September 14, 2010

Time to stop and smell the roses...

I've been running myself down to nothing these days. Well, actually, I've always been that way. I never slow down. I go-go-go all day long, eat, sleep and then repeat it all over again the next day. I've got a job to do, a fiance to love, a wedding to plan, a family to spend time with, a chihuahua to spoil, friends to enjoy, a body to keep in shape and an awful shopping addiction. I'm only 24 but clearly my body can't tolerate this like it used to. I don't feel like I live all that stressful of a life but apparently, I do.

Since last December, I have had Bell's Palsy (paralyzing of one or both sides of your face due to inflammation of the 7th cranial nerve...caused by massive amounts of stress) , awful anxiety attacks due to extremely fatigued adrenal glands and low cortisol levels-once again, caused by stress (hormone talk-sorry. It's my job!) and today I was tested for strep throat and guess what? Yep. It was positive. Awesome.

Seriously? I have never had strep OR tonsillitis a day in my life.

I take every vitamin under the sun...I'm a vitamin consultant...remember?

I am the preventative queen and I despise being sick and I hate taking meds-who doesn't?! The slightest feeling of a cold, sore throat or runny nose I down 12k mg of vitamin C, 10k iu vitamin D, high doses of probiotics, 100 mg of Zinc, and drink colloidal silver for days. This time-it didn't do the trick. Well it set in last night and turned rampant this morning so I guess I really didn't have time.

Fortunately, I work for holistic doctors and a company that only believes in prevention and natural cures so they sent me home immediately-which is apparently what I needed. I've been home all afternoon sleeping and watching 27 Dresses on repeat. (Ok-I'm lazy and don't want to change out the dvd.) Mom is downstairs cooking up a storm to make sure her homemade chicken noodle soup is just right. (Damn, she's good!)

I've had a lot of thinking to do within these four walls and it's time for me to stop and smell the roses.
It's time to run less and rest more. Time to spend time with those who mean the most to me and less time doing unimportant things. Time to stop stressing and sweating over the small stuff. Time to relax and enjoy every day I have on the face of this earth.

So starting tonight-that's what's happening...

Mom's got a big ol' pot of chicken noodle soup made and is waiting to watch "The Back Up Plan" with me. I've got a cocktail of vitamins, supplements and antibiotics with Tini by my side. Not sure if I'm going to work tomorrow as I will still be contagious and I hate when people come to work sick. Not to mention, the boss lady is 8 1/2 months pregnant and the last thing I want to do is get her sick.

So I'm off to be a big. fat. baby...

...because I can.


  1. OMG I hope my baby bear feels better!!! I love you boo!!

  2. Oh you poor thing! I hope you feel better soon!

  3. Oh no!!! I'm so sorry to hear you are going through all of this. Strep throat is the devil. Sounds like your immune system might be down. I hope you can work it out soon and feel better!!!!!

    P.S. Back up plan was sooo good! :)

  4. Feel better!! Smell those roses! :)

  5. Sorry to hear that you are sick! Feel better soon!!!

  6. Hopefully today was just what you needed!! Feel better soon!
    I also had no idea you had bell's palsy! My daddy got it and sadly it never went away. Now half his face is paralyzed! Hopefully yours went away... However, he laughs about it and doesn't let it bother him!
    12K mg of Vitamin C! WOAH!! I thought the 1500 I took was a lot!! I'm going to have to team up with you regarding vitamins, that was never a strong point for me.


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