December 4, 2011

Lucky Britches

'Ello ladies! 
Fancy seein' you here on this Monday morning!

Let's just say as excited as I was for this past weekend, I could not be more depressed about the outcome. You see...our #6 undefeated Houston Cougars lost [emphasis on LOST] the conference championship game against Southern Mississippi (spell it out..."Emm-Eye-Ess-Ess-Eye-Ess-Ess-Eye- Pee-Pee-Eye"), AKA: thee most ghetto/trashy/tacky/tasteless school I think we've ever played and that says A LOT knowing that U of H is in the middle of 3rd ward. 
Seriously-their fans and football players were as classless as they come. More so than Texas Tech...yes-I just went there. Pretty sure majority of their fans had glocks stuffed somewhere in their saggy pants. 
I was a little nervous about the game to begin with for several reasons:
1. I knew Southern Miss would be tough.
They were ranked for a reason.

2. "What if..." had crossed my mind like 50 times.
What if we lost? Which bowl game would we go to?
How would this affect our ranking? Will our quarterback still be drafted?

3. We had A LOT riding on this game. $18 million for our conference if we won.
3. The lucky panties were dirty.
I've worn the same exact pair of red & white striped panties to every single game this season. Even the away games. (TMI? Sorry.)

How the day started:

Here we are happy as larks.  
(Did I just say that?)

Rachel & Moi
(PS-beautiful Houston blogger right hurrr!! 
Also JUST had her 2nd bambino and still looks amazing as ever!! 
Freak of nature? I think yes.)

Champagne chugging at 9am. No big deal.

Love me some Selena!

Marcus & Phong

Jack & James

Surprise, surprise! Looky who I ran into?!

Rachel, me & Kristen

Beau & I with quite possibly THE most adorable couple ever,
Charlie & Rachel

Fast forward about 4 hours...
Throw in a few missed passes, a couple interceptions and a pitiful running game.
Add a dash of stink eye and 40,000 ridiculously depressed Cougar fans...
Don't forget to toss in how we not only LOST the conference championship but ALSO found out THE SAME DAY that we were losing our coach to A&M.

How the day ended:
 Drowning in our sorrows.
It was a seriously sad, sad day to be a Cougar.

Moral of the story:  
Congratulations, Southern Miss, for stooping lower than Texas Tech. Tequila makes anything better. And last but definitely not least, always make sure your lucky panties are clean for game day. Always.


  1. So sad to hear about how tacky the Southern people acted. (I am from MS) I was so excited for them :(

  2. I just love how into College games you guys get in the south! I wish we had that here :-(

  3. I'm so sad that your team lost! :( And that you lost your coach! Looks like you still had fun though! And you looked cute, which is always important! :)

  4. Awe stinkola I hate to hear that Southern Miss fans were awful:( I'm from MS and my boyfriend graduated from Southern Miss so we were excited about the win but I PROMISE not all people from MS are like that some people do have class and know how to act. I hate yall lost yalls coach to that was a das day for yall. You looked beautiful as always though.

  5. I'm ignoring your Texas Tech fan comments. Sorry about yout loss, but there is "always next year".

  6. love the photos!

    megs [at] Shine On

  7. I have been a long time follower of yours but for the first time ever I was not excited to read your blog. I understand your opinons about southern are that of your own. But I leave an invitation to you from southern to come here..see our campus and meet our people. I graduated from there last year and I am damn proud of it.

  8. Haha, lesson learned.. never undersestimate the power of lucky undies. I love the shirt you're wearing, too cute.

  9. Dear Anonymous:

    I call it like I see it. Your fans and your players were terribly trashy towards the UH fans and even our players. (i.e. Dragging one of the players across the field AFTER the play was over..does that ring a bell??)

    Not to say everyone else there is, as I'm sure there are some nice people from there but from what I saw, in my honest opinion, UH looked pretty darn classy in comparison. (The cheerleaders looked pretty and sweet, if that's any constellation.)

    Sorry you weren't "excited" too read my blog today...that's why this is MY blog.

    Thanks for taking time out of your day to "anonymously" let me know how you feel. :) Can't win 'em all.

  10. I was so sad to see our Coogs lose the game :( I grad from UH in 08 and have always been a big supporter. HAHA, I love how you "went there" with the tech comment.

  11. You are just the cutest! Looks like you had a ton of fun! Jealous! Tailgating is the best!! Have a great Monday!

  12. I think it is funny to see the views that students have of other schools. At Florida, we tend to pick on FSU A-LOT! But it's all in the spirit of rivalry. Oh well..

    I am sorry your team lost, but next year will probably be better for you all. At least your team did good this season. My Gators disappointed me during this rebuild year.

    PS... I enjoy reading your blog!

    XO Lourdes

  13. I'm so sad to hear that about Southern Miss because Bryan and I just spent a week at their school (on campus and at their football game) in November and loved it. Hattiesburg is such a small college town and everyone was so friendly and my staff was amazing! I went to my 1st ever Hobby Lobby while there, haha!!! What a bummer they didn't represent in Houston...

  14. Are you a football sports blogger now?! Geesh! this is some intense stuff I'm witnessing with my PG-13 eyes. hahaha (not)

    UH still did better than OSU so be proud of that b/c we will whomp you from here on out ;) Margaritas make everything better!!! "Know when to quit and have a margarita"

    20 days until I hope a ticket to TX is under my tree!

  15. vt lost this weekend too in charlotte and I drank away my troubles =[

  16. I freakin' LOVE the juxtaposition of the dude Tebowing next to the other dude getting Iced with champagne. hahaha

  17. Interested in a Blog Meet up?

  18. despite the loss that looks like so much fun! oh i wish Australia did tailgaiting and big football matches like that... or actually, i wish i could just make it to America already and attend a game there!

  19. You always look like you have the best time at the games! You are so cute. I guess it sucks knowing you caused them to lose. DAMN YOU AND YOUR LUCKY PANTIES! Ha.

  20. You look so stinkin' cute in your tailgate gear. But, girrrrl next time remember the lucky game day panties. Jason is religious about his Gator game day socks, but they haven't been so "lucky" this year!

  21. CUTE BLOG, I just stumbled on it... I am your new follow! I would love a follow back :)

  22. I was watching the game at our tailgate before the OSU/OU game and I totally thought about you! Sorry you guys did't win!


  23. this is totally all your fault. You should have totally worn the lucky panties. Who gives a shite if they were dirty.

    I can't believe Beau didnt divorce you over this.


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