June 24, 2013

It's A Sip-A-Wine. It's The Summertime!

And just like that, we're back!
Happy Monday, friends! I hope your first "official" weekend of summer was full of friends, family, sunshine & summertime. I know mine was!
Le sigh...there's just something about the summertime that gets me all warm and fuzzy inside and then makes me wanna do something crazy like sell our house, pack up shop and move to a tropical island so it can be summertime year round. A place where swimsuits and flip flops are everyday attire. Where the sunshine is endless and your tan never disappears. Who's up for moving to, say, Hawaii?
{raises both hands}
{and then raises both feet}
A girl can dream. Right?
Linking up with Sami today for Weekend Shenanigans and YOU should too!

one. Yet another swimsuit haul from VS semi-annual sale arrived on Friday. There's nothing better than a little Vickie's in your mailbox, right?! ;)
two. NEW Smirnoff Sorbet Light for all my vodka connoisseurs out there ALSO arrived in the mail on Friday. Ok so maybe booze at your doorstep IS better than Vickie's in your mailbox. Go ahead...try to argue that one with me...
three. Wearing my absolute favorite dress (French Connection) and proof that I got dressed before Beau for once in my life. It deserved to be documented.
four. Witnessing the BEAUTIFUL marriage of two high school friends, Shanna & Kevin! Don't they just look insanely happy there?!
five. Gettin' my shine on!
six. Hit up our local winery on Saturday night. I'm convinced you haven't lived unless you have a winery within 4 miles of your house. :)
seven. Oakie in daddy's truck. Sister LOVES going for rides these days!
eight. Beau's new toy for Oaks...yes-a baby pool. I'm not sure who's more excited about this...me or her!
nine. Ended Sunday afternoon at the pool in my new ruffle bottoms. If you don't own a pair of these, go...RUN...to your nearest VS and invest in them. By far THE most flattering swimsuit you will ever know.

***In other, semi-bittersweet news, today my lovely co-host and I are announcing that our weekly link up, Saw it. Pinned it. Did it. has come to a halt. After many, many weeks of all you fabulous linker uppers participating, (who we appreciate more than you'll ever know!) we wanted to give everyone (and ourselves!) a little bit of a break. In between vacations, and road trips, and beach getaways, and EVERYTHING else that happens during summertime, we've decided it was "time". Don't get me wrong...I'll still be seeing, pinning and doing (and probably blogging about it) and I encourage you to do the same but you don't have anymore deadlines, or crazy rules to follow, or link ups to join so take this as our little gift to you and enjoy your time off! ;)


  1. Booze at your doorstep! Yes, please! :)

  2. cannot get over oakley. SHE IS PRECIOUS and huge and i wish i could just snuggle her

    also loving the bikinis. Semi-annual sale HOLLA for a DOLLA (or a few more than a dolla but stilllll)

    love you girl

  3. Love the bikinis!! and vodka at your door step? What's better than that?

  4. Sounds like a great weekend! Loving all of the pool time! I declare house work is for the birds during the Summer time - only doing it during the Winter from now on! HAHA!

  5. Love your new bathing suits! Oakley is just the cutest! Girl, we have a winery less than four miles of our home - LOVE IT!

  6. I am obsessed with those bikinis!! And vodka at your doorstep? Teach me your ways lady!

  7. Looks like y'all had a great weekend! Yay for summertime! Oh, and if you ever do decide to pack up and move to a tropical island, pack me in your suitcase!

  8. so glad you have proof of your getting ready before the mister! :)

  9. Ohh I love those ruffle bottoms! And Maddie loves her baby pool, so I have no doubt that it will become an Oakie favorite..sassy paw and all ;)

  10. Vodka at your door, sign me up!! I needed to exhibit extreme control not to buy anything this year from VS. Trying to pay off my card. So hard to do with so much cute stuff!

  11. Dangit, just when I had stuff to actually post and link up! Ah well.

    Those swimsuits are SO cute!

  12. Two very important questions :)
    1. Which winery did you go to in Houston?
    2. Where did y'all get the baby pool from? We're looking to get one for our pup too!

  13. that pic of you in the mirror... HOT!!!!!!

  14. Super cute suits. The pool looks like it will keep Oakley entertained for a long time this summer. Hooray for pool trips and wine. :)

  15. Those bikinis are TOO.DIE.FOR!! I miss Summer x

  16. I love summertime! I have that adorable VS bikini too, I just love it!

    =) Brooke


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