August 31, 2012

It's Friday...Let's Dance {+ Friday's Faves}

Well howdy ho friends! It is, indeed, FRI-DAY ("Gotta get down on Friday...")
Let's dance, shall we?!
{Air guitar, anyone?}
Phew-ok now that that's over, I've got a few favorites to share with you. (Have you linked up with Lindsey for Friday Faves yet? No. Get ON IT!)
Hands down....the Yukon was my favorite car I've ever owned. Big, spacious, smooth ride. Black on black...le sigh. I'm convinced the only thing this car was missing was wings and a personal chef. It was a sad, sad day when I sold her but maybe another know...when I'm toting around a bunch of munchkins?! ;)
Um duh. Who doesn't love Blake & Miranda?! I've seen both in concert and beg to say I'm "friends" with them on Twitter and I just love 'em to pieces. (Confession: they also make guest appearances on this hunting show Beau and I watch and are HYSTERICAL. And yes. I said hunting show.) If Beau and I could be any celebrity couple, this would be us.
I've said it once and I'll say it again...Spice Girls Pandora is where it's at. If you wanna be my lover, you'll tune in and see what all the hype is about...I'm talkin' anything from Britney and Ciara to Destiny's Child and Aaliyah. I've never felt so much girl power in muh life. ;)

There's nothing I'd rather be wearing than a sunsdress and flip flops with a swimmysuit underneath. The tanline look and sunkissed feeling are two things that will never get old! 100+ degrees and all...I'll always be a summer girl at heart!
Low cal. No sugar. Refreshing. Non-filling. Gets the job done.
Win. Win. Win. Win. WIN.


  1. i'm loving that picture of you! so cute!

    and why haven't i thought of spice girls pandora ... so doing that today!

    have a fabulous weekend!

  2. I drink vodka/water/milo (the flavored drink like crystal light) try it: )

    And I love the yukon, too. Beautiful.

  3. Vodka and diet lime tonic.....get in my belly!! Love Miranda and Blake too....they feel like family.

  4. I just turned on Spice Girls radio! Perfect Friday music!! Oh and I love that Yukon!!!!

  5. Spice Girls Pandora station... What a GREAT idea!! How have I not thought of that?!

  6. Totally agree on the Spice Girls Pandora! In fact I'm listening to it right now :) Love the air guitar picture - get it girl!

  7. LOVING the air guitar in your pic:) I also love Miranda and Blake - they are too cute! Happy Friday!

  8. I sell Yukons, and they are N-I-C-E. I totally want one. Like really bad. Maybe I can use my employee discount hehe :)

  9. You and Beau are totally Blake and Miranda! I love watching him on The Voice! I loved my SUV as well. I miss it so much!

  10. Another girlfriend was telling me about the Spice Girls station on Pandora... Must check it out today!

  11. Another girlfriend was telling me about the Spice Girls station on Pandora... Must check it out today!

  12. I totally agree on the couple! Miranda and Blake are adorable. And the funny thing is I've seen them on the hunting show you're talking about. They are hilarious. happy Friday! :)

  13. I love summer too! and dont want it to end!!!

  14. K, I want that vehicle ...somehow with as much as I drive, I won't be getting it! And I am sooo listening to that pandora station right now ;)

  15. Love Blake and Miranda - Is the hunting show Tom's wild life? I love when they make appearances. They are so fun! And girl, I'm not even joking when I say I have made Thursdays at work "SpiceGirlThursday" and I listen to them non-stop on Spotify. Brightens up my day! Viva foreverrr

  16. I just swoon watching the "God Gave Me You" video where she's talking to him. Oh I love it!! They're just adorable, aren't they?! And their wedding?!?! Amazing!!

    True story-his drummer married a girl from my little bitty town here in Indiana and they had the wedding on a farm here. The best man? Mr. Blake Shelton!

  17. Miranda and Blake are amazing, I totally agree and LOVE Pandora and I must try Spice Girls, sounds like some great songs come up! Fun!

  18. so getting that station asap on my pandora!


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