August 30, 2012


A while back I posted a little something along the lines of "If you really knew me...". Then I thought the husband needed a little undivided attention on the blog so he wrote his own and we called it "If you really knew him..."

But then I got to thinking...

Do y'all really know US? 
You know...the two of us. Together.

If you really knew us...

You would know...that we both played sports that involved bats and balls for just about our entire lives. Him baseball/me softball. (Call me a cleat-chaser but sister loves her a boy in baseball pants!) Beau was a center-fielder and I was a second baseman. Guess what sport our children will be playing?

Being THE hottest natured people in the universe, we haven't slept under a comforter in over a year. We got sick of pulling it off our bed every day and since our bedroom is on the 3rd floor and no one ever goes up there, we had the grand idea to get rid of the comforter all together. So-in the closet it went and we've never looked back.

On the "bed" note...we refuse to use flat sheets. From all the new sheet sets we received as wedding gifts, we washed all the fitted sheets immediately and guess where all the flat sheets went? Yep. In the trash. We don't play around. (Come know the flat sheet is TOTALLY unnecessary...)

This September will mark 7 years of us being together! 
Oh how time flies!
We've both had nose surgeries within the past 5 years. Beau's for medical reasons and mine for, well, beautifying reason. (Our poor kids are royally screwed when it comes to the nose department.)

We only listen to country music. It doesn't matter what time of day it is or what we're doing...if there's music on, it's country.
 {Love me a man in a cowboy hat & boots}

University of Houston football games will always be something we LIVE for.
You could say it runs in our blood...

We both grew up hunting, fishing and loving the outdoors...

Combined, we have over 10 pair of cowboy boots and a couple more on the way...'s a minor problem in the Howard household.
There you have could say we're a couple of baseball throwin', comforter hatin', college football lovin', two-steppin', boot wearin' fools.
Or you could just call us the Howards. ;)


  1. Oh yeah, girlfriend. Love me a boy in baseball pants. But I stay next to the bleachers, in my comfy fold up chair... with a Tervis of wine.

  2. Great post! I'm loving all the "if you really knew..." We refuse to use flat sheets and also love us some country music :)

  3. I know you two are such a good looking couple! and I don't know why flat sheets are even made their the worst!

  4. adorable post! love the idea of the combined "if you knew us", and reminds me i need to finally do my "if you really knew me." oops. #behindthetimes :)

  5. This is so cute! You're the first blogger to do an "About Us", and I have to say..I liked it a lot more than the regular one. I hope you guys are getting super excited for Hawaii--I just came back from three heavenly weeks and I want to go back already!

  6. I thought I was in the minority about the flat sheet issue. It really is pointless so I never use them either :)

  7. fun spin on this. the two of you are so alike it's crazy!

    flat sheets = worst invention ever.

    a man in baseball gear = hot

    country music = not so sure about that ;)

  8. Ohh, this is too cute! Love it!!

  9. haha so cute.
    We are the opposite. Even in good old NC we sleep with comforter and sheets every night. We are kind of sheet nazis! We go to the store and feel every one before we buy them cause they have to be super soft! Also I make the bed every day with my 5 million pillows its a problem

  10. i LOVE THIS!!!


    men in baseball pants MM MM MMMMMM!

    and TO DATe...that pic of yall in the field is and will always be my favorite!

    i also agree the flat sheet is unnecessary

    love you two!!!

  11. What??? No flat sheet?? I love the cool flat sheet. Y'all are just weird ;)

    But in all seriousness, you two are adorable.

  12. I've never commented before, but just had to say...You guys are so adorable together!!

  13. Y'all are so cute! We're really hot natured too, we just use a flat sheet and a light quilt. Y'all seem like such a fun couple!

  14. Wait, what?! No flat sheet?! What the heck do you sleep under??? LOL, I love our flat sheets!

    And I LOVE how much you guys love football. Whenever you come to Ohio to hang with your BFF Katie, I'm inviting myself to join ;)

  15. AW I loved this!! So cute. I love the white dress you're wearing in the pic from this year!!

  16. I love this post!! Y'all are so cute :) I love how you want your kid to play baseball....that's me. My kid gets 2 choices- football or baseball haha

    Congrats on 7 years together!!

  17. man I really want a nose job! Hate that thing.

  18. I don't know why we aren't best friends! Between our mutual love for Cowboy boots & Country music, to College Football and the outdoors - I feel like I'm reading a post about my Hubby and I. Although I played Soccer my whole life, and Jason played Football.

    Y'all are adorableee. Ps. When are those custom boots coming?

  19. HAHA I love this post, we havent used a flat sheet in over a year = )

  20. Y'all are too precious!! I can't believe you got rid of your flat sheets & your comforter. I am NOT a hot natured person so I would freeze to death!

  21. Love this post ... ya'll are too cute! :) Made me smile!! XO

  22. Oh boy could you two be any more of a Southern couple.

  23. Y'all are so adorable and I just feel like we would totally be friends with y'all in real life! Country playing, outdoor loving friends!!

  24. LOVING this post! Y'all are adorable!

  25. LOVE this post and getting to know you better!!!
    The cowboy boots are just so both of you!

  26. Love the black dress with the cowboy boots! too cute!



  27. I love this post muffin! :) So cute!!!! :) I love that you play softball because that means we are twinkies and that makes me happy. I love you guys so much and I can't wait to see y'all soon!? Houston Texans game soon rightttt!? :) MISS YOUR FACE! ANDDDD I'm responding to your text right now. (BTW, Drew hatessssss top sheets and I love them. Bahaha!)

  28. what do you mean no flat sheet???? blasphemy!! whenever i go to my sister's house that's all she has on the bed, a fitted shit and a comforter (in florida) im like, i need a flat sheet over me instead of the comforter!

    otherwise, looove!

    especially country music + cowboy boots ...i had to subscribe to sirius xm for my car bc in nyc there are NO country music stations. can you believe it?? craayy

  29. You two are adorable and I love your last wedding pic with your cowboy and girl boots - sooo cute! By the way you both still look the same 7 years later, which is amazing! ;)

  30. you're so cute! this post was a great idea! you two were definitely meant to be!


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