September 7, 2010

What Labor Day Weekend was really all about...

Ashley's 25th Birthday!!!
Ashley and I have been the best of friends since our senior year of high school. It's really strange how we became so close but I am SO glad we did. Ash and I had Child Development together and sat by each other senior year. We hung out within the same "group" but never really hung out "together". ((if that makes ANY sense?) The year before college, I was going to UH to preview the campus to make sure it was where I wanted to go. I invited Ashley and her mom to tag along because it was a potential school for her as well. While at "Cougar Preview", as they call it, Ashley and I made the spontaneous decision to be roommates-although Ashley hadn't even applied to the freakin' school! We literally filled out the roommate paper while we were there and Ash rushed home to apply. We lived in the dorms together our first semester (guh-ross!). Our dorm was so small we could literally hold hands from our own beds and not to mention, we had community showers. ICK! However, we made the best of it. I may or may not have thrown old lunch meat on Ashley while she was in the shower one day. We may or may not have gone to college algebra everyday in our pajamas, with greasy hair and no make up-which is where I met my future husband. (Hey, who says you have to look cute to meet your soulmate?!) To say the least-we got really close, really fast. We rushed Delta Zeta, then moved to an apartment, then to the DZ house and lastly to a house, where we finished up our junior and senior years. (*tear*) Ashley is pretty chill and I'm extremely high strung so we were the perfect match and is what made it possible for her to live with me for 4 1/2 years of college! She pretty much taught me everything I know or needed to know when I got to
  • Not to put liquid soap in the dish washer
  • Don't wash reds with whites
  • Beer is always the drink of choice
  • How to register for classes
  • Paying bills/tuitions online
  • Where to go when you get a parking ticket or better yet...
  • Where to go when your car gets towed

And last...

  • When you puke, don't clean it up with a hand vac (ha! Love ya ash!)

She's the know-all of random information. If you ever find yourself needing to know random shit, Ashley's your girl! No but really, she's the epitome of a great friend and I would do anything for her. <3

Anyways, enough with the sappy stuff, Monday was Ashley's birthday-which is every reason to party!! We went out to our friend Geoff's lakehouse on Lake Livingston, along with oh, about 10 other people, and partied like it was 1999.

The Birthday Girl Herself! Ain't she purrttyy?!

(yes-those are real.)

Me & Ash (yes, I have on a swimsuit)

Todd (Ashley's other half!) on the jet ski

My Beau <3> Lorin & Nicole
Seriously, they're real.
Todd-prior to him slinging his swimsuit around his head.

Birthday Dinner @ Buster McNutty's (Don't ask. I don't know what the deal is with the name.)
Ash & her red velvet! :)
James the next morning. Breakfast of champions: mini cupcake + beer
The storm that came our way and cleared everyone out of the water. Boo!

The end!


  1. Awww....This truly made my day!! You are so sweet and thoughtful!!
    I am so grateful to have you as a best friend!


  2. I love how every picture of your friend Ash you noted how her boobs were in fact real! Hahahaha! If only I could be so blessed!


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