August 29, 2012

There's a New Hair God in Town

I believe in a lot of different Gods. And by no means am I referring to the fact that I practice all different kinds of religion...I am a Christian, to be exact, and believe in our God (obviously) but more so than that...I believe that our God has created other "Gods" (so to speak) to grace this earth like perfect little fairies and make this life of ours THAT much better.

You the Coffee Gods, the Vodka Gods, the Shoe Gods, the Target Gods, The Makeup Gods, etc...You get muh point...all pretty good people if ya ask me!? (With one exception...the "Porcelain God". Him and I spent quality time together back in my college days and I pray to our God that I don't pay him a visit anytime soon.)

Ahem. Where was I?!

Enter the Hair Gods...AKA: Hana

I'm a flat iron girl through and through. I've had (several) Chis and (several) Paul Mitchells so when I was asked to review this "Hana" brand, I'll be honest...I was a tad bit skeptical. How could anyone possibly outdo either of the brands I've tried before?

Oh. But they did.

Yep. They. Just. Went. There.

I'm talking about this beauty:
It's no coincidence that you just heard angels sing. This is, hands down, the best flat iron I've put to my hair to date. It's the 1 inch ceramic flat iron, in case you're in the market for a new one. **Added's incredibly light weight so for all you "51 pound packers" out there like myself, you need all the help you can get. Amiright or amiright?!**

Sidenote: I've decided this will be the first AND last picture you'll ever see this fluff ball of mine on le blog so take it all in. Go ahead...leave unruly comments about my unruly head of hair. Forgive me for not rolling out of bed each morning with perfectly placed hair. At least I put make up on.
Yep. Fluff. Told you. 

5 minutes later...


This was about 5 hours later...and yep! Still straight and no frizzies!
Anything that can withstand Houston humidity gets an A+++ in my book! (And trust me...when I say "humidity" I mean "HUMIDITY".)

What kind of flat iron do you girls prefer?


  1. You are gorgeous with or without a fluff ball mane! We always want what we can't have. I would kill to have that much volume in my hair. It's stick straight and barely holds style. Glad you found your lion tamer :)

  2. WOW!!!! I wish I had amazing hair like you - the fluff ball look looks absolutely stunning but great review on the iron too!!

    Here in South Africa, our tried and trusted iron is the GHD and I cannot function or live life without it!!
    Caley -

  3. Psh girllll you have NOT seen fluff ball until you've seen my hair! I look like a poodle the moment I walk out the door. DC has it's gross humid moments, ugh. I need this flat iron!

  4. Soooo jealous girl!!! I've been hearing about these Hana flat irons all over the place but can't take the plunge to buy one! I'm still loving my Paul Brown straightener, but the cord is starting to lose it's connection :(

  5. I think your hair looks great both ways! The before looks full of volume and the after sleek and shiny. I think you should where the o'natural way sometimes and give your locks a break.

  6. Girl, your hair looks amazing both ways. HOW?

    But, SHUT UP - did it really take you 5 minutes? I would buy that little baby for that reason ALONE. I have the thickest hair known to man, and my Florida Humidity just loves to take control of my locks. I've just given up hope that it will actually ever be completely straight!

  7. I'm obsessed with my Hana. Your hair looks amazeballs.

  8. AHHHH i totally posted about this today too! #twinning!

    ok your so called FLUFF hair is gorgeous stephy wephy!!! but then again your straight lucious locks are gorgeous too! arent you OBSESSED with it! i treat it like a baby where as my other straighteners i kind of coiled up the cord and threw it into bags when i went away. this one im like ok lil hana lets get you buckled into your case all snug as a bug!

    im talking about my straightener as if its a child.

    love this!! :-)

  9. You have serious celebrity hair. Holy crap, sister. You are GORGEOUS! I love my CHI, but I did work there so I'm a little biased :)

  10. I want to try this straightener!!! My hair gets SO frizzy - LOVE your lowlights by the way:)

  11. hi there! newest follower to your amazing blog! you are too cute - and i love your blog design! this flat iron looks freakin awesome.. i may need to pick one up. my trust ole chi is hanging by a thread. thanks for sharing - excited to read more!

  12. I need to try this Hana everyone speaks of. I love my chi but not opposed to trying something new.

  13. your hair looks GREAT before and after!! and to be completely honest I actually like it a more in the before photo haha! Has a lot more of volume and body! :)

  14. I thought the first pic was the 'after' because your hair even looks pretty then. But the real after it looks awesome! Humidity is so terrible. Once my straightener kicks it, I will have to check out this one!

  15. WOOWOW!! Soo nice! The hardest part for me when I straighten my hair is that it look SOOO flat!! Any suggestions?! :-)

  16. I'm with everyone else- I thought the 'before' picture was the 'after' - it looks good! But that straightener looks like it works awesome! It's important to me that it keeps it straight for a long time which it seems like that one does!!

    Loving all your references to the 'gods.' Too funny :)

  17. First if you think your before hair is "unruly", I'd hate to think of you seeing mine. Anyway I just got this straightener and love it! Agreed its way better than the chi!

  18. wowww, your "fluff" makes my blow-dry-do look like you put an afro on a wet poodle and then shocked it... but, the flat-iron looks great! I've tried a bagillion... when I upgraded to the big-boy league I started with Chi, then Sedu (still think this is a great one), and now am on the Croc (hi-tech and amazing). We should have a flat-iron party! (not kidding)

  19. Wow your hair is gorgeous (actually BEFORE and after) and I must check out this straightener! Most of the time I'm in CA and I have to deal with the humidity too by the coast!

  20. Your hair looks great BOTH ways!!!!


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