December 15, 2011

Life According to Le iPhone

 Let's just say Christmas has completely taken over the iPhone as of late.
Iono what's gotten into me lately but I just can't get enough of it!

Let's just dive right in, ay? 
(Like how I just switched from French to Canadian right there? I'm talented people.)

 Stash of Lolita Mini-Tini ornaments!
...HOW did I almost forget to pull these puppies out this year?!

The infamous assistant helping me wrap presents. :)
Girls-he has mad gift wrapping skilkz. No joke.
(Ribbons and bows...not so much. Proof below.)

Last minute rearrangement of the living room to better suit the Christmas tree.
I swear we've moved that damn think 50 times now. 
(Scuse the lack of window treatments...)

Gifties for the girls at work,
Who doesn't love a good Piggy Polish!?

Oh, hey there! These guys look familiar, don't they?
Katie's husband and mine are BFFs all of a sudden and it looks like they've been hitting up the bar scene again. Those boys...always stirrin' up some kind of trouble...  ;)
(What? You didn't know Katie and Billy just moved to Houston?) ;)


One more day and I'm off for a girls trip to the country to visit  this beauty & her precious baby girls! Can. Not. Wait.

TGIT ladies! 


  1. Love that he helps you wrap! So sweet ;) Love the Mini-Tini ornaments!

  2. Such cute decor and gifts! I would love nail polish for a little gifty. Cute idea:)

  3. Love the wrapping paper job! Muy bueno! :)

  4. I have the mini-tini ornaments & love them!

  5. HAHAHA!! There's my boys. Trollin' for slimmies again while we're out gettin our hair did and drinking wine out of our Lolita glasses...sigh.

    I NEED tix under my Christmas tree! :(

  6. I had no idea they had mini-tini ornaments! I NEED those!!

  7. My husband is awesome at wrapping too! One year he wrapped all of my presents in duck tape! It took me 15 minutes just to open one! This post is so cute! Your tree is so pretty! I just can't get enough of Christmas!

  8. dont think im trying to steal yo man (though i could use his gift wrapping skills) but he probably has THEE CUTEST smile I have ever seen ever!!! Can Beau please just blog? he would have so many followers!!

    bill and beau! perfect pair!!



  9. I wish my husband was good at wrapping! he is horrible haha I have redone some of the things he has wrapped :) haha fun post, cute pictures!

  10. Alright, if you're gonna play Canadian, get it right EH???

    HA! Love ya. And I kinda REALLY wanna go to that Ice exhibit! Looks so fun.

    Love your tree. BEAUtiful!

  11. so the BGR is a master gift wrapper also??????

    what DOESNT he do well?

    damn girl.

  12. oh and Rob was totally jealous that he wasn't in that guy's pic.

  13. Your husband is totally awesome for playing along and taking pictures!! I'm showing my husband this post so he can start posing better!! Haha.

  14. Christmas tree look sac lovely...your hubby is too cute in the pictures!


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