December 30, 2011

Blind Blogging

Mornin' friends! We're up early in the deer blind waiting for our next 12 point wall ornament to walk up on us! ;)

Well-he is. I'm busy, you know, writing this blog post, taking way too many random photos, enjoying my coffee and wondering what's for breakfast.

Priorities, people.

So anywho-just wanted to wish y'all a happy, healthy & safe 2012! See ya next year! (Yes. I'm in 8th grade...)


  1. I love that you are hunting w/B. I don't know if I could be quiet long enough to do that :)

  2. Now your a good wifey, I'm sure Big Man or anyone else I would go hunting with would kick me out of the woods...I wouldn't be able to shut up.

  3. hahaha I like Beau's light clip that's pretty snazzy.. Get a big buck!

  4. Hunting and blogging? Man, you are one talented lady! Happy New Year!

  5. hahaha I just LOVE YOU TWO! love lvoe love love love. a big ol love affair. come visit me.

  6. I LOVE that you are hunting with yo' man! you go girl!

  7. I give it to ya for hunting with the Beau - however he DOES allow coffee, pictures, & blogging. Aaron wouldn't have a panic attack!

    Happy 2012 Steph & Beau! Have a wonderful day, night & first day of 2012! Mauh!

    Xo, jess

  8. This is super cute!! I would never be brave enough to hunt with my man. Love your blog! You and your hubby seems so cute!


  9. I've never been hunting but I want a gun and I want my CHL. This is on my resolution list this year, which I will be blogging about at some point today. I just need to think up some more.


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