September 11, 2010

Shopping for "we" not "me"

I'm sitting here on a Saturday night watching football with the Beau and blogging (PS-He says "hi!"). Why? Because my good friend, Vodka, and I had a little too much fun at last night's UH vs. UTEP game and I have been suffering the consequences all. day. long. All I know is I bartered with a man for a balloon, sung "Stuck Like Glue" the entire way home, including a drunk dial/singing episode to my BFF, Julie's, voicemail, and lastly, convinced Beau's mom to make us grilled cheeses at 2am. The rest is history, literally. I took zero pictures-which is probably beneficial on my part.

Any who-I had a hair appointment earlier today and did a little shopping afterward. ((Oh the benefit of having your hair salon in the mall!)) While I was shopping, I realized something. I used to make a beeline to the shoes, purses, dresses, jewelry, etc...until now. Now I shop in ALL departments, and usually the shoes and the purses are my last stop. These days I shop for "we" not "me". Rather than hitting up the jewelry department of Dillard's first...I go straight to the Home department looking at towels, bedspreads, dishes, etc. (OLD-I know!) I then proceed to the men's department to shop for the Beau. You see, he doesn't shop. He has not bought himself new clothes in YEARS! He still wears the same polo that was on his driver's license photo he got at age 16, if that explains anything. Sad, I know. So I look for cargo shorts, jeans, polos, button ups, swimsuits and even shoes for the kid. Somebody's gotta do it! He's spoiled rotten and I don't think that will be changing any time soon. I've even gone so far as to trying to pick out a case for his new iPhone because he didn't have one for the longest time and well, I kinda shattered his first iPhone 4. ((oopsy!))

It's funny how these things just kind of evolve without you really knowing it. Beau doesn't EVER spend money on himself so it's nice to shop for him because Lord knows, he's not going to do it! Shopping for me (and ANY sane woman at that fact) is exhilarating so to have all the reason in the world to shop for another person makes it that much better! It's like dressing your kids...whatever you buy they are going to wear and Beau is the exact same way! :) I could probably convince him that overalls were back in style and he would go for it! ((Love ya babe!))


  1. Girl... I'm not even engaged yet and I already do this! It probably is because we have lived together for about 2 years, but I am the only one that buys the kid clothes! It's like men refuse to buy themselves clothes, they think they last forever despite the weight they might have put on... HAH!

  2. I hear ya! I do all of the Mr's clothes shopping but thankfully he usually will go with me. I never shop for clothes anymore it's always wedding or house hold items that I'm looking for.. I'm hoping this will change after the wedding! :) I'm sorry you're not feeling well, lady! I hope you're feeling better soon!


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