April 17, 2014

Working Out For Two [Arms]

Well lookie here...I made a promise and actually kept it! ;) 

Like I said on Tuesday, I've received quite a few questions regarding my new/amended workout since becoming pregnant so I thought I would just put it altogether on here for anyone who might be interested.

If you missed Tuesday's post on my legs and butt workout, you can get it here!

Again...I am no personal trainer. This is pretty much the same workout I was doing before I was pregnant, except I now use lighter weights or just my own body weight. If you are pregnant and are looking to continue a good exercise regimen, just be sure you check in with your doctor first to make sure you're clear (aka: not high risk).

P.S.-I just wanted to thank everyone for all the anniversary wishes on yesterday's post and on Instagram! It really means a lot to Beau and I that you would take the time to send us a thoughtful little note on our wedding anniversary! :)


  1. Okay...I'm going to clarify to the world that I am not a total fatty who never works out (you know this)...but please tell me what a zipper is?! lol I have never heard of that!

  2. ^^^ I workout a lot, and I too need clarification haah

  3. Way to go on keeping up with working out! I tried to when I was preggo, but would get dizzy so I stopped. All I could basically do what go for walks....verrrry slowly. But I kept it up and only gained 13 lbs! Yay me!


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