September 20, 2012

Kauai: Part Two {Days 5-7}

If you missed the first part of my Kauai recap, you'll want to read here first

The second part of our trip was filled with, well, just about everything! From hiking to secret beaches to  climbing our way to secret waterfalls to taking a helicopter tour of the island...we literally covered SO much in just 3 short days!

Oh-and because I feel the need to toot my own horn right now, you should all know that I either ran or walked every single morning of the trip...which is a FIRST, ladies (& gentlemen). Don't go thinking I'm some overachiever...because I most definitely am not, but when your views look like...


and THIS...'s kind of an easy thing to do! ;)

Anywho...enough about me.
More about this gawgeous island...


Secrets Beach & a whole lotta lava pools

Queen's Bath was hands down, the most incredible thing we saw! If you ever go to Kauai...this is a MUST! It's literally a natural swimming pool formed out of lava rocks perfectly placed in front of the ocean. Amazing doesn't even begin to explain it!
This is an iPhone pic, if that tells you anything!

We ended our day at Ke'e Beach, which is famous for monk seals! I was seriously mesmerized by this little guy! A REAL LIFE SEAL! In nature! All on it's own...just chillin' on the beach!! Perhaps I'm easily amused but is that not the coolest thing ever? 

Ke'e beach is also famous for incredible sunset shots, in my humble opinion.
Top to bottom: Me/Beau, Ashley/Todd, Mother-in-Law/Father-in-Law

The next morning we got up bright and early, stopped for Starbucks and hit up Poipu Beach. This was, by far, the most beautiful beach we visited in Kauai. I've heard it's known for sea turtles but apparently the turtles decided to hibernate on this very day because we didn't see a damn one. #jerks

We ended the day with a helicopter tour which was the most incredible but nerve-wracking view of the island. (Sidenote: we went with the doorless helicopter, which I do not advise. If your chopper has doors, go for it. Otherwise...don't say I didn't tell you so...)

If there is one thing that'll make you truly appreciate how beautiful this world really is, it's Hawaiian rainbows! Especially perfectly placed Hawaiian rainbows in the middle of canyons. Tell me this next shot isn't breathtaking?!

NaPali Coast & TONS of waterfalls via chopper.
{Choppa style...chop chop choppa style! ... Sorry. Had to.}


Ooookay. So now that we're all sitting behind our computers drooling over these pictures, what do ya say we all quit our day jobs and go live on the island?! ;) Oh come a little! 

I'm not makin' any promises but tomorrow I may or may not have pics of one of the most exciting parts of the entire trip! I DO, however, promise you girls will L-O-V-E it!
Speaking of L-O-V-E...7 (yes...SEVEN) years ago today I forced Beau to be my boyfriend. ;) maybe not "forced" but severely persuaded him to make our relationship "Facebook official" and call me his girlfriend. ;) You know...back when we had Facebook.

Soooo happy 7 years of lovin' my BeauBeau! Cheers to 77 more! ;)



  1. I LOVE YALL! And I cant wait for tomorrows post! And Chris and I are going back there with yall! We already decided. DUH

  2. you are so fabulous. these pictures are amazing and i've never been more convinced that i HAVE to visit Hawaii!

  3. Those pictures are amazing. I need to visit Hawaii, stat!

    And happy 7 years :)

  4. The pictures are gorgeous! Can I book my ticket right now please? And Congrats on 7 years to you and Beau!

  5. OMG! Hawaii. Seriously. I want to go back. HAHA And that Hawaiian water... I was OBSESSED with that stuff. It seriously tastes like heaven. And don't tell me it's just water. It's better. I swear. :) That monk seal is so cool! I would love to see one of those suckers in real life!

    Happy boyfriend/girlfriend anniversary! :)

  6. I am legit drooling that is FO SHO. Every picture just got better and better. That rainbow in the middle of a freakin mountain, is CRAZY!!!

    Looking forward to the excitement w/ tomorrow's post!!

  7. You need to put waterparks on these photos woman!! Beau's handstand is WAY OFF if he is the one in the middle like I think he is. Can we make plans to go to Hawaii together? I mean, after you get settled into Howard abode! Happy 7 years you two I'm so blessed to have you in my life!!!!

  8. and by waterparks, I mean watermarks lol

  9. These pictures are AMAZING! I can't wait to go back to Hawaii one day :)

  10. Beautiful photos!! Looks like you had a great trip!

  11. gorgeous gorgeous pictures; i love kauai and now when i go back i have some new ideas on what to do!

  12. Ok, so I just quit my job and I'm going home to pack! I'll meet you there!!

    Really, those pictures looked amazing and now I want to take a vacation! Gorgeous!

    Thanks for sharing! :)

  13. Gorgeous pictures!! I wanna go back to Hawaii ASAP!

  14. I am totally drooling! So jealous! I'm glad y'all had such a great time, can't wait to see the rest of the pictures!

    I'm definitely adding Kauai to my bucket list! :-)

  15. You're pictures are amazing! I'm so jealous of your trip! I love love LOVE the sunset pictures with you and Beau making a heart.

    Happy 7 years, girlfrand!

  16. Excited to see tomorrow's post! Congrats on the 7 years. That's basically how it happened with my man too :)


  17. It's official...I NEED to visit Hawaii! I LOVE the silhouette pictures of you guys on the beach in the sunset-what a great idea!

  18. OH MY GOD THOSE PICTURES ARE BEAUTIFUL. Must go to Hawaii now. And you are gorgeous!

  19. All of these pictures are so amazing. The silhouette shots are fantastic and I love the on of the rainbow! So jealous

  20. Oh my gosh, your pictures are GORGEOUS! I've always wanted to go to Hawaii and now this just makes me want to go more! :)

  21. Oh you're making me jealous! I want to go back. We loved Queen's Bath! And we snorkeled at Ke'e Beach after we hiked on the Kalalau Trail! Did y'all do that? We didn't see any sea turtled while we were snorkeling even though everyone else did, but we did see a few swimming in Poipu! I love Kauai! It's so so amazing! Thanks for sharing yours!

  22. Uh dont take this the wrong way steph but.... are you sure that seal is alive? A seal alone motionless on the shoreline is usually a dead seal :(
    As for everything else, WOWZA! So beautiful, I want to go there even more then i did after yesterdays post - id thats even possible!?! :) xx

  23. wow all your pics are so pretty! this trip looks amazing and i love your floral bikini!

  24. I didn't think I could be more jealous... But I AM!!!
    Your trip looks wonderful but my favorites are the sunset kissing pics of all the couple - how special to frame these together? And that rainbow from the chopper... wow!!

  25. AMAZING!! I want to go back now! When we were on Oahu part of the beach was closed off because there was a seal just chilling there too! She was preggo and needed her space I guess...

    Props to you for taking a helicopter! I could go in one if you paid me, but those pictures are more than worth it!!

  26. Beautiful pictures! I want to go back haha! :)


  27. We went to Kauai earlier this year and LOVED Queen's bath!


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