September 8, 2010

Wedding Wednesday!

The ULTIMATE Pet Peeve!

What you see here is simply a picture of Jenny Finch and her friends. She's like a barbie that plays for the Olympic softball team so of course I follow her on Twitter & Blogger. And I usually love her! But after this, I decided to write her a little letter....

Dear Jenny,

You posted this photo the other day on Twitter stating that you were "at one of your friend's weddings." Eh-hmmm...wearing a white dress? I don't care how gorgeous/famous/fabulous of a softball player you are... it is probably one of the biggest mistakes EVERRRR to wear white to someone else's wedding. Period. You had your day already so let this girl have hers! I mean, come on. I'm far from fashionista and even I know better than this. It's like wearing socks with flip flops. YOU JUST DON'T DO IT! Maybe...just maybe...if the bride were Indian and chose to wear a different color than it might be okay but clearly, by looking at the picture below...that's not the case. And clearly, your friend sitting to your right in this photo doesn't get this concept either!!! Let's make it known just don't wear white to someone else's wedding. Okay? Okay!

Phew-ok glad to have that off my chest. Is it just me or is it totally rude to wear white to other people's weddings?!!?? Girls???!!

I've personally been to weddings and have seen girls in white and I think my heart skips a beat every. single. time. I would be so aggravated if someone did this at our wedding. (Watch someone do it now that I've totally jinxed myself..damnit!) I would hope my friends and family know better though so I have faith that I will be the only one in *diamond* white on our big day! :)

Anyways...I've had enough of my bitch fit and I'm sure you have too! Time to hit the gym so I can look fabulous in my white dress! :)


  1. I COMPLETELY agree! White dresses at weddings are reserved for ONE person - the BRIDE. :)

  2. I hate it too!!! but people SO do it ALL the time these days!! or they pull the whole this is off white BS!! Dont worry I will wear HOT PINK to your wedding!!! for sure NO WHITE!! ha!!

    Love you!

  3. Bahahahaha....I love how you call her out on this...but it is deserved. I don't know how some people don't realize that white is a fashion faux pas during a wedding. Whenever I see someone in white at a wedding, I just stare in disbelief. Sigh

  4. I LOVE me some Jenny Finch. She's an amazing pitcher (and since I played softball and was a pitcher myself - I gotta love her) and all around player BUT WHITE TO A WEDDING?! IS SHE NUTS?!?!?!?!?!

  5. i agree, its rude.

    and weirdly, i've seen some people at weddings wearing white... and its the most surprising people, the ones you would always think would know better. its so strange!!!

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