August 9, 2012

It's the most wonderful time of the year

Clearly, it's not Christmas time and therefore, I'm referring to college football season, people. Get with me. And by "football season", I obviously mean cute, new alma-mater inspired outfits paired with nights of heavy drinking, old college flames, awkward sorority sister meetups at random tailgates, port-a-potties, keg stands and somewhere in between all that, a football game is involved. Weird?

The moment I read this email, I, obviously, squealed a little inside and then my mind immediately wondered off to my closet to dream up some kind of outfit to put together for the first game. 

Then I realized I just bought a HOUSE and sister is in no way, shape, or form in any position to be buying new clothes for football season. (Or for any season, really.) Damn.

So I said screw it and decided I would wonder off into someone else's closet and dream up somethin' fancy. A girl can only hope that someone really nice would deliver all these things, in all the right sizes, to the doorstep of our townhome. We're the unit with the "Howdy"  doormat, if that helps at all. (::hint::hint::)

[Psst: I wear a size 4 (or 6 on a bad day) and my shoe size is a 9.5]

For us Southern girls who'll be facing 90+ degrees through mid-October...cotton dresses and flip flops are a girl's best friend! 
Fall football fashion 2

I really need this entire getup. PLEEEEESE?


And for you Northerners...a little boot/scarf action to keep your hineys warm ;)

Fall football fashion

Oh-and if this isn't the most incredible pair of shoes ever, I don't know what is...

Thankful it's Thursday...I'm out like an anorexic girl in a pie eating contest.


  1. a 6 on a bad day ... ha! me too. ok, so other things that stood out to me ... you wear a 9.5? and more importantly, you have 549 emails in your inbox? ;)

  2. LOL!! That pump is awesome! I cannot wait to TAILGATE! We have such a bog group sitting with us this year....It's gonna get crazy! GO COOGS!!!!!!

  3. I'm soooo ready for football! So freaking ready! Love those cute heels!

  4. This post has me craving an ice cold Bud Light like nobody's business. Cheers to us boot footed women. Size 9 right here!

  5. I'm pumped for football season! And those red flip flops with the bow are TO DIE FOR! At least you can always turn to pinterest to dream your little heart out!

  6. I'm sooo ready for Football season, and tailgate clothes too. If someone happens to drop off those to your doorstep, send em to Florida with some Orange and blue, k?

  7. Love, love love football season! :)

  8. 1. We wear the same sizes so can I borrow that whole outfit after someone sends it to you?

    2. I think I'm coming to TX in Sept. for the an SMU game and may or may not be already planning my tailgating outfit. I may need some help from you though!

  9. I love football season and its perfect timing with the fall which is my second love! I love all the outfits so cute!!

  10. we'll be at those UH games too! hubs is a cougar alum and we are obsessed. too bad we won't be seeing keenum there :(

    p.s. i need all of those outfits. all.of.them.

  11. Those outfits are SO cute! And I'm sooo excited for football season to start. Best time of the year!

  12. I too love football season! I cannot wait to have it full swing & going... Hello cute clothes & football tailgate parties :)

  13. GIRL- you already KNOW football is my one true love in life ;) I'm totally stokeddddd. Our first preseason game is tomorrow and I'm PUMPED outta' my mind. Now I'm trying to convince the hubs I need new outifts to wear to the games this year ;)

  14. help! i need to know where the red jeans and boots are in the northern girls picture but when i click on it, it brings me to the southern girls outfit details and i don't see the other one on your polyvore account. help a gal out :)

  15. I think I might need to tag along for one of your UH tailgates! I'm in serious need of football... SERIOUS.

  16. I'm getting so excited for football season...especially with everyone's countdowns!! I love the outfits you picked. I think you should just treat yourself to one of them...I mean, football season only comes once a year.

  17. Oh my gosh...Hallelujah for college football! I blogged today about counting down the days myself. :)


  18. Love the outfits!!
    I love your blog! It is so cute.

    New follower!

    Look forward to continue reading


  19. those are super cute looks for football games, love them!


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