September 23, 2010

BrEaKiNg NeWs!!

I interrupt this blogging challenge for some muy importante wedding news!!

(For the record, I really was going to skip Wedding Wednesday & move right along with day #3 of the blogging challenge but I absolutely cannot NOT post what I'm about to post!)

Remember, oh, 2 days ago when I listed 10 things I wanted to say to 10 people? My #4 specifically stated:
  • 4. Adriana (my bridal consultant at Ventura's Bridal Salon): Please call me sometime soon and say those 4 little words, "Your dress is in!" You said it would take 4-6 months for delivery. It's been 4 months and 13 days now and I lack patience. It's time.
Well, Adriana did not call me but someone else did (I don't even remember her name I was so excited when I got the call) to tell me...


I'll be trying on my very own wedding dress tomorrow afternoon for the first time! I am SO excited!! I was just looking at pictures of it yesterday and fell even more in love with it. It's so hard to keep such a huge secret and I'm an open book so I'll give y'all some "hints"...
  • It's a Sottero & Midgely gown
  • It's long
  • It's some shade of white
  • It's could quite possibly be one of the following fits: ball gown, A-line, mermaid, trumpet
  • It is so "me"
Hope that doesn't give away too terribly much!


  1. Hi I'm Aly and I am a new follower!!! so excited for you!!!! yay..i bet you will look gorgeous in the dress!! I'm doing the challenge too! check it out

    have a great day

  2. Wooohooooo! I can't wait to see it! I can only imagine how beautiful it is!


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