuff out and move things around at the last minute.

  6. jealous? YES bitter, no. hope you have a great vacation and I am sure the wedding will be beautiful. I am sure you are counting down the days and it will be here before you know it.

  7. I'm going to Maui next month too! I can't wait!! Thanks for reminding me to start thinking about what to bring! :)


    dying to go there. youre gonna come back a different race

    i love that vodka is in your beach bag. HAHAH!

    we are vacationing the same time! i have 1 month 2 days till dizzzzyney :)


  9. SO SO SO jealous - I want to be back in Kauai so bad!! #willlivevicariouslythroughyou:)

  10. I am jealous, but love the bacardi :)

  11. I was just in Kauai this weekend and it was FAB! You guys are going to have so so so much fun! What part of the island are you staying on? If you have time, definitely do a boat tour of the Napali Coast (skip the hiking ::eye roll::)!

  12. I just wanna know if I can tag along in the suitcase :) I mean i will even sing you the cherry on top bit hehe! But for real have fun! I hope the trip is a blast & I know that it will be :)

  13. My ass was in that exact pool only 5 months ago. My jealousy is bleeding out of my pores right now.

    Not to worry too much, as my ass will be back there (just in a different pool) in exactly four short months.

    Tell the island momma we be home soon :)

  14. I love this article and I can not wait to go to the beach with my family this summer. I have never been to Kauai but I am sure it is beautiful. My family and I always go to the Outer Banks in South Carolina. I really like the list you provided above for some great beach necessities. I personally think the most important is the sunscreen because the sun can cause skin damage, especially to a baby. I have been using Natural Sunscreen for my skin and my babies because it does not contain harmful chemicals and can be applied to any part of the body. Well I hope you have a great vacation at the beach!


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