September 19, 2010

One Man's Trash... another man's treasure-really!

I had a garage sale weekend-and I will NEVER do it again!

Although we made quite a bit of cash and literally gave away a lot of good stuff for almost nothing, it was a hassle to say the very least! Not to mention it ended up sprinkling both days so we had to close up shop early (you can imagine how "heartbroken" I was about that...)

These people were buying any and everything. One man bought, I kid you not, a roll of gold ribbon, a 1990's baseball hat, a basket and a telephone with no cord. weird. Beau & I kept asking each other "What are they going to do with all this crap once they get it home?"

It's amazing the small things that people a food processor with no lid. No-really.

Dragging everything in and out of the garage got old by day by the second day of our sale, I was over it to say the least. We were wheelin' and dealin' to get that crap out of our sight so we didn't have to pack it up. Ever. Again. (Example: We sold a couch, chair, ottoman, coffee table, 2 end tables and 2 matching lamps for $75-total) And not just that, there's really no rhyme or reason in the organization of a garage sale. There's just shit everywhere and it's utter chaos.

But I am glad I experienced my first garage sale. ((I now know what both our moms meant when they sighed at the idea.)) But like I said, we got a pretty good chunk of cash to be used towards to wedding and at the end of the day, that's a-okay with me!

Happy Sunday! :)

p.s.-sorry for the lack of photos. I had dirty hair, no makeup, and Beau's baseball hat on all weekend. Not a sight to see. Be thankful.

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