September 4, 2012

There's an App for That

'Ello friends!! Happy TUESDAY! I hope you all had a FAB Labor Day weekend! Ours was filled with football, naps, booze, pool days, more booze, and plenty of food. Tons of food, to be exact.
Oh-and here I am at the first tailgate of the season...torrential downpours and all (which would also explain the hat.) Not to mention, we lost to one of the lamest schools in the state of Texas but we won't go there... #sobitter
Not that any of you care but I only have 2 more sleeps 'til vacay!! (And trust me...there is PLENTY to do between now and then.) I just love the week of vacation!!!
While I'm off spending every waking moment catching up on work, packing, making final decisions on our house before we leave, attending hair/nail appointments, arranging blog posts and doing laundry, I thought I'd reach out to all of you for a little ayudar. (I think that means "help" in Spanish? If not, let's just pretend it does.)
So it never fails, every time I get on the plane I think I'm "prepared". I've got 6 pages of apps on the good ol' iPhone...surely I'm prepared, right?
All my apps require wifi and therefore, I'm left stranded for an 8 hour flight. Not cool. Last time this happened, I ended up downloading Fifty Shades of Gray and sat next to my husband blushing the entire time with my hand over my phone to keep people from seeing the words I was seeing on my screen.Worst mistake EVER.
Beau is less than entertaining because he's usually three sheets to the wind before the plane even fills up with gas. You think I'm kidding? 
We've become regulars at the airport bar.
Reading and watching movies will put me to sleep in less than an instant...
Which inevitably leads me to my all-time fave, Rat on a Scooter. Love this game but I can only take so much cheese capturing before I need a change. (Not to mention I've already beat every level like 4 times now...) My rat is good to me, what can I say?
So then I turn to trusty app #2...and lemme tell ya...a girl can only play Line Birds so many times before Kirby (my bird) pisses me off and I call it a day. Why he can't just fly in a straight line and get all the acorns wihtout hitting the lines is beyond me?
Whatevs, Kirby.
Once Kirby aggravates me enough, I go looking for other apps on le phone and realize, oh...I have nothing to do because EVERY other app requires internet connection which I refuse to pay for on a flight.
So at this point, my choices are:
8 hours of nothingness.
8 hours of Beau's drunken debauchery.
8 hours of Line Birds/Rat on A Scooter.
Which is where you come in...
What are some of your FAVORITE apps/games that can keep you entertained for hours on end?! Particularly ones that DON'T require wi-fi of any type and don't require too much critical thinking. (When I am off work, I am OFF work. The less thinking, the better.)


  1. I played "Logo Quiz" on the way to Jamaica - It's a fun little game about guessing everyday logos that doesn't require Wifi!

  2. Well I usually play, Mr. AahH, coin dozer, iJewels, and skee-ball. Those keep me pretty entertained. However, I also save all my magazines that I get in the mail for the 2 months leading up to my flight, so I have a TON of magazines to read in 19 days! :o) Have fun!

  3. Logo Quiz is pretty awesome, but eventually you will want wifi to look up answers to the 243067 European logos that we've never heard of.

    Have you ever played doodle jump? It's an oldie, but a classic. Or fruit ninja? My husbands favorite game is cut the rope. Tiny wings is also fun. Hope this helps!

  4. I play Tetris a lot on flights. It keeps me entertained for hours!

  5. Check out Doodle Jump. ADDICTING!

  6. ill be right with Beau. we have a 6 am flight this sat to florida and rather than be the drunk who orders a vodka sodie on the flight, im bringing my own nips to sketchily add to my drink in the airport bathroom hahah

    IM SO EXCITED FOR YOUR TRIP!!! yall are gonna have a BLAST!!!

    ok as far as apps...SPYmouse...Bag It...Lane Splitter...Trivial Pursuit (dont think that needs wifi!!!)


  7. Tetris, Bag It and fruit ninja can keep me entertained a pretty long time ;)

    I bring paper and colored pens (like I'm 8) and totally doodle draw, plan out our kids names, etc haha to keep me occupied as well!

  8. Tylenol PM. That's the only 'game' you need for an 8 hour flight!!

  9. Lia Joy was right on with hers...also Blocks is an oldie but goodie. Temple Run is also a fun one. Hope these help girl!

  10. So, I'm pretty terrible about my apps, sooo Im going to be negative help in that arena... However, how much do I love that pic of Beau? He looks like he is up to absolutely no good, and I love it. Definitely reminds me of a certain husband I know-- except Kevin likes to chit chat the entire plane ride, which is amped up even more after hes had some bourbon. Such joy :)
    Have so much fun doll! xoxoo

  11. Seriously, now that Android FINALLY made an app for Pinterest that's all I freaking do! haha

    And don't be so bitter. We're not really lame ;)

  12. Cut the Rope, Angry Birds, Unblock Me, Green Fingers, Pictureka, iFarkle, Tiny Wings (mostly some of my kids' favs, but I've been known to give 'em a round or two).

    Planes don't have wifi now??

    Good luck! Have fun!!

  13. I know you said no Wifi but you've got to check out Song Pop. I'm currently obsessed with it and I have a feeling you would be too if you tried it out :)

  14. Looks like a lovely Labor Day weekend!


  15. I play a lot of plants vs. zombies and chuzzle. i also have fruit ninja and doodle jump.

  16. ekk! isn't the week before vacay great! so much anticipation! excitement! I'm leaving the same day you are, the hubs and I headed to Mexico! (an all inclusive resort...nothing worries)Excited is an understatement. So I feel you on being bored on the plane, I have magazines and books packed...and as for apps...well I will be checking back here to see what your readers say!

    Oh,and take some airborne before you leave, it helps your immune system, you know there are wayyyy too many nasty germs flying around in all that stale plane air and you don't want to be sick in Hawaiiiiii.... Oh Have a fabulous time!! duhhh. ;)

  17. I LOVE Hangman and Trivia Pursuit on my ipad :)

  18. Farm tower is always fun! I'm stuck on level 50 so if you beat it, give me some tips! Lol


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