September 27, 2010


Blog challenge day 5: What are 6 things you wish you could change or wish you would have never done?

Wow-this is a hard one. Besides the ultimate wish of having my dad back, I don't have too many regrets or things I wish I wouldn't have done. I somehow came up with a few though so here goes!

1. I wish I would have applied to dental hygiene school more than once.
  • Although I love what I am doing now, I have always had a deep passion for teeth (weird, I know!) and for being a dental hygienist. Dental hygiene programs are very competitive, only accept a handful of students each year, and I knew this when I was applying. I had excellent grades and applied to 5 different schools in Texas and got rejection letters from all 5. Grrr...I was always told to apply again but I was so over being in school that I just wanted to graduate already. Now that I have to work, it's highly impossible to do the dental hygiene program AND work so as for now, I will just have to come to terms with my decision. I'm perfectly content with where I am now but maybe one day I will apply again...
2. I wish I would have never sold my Yukon.
  • Gggoooddd I loved that car. Although it was somewhat expensive and guzzled gas like NO OTHER, I was STUPID for selling it. I sold it for less than half of what I bought it for and it was only a year old. It had everything except wings. The heated seats kept me warm in the winter and the navigation kept me from getting lost every time I pulled out of the driveway. The t.v.'s kept my passengers entertained and the back up cam prevented me from backing into, oh, everything. It was simply fabulous and I miss it SO much.
This was my baby. Her name was Tina.
3. I wish I would have never cut my hair.
  • I'm kicking myself in the arse for telling my hairdresser at the time "I want my hair cut like Kristen's from Laguna Beach." Barf. I hated it. It looked awful and it's taken for-ever to grow back.
4. On that note, I wish I would have NEVER dyed my hair brown.
  • I LOVE brunettes and brown hair. It's just gawgess...but on other people...not me. Sure my hair was super silky and shiny but I looked like Powder. It completely washed me out and I honestly feel like it took my personality away. SOOO...a year and a half later, I finally became a blonde again. Thank. Goodness.
5. I wish I never broke my ankle.
  • Although it seems like not that big of a deal to most people, me breaking my ankle was the cause of a lot of my fears. Fear of doctors, hospitals, surgeries, IV's, allergic reactions, and most of all, the fear of playing a sport I spent my entire life playing and loving. I must admit, I was pretty darn good at softball. I mean, I played it for 12 years, which wouldn't have been possible if I were terrible at it. The two surgeries I had also caused two terrible scars, bad spider veins, loss of almost all my muscle tone in one leg, and worst of all, my version of a kankle. Yes, I have one kankle. Well, my idea of a kankle anyway and I hate it. I would have seriously considered a short wedding dress if it weren't for good ol' "kanks".

6. I wish I would have verbally told my brother how much he hurt my feelings by choosing to not come to our first couple's shower-which is next weekend.
  • I just thought he would have known how much it would mean for him to come. I know-he's a guy and things like this aren't important to guys but I'm only getting married once and it would be nice if he participated...I mean...he's only walking me down the aisle. I also know the UT/OU game is important but when you go to every singe UT game and you attend the UT/OU game every year, you can miss one measly football game. I mean, they aren't looking all that great anyways. Sorry-that was mean but my feelings are pretty shot and I think it's a little ridiculous that my mother is on his side about it. ((Stephanie, you may not step down from your soap box...)) But...

Well, I guess that wraps up day 5! Lookin' forward to day 6! Until next time...


  1. Your Yukon is my dream car! Mr. told me that this time next year we can buy one for me! You should get another one..!

  2. I cut my hair short too, and I wish I didn't! If I hadn't my hair would be at the perfect length now!


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