September 22, 2010

Day 2 Blogging Challenge: 9 Things Most People Don't Know About ME!

1. I wear knee highs.
  • My work uniform consists of a solid black suit, a solid color shell, conservative jewelry, heels at least 1 inch high and HOSE! I do not do pantyhose, therefore, my "hose of choice" are knee highs!" HA! So funny. I'm 24 and can proudly say I own close to 30 pair of knee highs, 2 pair thigh highs and maybe 1 or 2 pair of full blown pantyhose. You know, the ones that start right under your boobs and go alllll the way down with a crotch that hangs closer to your knees than your hoo-ha? Yup. I've got all my bases covered!
  • 2. I had my nose done in August 2007.
  • I'm half Italian & I told my mom I would never get married with my old nose (I hated profile shots) which meant, no grandbabies for her. She hated the idea of it until I broke it down for her then she supported me 100%! End of story and I am SO glad I had it done!
3. I am obsessed with teeth.
  • So much to the fact that I wanted to be a dental hygienist more than anything yet I applied to 5 schools and didn't get into ONE SINGLE PROGRAM! Talk about a shot to the ego...
4. On that note, I graduated Magna Cum Laude.
  • Don't google it-it simply means that I kicked ass in college. My last year of college was absolutely horrible. My dad died that January, I was taking 21 hours, I had 2 internships (one at a dentist office and one at Planned Parenthood...don't judge me.) I was applying to dental hygiene programs left and right, I had to quit my bartending job where I had worked for 5 years and get a job in the so called "real" world. To say the least, it was a lot for anyone to take on, let alone graduate with high honors and still get everything accomplished.
  • Now for my soap box: How on earth can someone graduate MAGNA CUM LAUDE with a degree in HEALTH and NOT get into ONE SINGLE DENTAL HYGIENE PROGRAM??? Doesn't make sense to me. Never has. Never will.
5. I take over 18 supplements a day. (I'm a vitamin consultant ok?!)
  • To name of few of my favorites: MAGNESIUM, inositol, fish oil, biotin, hair skin & nails, and Dr. Hotze's Energy Formula. Can't go a day without them!!
These are just the supplements I keep in my desk drawer:

6. I'm a southpaw!

7. I played competitive softball for 12 years.
  • Which resulted in this injury, scaring the hell out of me and my retirement from the sport altogether:

A girl 3 times my size slid into my ankle when I was turning a double play from second. I had two surgeries: the first surgery was to put a metal plate and 7 screws on my bone to hold it together and the second surgery was to take it all out because I ended up being allergic to the titanium. LOL. Not to mention, I was allergic to the medical tape as well so my entire foot was covered in blisters. Couldn't catch a break.
8. I love to shop.
  • Ok-so most people know this about me but what they DON'T know is that almost everything I buy comes from a sale rack. I'm ALL ABOUT not paying full price for something. I will wait to buy something until it goes on sale and if it never does, it wasn't worth it to me!
9. I have a specific order in which I shower every morning. I never go out of order. I've done it once and it totally screwed with my head and I forgot to shave a leg.
  • Shampoo, shave underarms, rinse shampoo, conditioner, while that sits I shave and wash my body, rinse conditioner, wash face. It's the ONLY order I go in.
10. I hate "things" in my nose.
  • By "things", I mean "boogies" and I can't stand them in there. Ever. I get caught every once in a while digging for gold but hey, I like a clean nose and I'm always sure to wash my hands afterward. It's my nose (an expensive one, at that!) and my treasure so don't judge me.
Tomorrow's topic: 8 things I can't live without!


  1. you are the cutest button!! you listed 10!! I love you and your precious little nose!!

  2. SO jealous you got a nose job! I have been BEGGING my parents for one because I happened to get the extremely large nose from my dad's side. Of course I couldn't get the cute button nose my mom has.... So I have tried and tried to get this surgery. My next shot is using the deviated septum I have to make the insurance pay for surgery therefore resulting in rhinoplasty. Hahaha... I have thought a lot about this...


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