April 25, 2014

Birthday Blues

Am I sad that its my birthday? No. Come on now...that's like asking a kid if they're sad to eat ice cream for breakfast...

It just so happens that everything on this year's wish list is, well, blue. And was totally not planned to be that way.

But really...who am I? The old me would have strategically planned for everything on my list to be the perfect shade of pink. But this?? I don't even know?!

Anywho...because I know you all have my birthday marked on your calendars (ahem...next Wednesday...April 30th... at approximately 7:46am)...I went ahead and made things easy for ya! ;) Ok but really...I really just love keeping a little wishlist going for myself so that when people ask what I want, its easy for them. And let's be honest...I could easily say the expected "Oh...you don't have to get me anything..." but who actually ever doesn't get their friend/wife/daughter something for her birthday? I actually despise when people tell me this because if I'm asking you what you want for your birthday, my intentions are to buy you a gift so homie don't play that game.

In all honesty, I'd be lying if I said I don't get compliments on my wishlist making skills each year for my birthday and Christmas. I even get requests for them! ;) (Ahem...here's pointing at you, Ash!)

Ok fine. On with the show!

Navy Blue Bath Towels: Hi, I'm old and I ask for bath towels for my birthday.

Old Navy Crepe Print Maxi: Because who doesn't want maternity clothes in celebration of their day of birth??

Kendra Scott Birthstone Necklace in cobalt (for Paisley's birthday): Here's hoping she's actually born in September if I were to get that necklace...either way...the color is stunning.

Michael Kors Dylan Aviators: No explanation necessary.

Jack Rogers Georgia Sandals: Love at first sight. That's all.

Betsey Johnson Two-Tone Boyfriend Watch: Because I have her watches in gold, silver and black and really need this one to complete my collection. Duh. No but really...

VS Bikini: For our upcoming babymoon and because I refuse to invest in a maternity swimsuit at the moment. #gagme

Got all that? Good. ;)


  1. I just bought a bathing suit similar to this one! I love the colors and bold floral print.

    Check me out! We have a lot in common.


  2. Happy Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a wonderful day and all your bday wishes come true!!

  3. Happy early birthday chicka!! Fab list, for sure!! I have referred Matt to my pinterest board many times!! People think I'm crazy but, hey! You get what you really want that way! I think the list are perfect!

  4. Love that bathing suit! Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

  5. Great list! I asked for towels for Christmas, ha :P
    I came really close to trying that dress earlier at Old Navy!

  6. Recently found your blog (shortly before the big gender reveal!) and frequently die laughing over the way you write in your posts! :) Even more excited to have found your blog now that I just read we have the same birthday - it's obviously the best day to have been born :) Hope it's a great one! ~Bethanne

  7. That bathing suit? Yes please... How cute!

  8. Happy birthday! We share the same date of birth :)


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