March 12, 2014

Hump Day || Bump Day - 14 Weeks

How far along? 14 weeks (& 3 days!)

Baby size: A lemon!

Weight gain: Still not sure...I think I'm better off not knowing. Sure-I know weight gain is inevitable but to me, it's just a number. My clothes are still fitting (some a little better than others) for the most part (with the exception of some dresses, which are too tight in the booty), but other than that, if I had to guess I'd say around 5-7 pounds. But that's really a shot in the dark. It could be 15 for all I know...

Maternity clothes: No but I have a feeling they're on the horizon. I've bought a couple new skirts/dresses recently but they've all be "normal" clothes that will allow me to grow with them. Lets just say I'm  going to be very thankful for empire wasted maxi dresses, sundresses and maxi skirts this spring/summer.

Stretch marks: No.

Sleep: Yes. And loving every minute of it. I wasn't sure if I wanted to type this out or not because I don't want to jinx myself but seeing that I haven't napped in over a week and I stayed up past 10 the last 3 nights...I think my energy levels are slowly getting back to normal!

Gender: This question is just mean. Flat out MEAN right about now! 24 more days...but who's counting?

Movement: Not yet!

Best moment this week: Working with some of the best friends a girl could have as they begin to plan every little detail of our gender reveal party!! Seriously...feeling very loved by my girls! :) Speaking of...I (think) I found something to wear to our gender reveal party and I'm pretty stoked about it! Now to find something for that baby daddy of mine...

Looking forward to: Seeing this lil' bump of mine GROW! One day it's in, one day it's out. If I'm going to BE pregnant and FEEL pregnant, I at least want to LOOK the part! 

Food cravings: Still anything vinegar-related & sour patch kids. (I think my dentist about had a heart attack when I told him that was one of my cravings!) 

Weirdest food I ate this week: I hit an all-time low this week, y'all. When I say I crave anything vinegar-related, I'm specifically talking about soy sauce (or a soy alternative I use), pickle juice and now...buffalo sauce. I want it on any and everything, you as a salad dressing (twice) and mixed in with my mac & cheese (gluten and dairy-free, of course. Yes, they make that!) I know...I know...that probably sounds terrible but my taste buds were literally doing back flips all three times. Don't judge me. Or do. #iwould

Anything making you queasy or sick: Negative ghostwriter. And I'm still very thankful for that.

Labor signs: N.O.

What I miss: Being able to lift my "normal" weights when I workout. This whole 20-30 pound weight limit is really cramping my style, however, I'm just glad I've had the energy lately to workout so I'll take what I can get.

Symptoms: A little more tired than usual, but not near as exhausted as I was weeks 7-12. 

Workouts: Once so far this week, plus a 2+ mile walk with Oakie Bear. Might I add I RAN for the very first time in 3 months on 'said' walk. It wasn't far but it happened and is worth documenting.

Things that suck: Peeing a little when I sneeze. Hey...just being honest up in hurr. It's just flat out weird.

Things that don't suck: Buffalo sauce as a salad dressing, feeling so loved by family and friends who are offering parties & showers for baby H, new Bump Nest pillow. Oh-my-lanta...more on this later but this is a total game changer for sure.

That's all I got for ya today. Peace.


  1. You are just the cutest little pregnant lady! Even if it is a tiny bump still :) Also, I love your chalkboard and your handwriting! And there's no shame in loving buffalo sauce - I'd eat it just about every day if I could figure out how to work it in more meals!

  2. You look adorable :)
    I don't hate you on the buffalo sauce...I love it too! I see that as a perfectly normal salad dressing choice ;)

  3. You are so adorable! I loved being pregnant both times. Excited to continue to follow you in this journey! :-)

  4. The cutest, teeny tiniest, baby bump!
    I almost peed the other day when I was doing jumping jacks if that helps ya a little! :)

  5. I had the same attitude about weight gain...just a number. I felt great and clothes were still fine. Doctor was always ok with my gain. I didn't worry about it!!! You look very cute!

  6. grow baby grow! love it! :)
    who makes this gluten & dairy-free mac and cheese?! i must find some!

  7. So cute! Old Navy online has dresses for 40% off right now! :) So glad you bought the bump nest...I totally agree it's a game changer.

  8. Ugh that peeing when you sneeze? It doesn't go away after baby...just saying haha

  9. I just love that cute, growing belly... I want to come for this gender reveal party too!!!

  10. You're continuing to look adorable! I love reading your updates and am so glad everything is going along well.

  11. You look fantastic! Love that little baby bump. I totally agree that in the beginning, sometimes the bump is there and other days it isn't. I was the exact same way...I wanted to look pregnant if I was going to feel like crap. It is so fun once it gets big! Haha, agree with the others, just wait until after you deliver. Urination control is a whole new thing!

  12. Your tiny bump is so cute! You'll be surprised how many of the clothes you already have in your closet take you to the end. I just sprinkled my wardrobe with a few basic tops and a pair of maternity jeans when I was preggo and the rest was stuff I already had.

  13. I've read your blog for awhile, but first time commenting. I'm so excited for you! And I can't wait to find out the gender! The peeing with the sneeze thing never goes away, haha.

  14. I see it! I see it! It's a tiny thing, but it's a start to a bump. :) How exciting.

  15. LOVE THIS!!! Cant wait to continue watching you grow and you & the hubby are going to be the best parents!

  16. I recommend weighing yourself on the same scale throughout your entire pregnancy. I used the scale at the gym every time to track my weight gain because different scales can read different numbers! The more weight the better! OH and start wearing maternity pants asap. I tried to hold out and when I started at like 17-18 weeks I was mad at myself for not doing it before hand :) Cant wait for your gender reveal! Will you guys find out beforehand? Or at the reveaL?

  17. 1. You look absolutely radiant!
    2. Judging by your cravings-I'll guess boy :)
    3. The gets worse. Don't worry though-you'll master the leg cross as you sneeze in no time. :)

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  19. I need to look into this Bump nest and YOU need to look into maternity pants. I don't know about you, but my pants fit okay during the day (with a rubberband), but by about 3-4pm they are digging into my stomach. I broke down and purchased maternity pants from Target. Best. thing. ever. I've even received a few compliments on them. HAHA.

  20. Little baby lemon is looking fabulous today for her spotlight this week! :) SO excited that all the gender reveal details are coming together eeek!! :) love you!

  21. That peeing thing will continue beyond pregnancy. Just sayin' LOL

  22. So glad you are starting to feel some of that 2nd Trimester energy - it really is everything people say it is! Also, get used to peeing when you sneeze (or laugh) because sadly that sticks around no matter how many kegels you do! #sofun

  23. I felt the same way about "looking pregnant" & now I'm like SLOW DOWN. at my 20 week appt I'd only gained 6 lbs & even though it's to be expected - it's hard to swallow.


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