December 16, 2011

A Visit From My Fairy

So here I am sitting at my desk yesterday morning, office phone ringing off the hook, big project(s) sprawled out all over my desk and even bigger deadlines up ahead. I glance down at my cell phone to send a text and realize it says "No Service". 


It's the same 3G that I've had it for well over 2 years so it didn't surprise me one bit that it was non-functioning...once again.

Whatever. No time for that and I go about my morning.

Office phone rings's Beau.

Beau: "Hey babe, wanna go to lunch?"

Me: "Can't. Have a lunch meeting. Call you later?"

B: "Ok. Well I wanted to bring you an early Christmas 
present before I leave to go hunting."

Me: "No. I can wait til Christmas."

B: "Fine. Love you?"

Me: "Love you too. Bye."

...20 minutes goes by. I'm sitting at my desk on 
the phone with a patient and in walks Beau. 


I just talked to him? I told him I couldn't go to lunch. What now?

Small-ish box in hand, wrapped in silver with a big red bow. I think to myself, "Did he really just drive all the way here to give me a bottle of perfume?" (I did ask Santa for a couple different bottles...)

Me: "I said I would wait 'til Christmas!"

B: "Just open it. You're gonna need it this weekend."

Me: "I have perfume for this weekend?"

B: "Just open it!"

I tear back the little silver corner and quickly realized 3 things:

1. It was clearly not perfume. 
2. I would definitely be needing this over the weekend.
3. NOW I know why my damn phone had "no service" all morning!


Freakin' iPhone fairy (aka: Beau/Lovebug/"Assistant"/BGR/BBFT) paid me a visit yesterday morning and it wasn't just for lunch! ;) God love that boy! (Seriously pinch me. Could he BEEEEEE any sweeter?!) He knew my lil' old 3G was on it's last leg and how frustrated I was with it so just went and got me a new one and had it activated so I would be able to use it right then and there. So terribly thoughtful of him!! What a seriously wonderful, and completely unexpected, surprise!! (Major brown points, Beau Beau. Major.)

Hope you're weekend is filled with love, thoughtfulness and wonderfully, unexpected surprises!

Cheers to better iPhone pics!! FINALLY!! 
Can I get an amen?!


  1. how sweet!

    When I got a new phone a couple years ago my Mom had my old one deactivated without telling me and I didn't know what had happened. I was about to go crazy!

    Welcome to the iPhone 4 family!

    -miss mia

  2. That Beau sure is precious!! Yall are the cutest.

  3. Awesome!!


  4. YAY Beau! And YAY new phone! What a sweet man.

  5. That Beau Beau sounds sooooo sweet!!!!

  6. Yay for the iphone! And it's white!!! I'm super jealous! Good job Beau!

  7. awesome awesome awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Oh this is so cute and so nice! What a wonderful way to start the weekend. Go Beau!

  9. thats awesome and so sweet!! you will love it!! siri is a lot of fun too!

  10. awww that is just so sweet.
    i am totally jealous.

    you'll have to tell us all about it after you getta know it a little better, over the weekend.

    ooh that's so exciting.

  11. Yay! My 3GS is on its very last little sad legs. Maybe my husband will surprise me with a new one soon... not going to bet on it ;)

  12. oh my gosh that is soooo sweet!

  13. Aw, what a guy. Your guys' conversations sound eerily similar to mine and my boyfriends... love the little things boys do sometimes :)

  14. Awwwwww, how sweet!!! Isn't it the best when they do cute things like that for you? I was complaining about how cold it is in my office this winter and my hubs went and bought me a space heater for under my desk to keep my toes warm! They can be so thoughtful sometimes :)

  15. So sweet!!!! AMEN!!!!!! You have seriously one of the most amazing husbands!!!! What a great xmas gift!!!

  16. Woot!! You are going to love it! Alex just got his a few weeks ago and he is in love!!!
    Such a sweet man you have!

  17. Aww thats so sweet! have a great weekend

  18. MAJOR x 3 brownie points! He is SO sweet!

  19. Aww how sweet! Merry Christmas to you!! ha ha

  20. What a sweetheart!!! Holy, thoughtful guy :-)

  21. Score sista! That's an awesome surprise! Tell me some new apps I see you have some I haven't seen on that homepage!

  22. Awwww... that is super sweet! I love it when guys do little surprises like that. Totally makes my day. =)

  23. How sweet, he's a keeper girl ;)

  24. Your love it bomb dignity! Enjoy your new phone!

  25. Your love it bomb dignity! Enjoy your new phone!

  26. Aren't you lucky :) I have that phone and LOVE it! Enjoy!!

  27. So jealous!!!! And that is so sweet!

  28. Holy freakin cow! You have one amazing husband! :) Lucky girl!

  29. That's so sweet! I got my new one from my hubs on Sweetest Day! :) I love surprises!

  30. What a sweetie!!! I got a sweet phone as an early Christmas present too:-)


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