September 14, 2010

Wedding Wednesday-Beware: Lots of pics!

'Lots going on! Planning is getting down to all the little fun things: showers, hostess gifts, bridesmaid gifts, outfits, etc...and I've taken pictures to document it all! ((now I know how mothers feel as their kids grow up...taking pictures of every small detail is important!))

Here's what I'm up to, lately:
  • Handmade Thank You me crazy but I'm doing it. I'm all about adding a personal touch to things. The generic Thank You cards I have found everywhere else are just boring and totally not "me" my creative mind got to thinking and came up with these! What do you think?!

The finished product(s)!

Cute huh? Well...I thought so anyways...
  • Our first shower invitations went out last week! Beau's aunt did such a great job on them and they fit our personalities SO well! ((oh the perks of family owning an advertising/marketing company!)) *Addresses and names have been hidden to protect their identities. ;)
  • Hostess gifts for couple's shower #1! ((Hope none of them are reading this! If you are...don't look down!)) Monogrammed doormats. I <3 these and they make such great gifts!! Hopefully they enjoy them too!

  • Bride swimsuit to be worn @ the bachelorette party and honeymoon. I bought the rhinestone applique a while back to heat press onto a little white jacket to wear the day of the wedding but I found a white swimsuit for extremely cheap at Tar-zjeh and couldn't pass it up! ((ps...Beau's mom has a heat press machine so you can imagine all the bling I'll be wearing on my bachelorette party, the wedding day and the honeymoon!))
  • Wedding garage sale this weekend. Worst. Idea. Ever. but hopefully we earn a little extra cash to pay for little things we "want" but aren't necessarily a "necessity"...*do I hear string quartet?!* My job was to make the signs and price all the crap. My signs aren't this cute but they do have stickers on them and big bubbly writing (If it were up to me, I would have totally put rhinestones and zebra print on my signs but it's not very reasonable)...Beau's job is to hang them around town. Wish us luck and remind me to never do a garage sale again.
  • I'm still waiting for the phone call from the store where I bought my dress telling me those 4 sweet little words-"Your dress is in!" I ordered it early May and was told it would take 4-6 months. Guess what?! It's been a little over 4 months and I'm impatient!
  • Still trying to decide which shoes to wear under my dress but I really won't know for sure until it comes in. I'd love to wear my cowgirl boots but I'm not sure if my dress is big enough at the bottom to hide them as I walk down the aisle. They're black embossed leather and beautiful. Beau wants to get my new initials and wedding date embroidered along the top in hot cute-I know! Now for the reception, the boots are definitely on! But if the dress doesn't hide the boots for the ceremony, here are some options I've considered...

I think that concludes everything that's going on at the moment. Sorry for/hope you enjoyed the excessive amount of pictures! :) Little details like these excite me!


  1. The thank you cards look great! So do the shower invites!! That rug is adorable, and I like shoe #3!! :) But hopefully you can wear the boots!!

    Good luck on the garage sale!!

  2. I LOVE those thank you cards! So stinking cute!! I like the second shoe the best . I love Nina's but check the reviews because often times they are not comfortable (like your feet are screaming after 10 min uncomfortable!) and the one with the best review might be the best option! :)

  3. I love your thank you cards!! They are going to be beautiful. And the shoes you picked out are gorgeous...though I also love the idea of the cowboy boots:)

  4. Your thank you cards are so cute! normally i'm not a big fan of handmade things, but yours look just beautiful!

  5. I am in love with the first pair of shoes! Super cute, especially if your toes peek out a little from under the dress!! And the thank you cards... ADORABLE! You are giving me so many ideas for when I FINALLY get hitched! Hah!

  6. OMG girlfriend we do the bedazzled bikini's too!! Loving it! xo


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