August 3, 2012

Friday's letters & one super awkward picture

Dear Friday:
I've decided you get a letter every week because you downright rock my socks off. You, my friend, make the world go round and if it were up to me, we'd have two Friday's a week. 

...Oh wait-I've already taken care of that.

Dear allergies/sinuses/whatever I have going on right now:
this sneezing, coughing, draining thing isn't my best look. If you could take up real estate in someone else's immune system, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Dear Ryan:
Yes. Please. Thank you. And GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Dear Duck Face Haters United:

Dear Kauai:
You and I have a date in 34 days and I don't know HOW I'm going to stand it. A week in paradise with all of our closest friends, watching two lovebirds tie the knot...ya...the countdown is ON. (Sidenote: I can NEVER spell Kauai right!! It always ends up either "Kuaia" or "Kawaii" or something way off...)

Dear Pregnant Co-Worker:
I really am so incredibly excited for you and your little bean and your growing belly but this morning sickness, exhaustion, weight gain, migraine thing sounds like an awful idea. Thanks for terrifying me even more.
If this doesn't freak the HECK out of Beau, I don't know what will.

...aaaaaand I'm gonna go ahead and end these letters on that awkward note.
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  1. you make Duck faces look wayy better and that last picture you will not look like that at all. I forsee you being the cutest prego ever with all weight in the little baby bump!

  2. I have to agree with Kelsey... that is NOT an ugly duck face! That is a cute one, haha. You will be the most gorgeous prego lady whenever the time comes so don't worry =P

  3. Noooooo that Beau pic is hilarious!!! I want to get pregnant just so you can paste my face in there! Hahaha too funny. Have a good weekend!

  4. HAHA! That last pic is HILARIOUS!! :) I'm having the same allergies or whatever they are, and I'm ready for them to be GONE!! Ugh.

  5. That pregnant pic is hilarious! I am dying! so funny!

  6. Soooo jealous you're jetting off to Hawaii!

  7. BAHAHA! The preggo pic is priceles!

  8. You have the cutest duck face ever, keep doing yo' thang.

    I'm DYING laughing over your pregnant picture!! :) Well done!

  9. hahah that photo is hilarious! You could be a lucky one and have no sickness whatsoever, you never know til you try! :) and I have killer allergies as well, that is Houston for you, ugh! Have a great weekend. xoxo

  10. and to think that duck face pic was only meant for my eyes....pSHHHHH.

    I MISS YOU!!
    that pic totally looks like you. minus that there are large boobs.

  11. that pregnant pic

    i cant even

    im DYING

    youre gonna be a hot preggo esp with a duck face!!!

    ryan locte get in my BED!!! jk but really he is a gorgeous human being


  12. That pregnancy picture is hilarious! I second the Thank You to Ryan!!! He makes watching the Olympics so fun. ;)

  13. Bahahaha!! That pic is making my FRIDAY!! Have a great weekend friend!

  14. As Madonna would sing: "Vogue. Vogue. Vogue."

    Love the picture. I'm a little sad you didn't put up the picture you sent me yesterday though. :) Love you.

  15. Pregnancy is not that bad! Plus you will be the cutest pregnant girl ever!

  16. I had to do a double take before I realized that was JSimps' Elle cover hahahahahahah. Awkwardness at it's finest.

    And omg omg omg cannot wait to read up on Kauai or whatever its spelled - fiance + I are planning a hawaiian honeymoon and have to scope out the best places to hit up!

    happy friday

  17. Haha love the pregnancy pic!

    I'm terrified of pregnancy too.. will I be one of those moms always puking or will I be ok? Will I gain a ton of weight or will I be all belly? Will I get stretch marks and never look the same again? How bad is labor? For realzz.. I know I'll do it some day but I'm in no rush :-P

  18. Ahhh you are gonna LOVE Kauai!! It is amazingly beautiful - I'm soo jealous:)

  19. Love this post-I'm having a rough day and it made me laugh. Thanks!

  20. Can't even handle ryan, too great!

    Happy Friday! Drop by and say hello!

  21. I have the feeling that you'll be one of the cutest lil pregnant girls ever! And as for spelling Kauai incorrectly? Quick story. In high school, one of our dances was a luau theme. I was helping decorate...and guess who used one of those carpaint pens to write "LAUA" on the glass doors?
    Yeah. Didn't even realize till it was way too late.

  22. Ah! I just got back from Kauai on Wednesday night!! It's amazing!! Where are you staying while there? Where is the wedding? What are your plans? Have a ball!!!

  23. bahahahah i love that you posted that pic! hilarious!!

  24. HAHAHA I love the last picture! :) When we go back to Hawaii I'm dying to go there! You guys will have so much fun!



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